Friday, June 10, 2011

Judy Garland: 6/10/1922-6/22/1969

Judy. Judy. Judy. Singer. Actress. Comedienne. Dramatist. Artist.  Mother. Wife. Sister. Daughter. Irresponsible. Responsible. Passionate. Dissolute. Childish. Mature.  Addict. The French have a word for it. "Mostre Sacre" which describes a public figure who despite their foibles and faults is considered too "sacred" to disavow or criticize.  Their talent is just too great. Such was Judy Garland.  Is it any wonder that her petite 4' 11" frame gave out and that her heart burst into smithereens given the enormous burden her gifts and talent wrought her?  How could anyone survive with so much being packed into one little person?

Judy possesses some amazing numbers. Here's what's important about them.

If you take the arc of her life, which you arrive at by adding together her birthday and the day and year of her death, you get "11". "11" enjoys a prominent spot in numerology as it is one of the two Master Numbers (the other being "22") and is considered the Creative Master.  This implies that the trajectory of her life was an inspirational one which was not always practical. "11s" burn with an intensity and urgency and bring fire to most of what they touch. Unfortunately, that fire can sometimes burn out of control and consume them. These are your martyrs. And  if all that were not enough Judy died at age 47 which corresponds to an "11" thus confirming her very special effect on the world.

Judy's Life Path number, which indicates your place in the world, is a "3" and "3s" are your charmers and optimists. They are often entertainers and always terrific communicators.

Her Expression Number, which signifies her temperament and personality, is "9" the most exulted number there is as it's the largest single digit number.  "9s" are known for giving their all. In fact, they often give more than they get. In extreme cases, and I think this pertains to Judy, they give no matter what the cost to themselves. And just as with an "11", "9s" can be impractical.

If you add the numerical value of "J" and "G" together you get the number "8" and "8" represents fame and fortune, although Judy did not always enjoy the fortune.

And as was the case with Marilyn Monroe, the one glaring omission from Judy's name is the number "2". That missing number is referred to as a Karmic Number which tells us what it is we need to do in this lifetime to make up for any deficits in our past. "2" symbolizes "balance", "harmony", "peace" and "equilibrium". All of which eluded Judy. 

Lastly, she died in a year ending in "9" which not only symbolizes "greatness" but "endings" as well.

Amy bows lows at the feet of all her holy teachers.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Anthony Weiner: What a Guy!

What's so intriguing about AW's name and birthday is the abundance of "5s" and "6s" which show up.

To start with, his Life Path number which symbolizes his place in the world is a "6" and "6s" are "perfectionists".They tend to be compulsive and seek out responsibility. Of course, the flip side of that is the tendency to act-out irresponsibly with little regard for consequences. Clearly, AW is a prime example of what happens when the frequency associated with the number "6" runs amok.

AW's birthday is September 4, 1964 which makes him a Virgo which also happens to be the sixth house of the Zodiac. And just like a "6", Virgos are perfectionists who can verge on the compulsive or obsessive.

And if you add up the numerical value of his first initial, "A", and his last initial, "W", it totals the number "6" as well.

Even more striking than the frequency of "6s" is the number of "5's in his name.  In fact, his last name is comprised of nothing but "5s" with the exception of two "9s". The number "5" is the most physical number of all the numbers and is strongly identified with sex and romance. Need I say more? The combination of a compulsive "6" with a randy "5" was a disaster waiting to happen and in AW's case it did just that with a resounding bang (no pun intended!).  His is a classic case of what can go so dreadfully wrong when energy and vibration are misaligned.

 AW's Expression Number which symbolizes personality corresponds to a "9" which symbolizes "fame".  However, In AW's case we are talking "infamy" and not "acclaim".

If I might put my two cents in regarding whether or not AW should resign. I say he should. Anyone who engages in that kind of reckless behavior with so little regard to the risk he is subjecting his family certainly cannot be entrusted with the public welfare. This is not a moral judgement. I'm basing my opinion on whether or not the man is trustworthy and based on his words and deeds his credibility is shot.

"May this world be established with a sense of well being and happiness." Sanskrit saying

Six of Wands

Success. Victory. Triumph. All these attributes add up to the Six of Wands.

Questions to ask of yourself:

-How is your self-esteem?

-Do you feel genuinely good about yourself?

-Do you take pride in who you are?

-Do you run the risk of being arrogant?  Would you recognize the signs?

-While proud of your achievements, are you also humble?

-Do you accept that success is fleeting?

Shanti  Shanti Shanti

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Six of Cups

Childhood. Innocence. Purity of spirit. Unabashed wonder of the world. All of these qualities underscore the Six of Cups one of the most delightful and charming cards of the tarot.

- Have you lost your wide-eyed innocence about life or have you retained it?

- Has cynacism gotton the better of you?

-Do you meet life with faith and hope?

-Did you have an idyllic childhood or was it anything but?

-Do you have any siblings? What's your relationship like?

-What does your relationship to your childhood look like?

-How has your childhood affected you as as adult?

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers.