Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More From Amma

I think this a lovely thought and spiritual lesson from Amma. She writes, " Our compassion and acts of selflessness take us to deeper truths.  Through selfless acts we learn to eradicate the ego that conceals the Self." 

And isn't this so true? When we engage in behavior or attitudes which lack empathy we negate the opportunity for positive and meaningful  action as our minds and hearts are occupied by a selfishness. When we fail to measure the effect of our actions on another person we lose a little bit of our humanity.

I don't think it's an exaggeration to suggest that the tragic bullying incident which resulted ,yesterday, in a fifteen year old's suicide could have been avoided had those students, guilty of taunting and tormenting this young girl,  been able to stand in her shoes.  It was their lack of compassion and empathy which enabled them to engage in cruel and spiteful behavior.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What's In A Smile

I thought I'd share an interesting article from the Los Angeles Times which reports the results of a study conducted at Wayne State UniversityResearchers found that, " People who smile a lot are usually happier, have more stable personalites, more stable marriages, better cognitive skills and better interpersonal skills, according to research.  Science has just uncovered another benefit of a happy face. People who have big smiles live longer."


I'm wondering if you have ever made a 'gratitude list'?  Writing one up on a daily basis  helps put your life, and things in general, in their proper perspective.  It doesn't have to be lengthy. Every morning just write down what you are truly thankful for and then in the evening read it over and jot down a few notes as to how your day went.  Track your impressions and emotions. You'd be surprized how something as small as this exercise can be a life changing experience.

A Thank You..... all you strangers and friends who became Fans and Followers of my blog. I can't begin to tell you how gratifying it is to write something and to express something and to have it appreciated. I'm very touched.



Monday, March 29, 2010

Sudhamani: This Is What Pure Love Is All About, No Strings Attached

I first heard about Sudhamani, or Amma, several years ago while watching a travel program on India. Perhaps it was National Geographic or the Discovery channel. In any event, there was a segment featuring Amma who is an Indian woman of very humble origin who has emerged as one of India's and the world's most popular and influential spiritual leaders. And what she does is very simple. She takes people into her arms and  embraces them. She soothes them and comforts them. That's it but isn't that want people want and cry out for, some solace and nurturance?  People queue up for days to be taken into the arms of Amma who envelops them in her embrace. Her philosophy is very simple, "A one word solution to all the problems of the world  is  facing today is compassion."  And "I realize my purpose is to console people, to wipe away tears through selfless love, compassion and service. " I was moved beyond words and wanted to learn more about her so I Googled Amma and sure enough I found her website and learned more about the amazing humanitarian work she does i.e., everything from providing housing to disaster relief to building orphanages.

The more I learned about Amma the more I felt I knew her on a very deep and intuitive level. I could not help but think that somehow our lives were connected and that this was a woman I needed to meet. Aside from the fact that she and I share two of the same letters in our name, 'a' and 'm', it turns out we were born on the same day September 27th. She in 1953 and me in 1949. I felt an even stronger kinship with her. This was a message coming through loud and clear and I knew then I must meet her and that I was to learn from her.

I then did a reading of her name, Sudhamani, which corresponds to a '9' in numerology and appropriately enough '9s' are the humanitarians of the world. They are teachers and vibrate to a sympathetic frequency.  Their life's work is global and its purpuse is to spread enlightenment throughout the world.

And, predictibly, Amma is a  Libra, the Harmonizer of the Zodiac. She is determined to restore spiritual balance to us all.

I hope whomever is reading this blog will take the time to click on Amma's website and see for themselves what an inspriational and amazing woman she is. You never know... it could change your life.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lindsay Lohan: Little Girl Lost

Lindsay's full name corresponds to an '8' in numerology.  '8' is the jack pot number promising prosperity and success.  In China, which many people consider the home of numerology, the number is so revered that their Summer Olympics began on 08/08/08 and the opening ceremony began exactly at 8:08pm! The number vibrates with a strong material energy. An '8's' positive qualities include ambition, practicality and organization.  '8's want everything bigger and grander and more fabulous.  However, when an '8' goes wrong, so to speak, their negative traits can dominate i.e., materialistic, superficiality and myopic.

Lindsay's first and last name start with a 'l' which corresponds to the number '3'.  '3s' are the charmers. They have charisma to burn and often work in the field of entertaiment. '3s' are optimistic and lighthearted. On the other hand, if their energy is expressed negatively their traits can include an extravagnet or excessive nature (this could be her addiction) and a sense of being at loose ends with no direction or purpose.

Interestingly and telling is the fact that Lindsay is missing the number '2' from her name.  When someone is missing one of the numerals we refer to that number as a Karmic Number which indicates that one has consciously avoided those qualities associated with that number in a past life and you are now working on fine tuning those characteristics in this lifetime. The number '2' symbolizes diplomacy and harmony, all of which Lindsay appears to be missing from her life, but struggling to acheive.  It could be speculated that her present day dilemma and turmoil with drugs and alcohol represent her Karmic fight to obtain the much needed balance which has hitherto has escaped her. I believe Lindsay can turn her life around and heal if she is willing to turn her life over, so to speak, and ask for the help she needs.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The John and Sarah Show

John McCain and Sarah Palin strike me as an odd pair. I don't think they like each other, yet they invariably end up standing next to each other on some platform before an audience of  true blue Republicans. And it's always Sarah the crowd is coming to see, although it's John she's touting.

Well, what's the connection? If you're into numerology,as I am,  one of the first things you notice is that their last names share three letters e.g., 'a', 'i' and 'n'. When two people share letters like that it ususally means that their is an emotional or psychic connection between them. I think it's safe to say that these two definately share an emotional tie, although in all likelihood not a positive one. With respect to the psychic connection, I'm not going to discount it. There really appears to be some kind of invisible thread which brings them together, almost against their will.

Both John and Sarah correspond to the number '9' which symbolizes humanitarianism. '9s' emit a sympathetic and sensitive frequency. On the other hand, a '9's' negative traits include bullying, selfishness and intolerance. 

Interesting, too, is both John and Sarah start with letters that correspond to the number '1'. '1s' are leaders and set the pace for the rest of the pack.  They don't tolerate being in second place. They emit a powerful vibration and possess the capability and know how to stand on their own..'1s' are your CEOs, pioneers and heads of state. Their negative traits include arrogance and imperiousness, selfishness and intolerance. '1s' definately do not want to share the spotlight which is probably another reason why John and Sarah exhibit such disconnect whenever on stage together.  In the end, they both have the need to be in the one-up position. Ultimately, this inflexibility may prove to be their undoing.

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More About the Major Arcana

We all search for meaning in our lives. Although, our individual stories and narratives may differ the milestones we experience are universal (J. Bunning). The Major Arcana  highlights those markers.  It demarcates all the familiar rites of passage that we encounter progressing towards greater and more expansive enlightenment.

The Empress: The Mother of Us All

The Empress is the third card in the Major Arcana.  On the most obivious level, she symbolizes motherhood and abundance.  In readings, she represents pure passion and reminds us that it is through passion and love that we obtain what my dear friend Tara refers to as heartfelt knowledge.

Questions:  How is your relationship with your mother?  What was her relationship to her mother? Have you ever asked your mother about that relationship? Are you a mother? Do you want to be a different kind of mother that your own? Was your mother a passionate person? Do you follow your passions?

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Thursday, March 25, 2010


With respect to my readings, I combine contemporary psychotherapy with the practices of the Tarot and Numerology to craft a personalized reading for my clients.

I'm happy to work with you by phone, by Skype or at my office if you are in the area.


The High Priestress: Still Waters Run Deep

The High Priestress is the second card in the tarot's Major Arcana and she is ruled by the Moon.  As such , the High Priestress dwells in the netherworld of the unconscious and nonmaterial. She resides on a purely spiritual plane. Her concerns are the undercurrents of the unconscious. She is also associated with the occult and psychic phenomena.  She represents one side of our dual dimensionality, whereas Justice or rational thought represent the other. In this way, the High Priestress and Justice are interconnected and the trick to harmony is a balance between two.

In readings, the High Priestress reminds us of the need to contract and acknowledge our inner lives as the function of the Tarot is make overt the covert and to reveal the wisdom of the unconscious.

Questions:  Are you an intuitive person?  Do you follow your instincts, your gut? Or do you second guess yourself?  When has your intuition benefited you? Or hurt you? Do you take time each day to sit and be still? If no, why not? Would you know how to be still and listen to your unconscious?

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Magician: It All Starts Here

The first image in the Major Arcana is the Magician.  As an archetype, he's the Tarot's alchemist and wizard. He is the embodiment of transformational prowess. The Magician acts as a conduit, or lightning rod, between heaven and earth channeling their respective flows of energy into a recursive loop.  The point at which they make contact is where the magic happens; that is , a conjoining of imagination and spirit with the physical world. The Magician is able to pull inspiration out of thin air, so to speak, and render it into material form.

In a reading, the Magician indicates your need to exert yourself and your will. Be mindful of the power you possess and exercise it with confidence knowing that it will sustain you and see you through.

Questions:  Do you believe in yourself?  Do you trust your abilities to make things happen?  Are you comfortable mixing things up?  Do you think you are living up to your potential and utilizing all your talents?

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Miley, the Mentor? Really?

It's hard to believe that the folks at AI would have the poor judgment to ask Miley Cyrus to act as mentor tonight. Surely, you would have thought they would have had more respect for their contestants. It's really ridiculous asking a17 year old to act as a coach.

Crystal and Miley

It turns out that Crystal and Miley share a '6'. It's Crystal's Personal Day number and it's Miley's Birth Path number. In addition, Crystal has all the letters of Miley's last name, Cyrus, with the exception of the 'u' e.g., 'c','r','y' and 's'. There's a strong connection here as the first three letters of their first name are the same except the 'r' and the 'y' are reversed.

Round 2: Things Are Getting Rough Out There

Well, Idolites, today is March 23, 2010 and that corresponds to an '11'. 'l1' is one of two Master Numbers, the other being '22'.  '11' is big medicine and emits a powerful vibration. It always has positive connotations and is the number of illumination and light. There are no dark recesses to '11'.

Within the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the number '11' corresponds to the card of Justice which symbolizes respnsibility, ethics, and fairness. Justice is often assoicated with the astrological sign of Libra with its two scales maintaining the Universe's moral rectitude.

In fact, the best way to think of the number '11' is picture it as an extended and amplified '2', as one plus one makes two. '2' are concerned with harmony and balance. This is  the diplomatic number, so to speak. '2' is also the most feminine number as it vibrates to a yin energy. When we think of Justice we often picture a woman, blindfolded, holding two scales in her hand.

 The number '2' also corresponds to the High Priestress in the Major Arcana and s is ruled by the Moon. As such, the High Priestress dwells in the netherworld of the unconscious and nonmaterial. She resides on a purely spiritual plane. Her concerns are the undercurrents of the unconscious. She is also associated with the occult and psychic phenomena. She represents one side of our dual dimensionality whereas Justice or rational thought represents the other. In this way, the High Priestress and Justice are interconnected.

So what's the revelance for American Idol tonight? Well, for one thing the numbers '11' and '2' should play a role in the outcome. Perhaps a contestant has an '11' or a '2' that  dominantes  their name or a birthday with an '11' or '2' in it. Is their birthday in November (an '11' as well as a '2' month) or February, and if so, will they  be effected? Perhaps the '2' is a reference to a double-bodied sign e.g., Pisces, Gemini or Sagittarius. And if so, how? Positively or negatively? Will the issue of Justice or fairness become important?  And are we talking about a boy or a girl?   My hunch is the person in question will be a girl as there is an awful lot of feminine energy being circulated. I'll check back later on this.

Lastly and coincidentally, not only should '11' and '2' play a role tonight, but there are eleven contestants left and it is Round 2.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Tiger and Elin: Portrait of a Marriage by Numbers

Tiger Woods:  12/30/75, Capicorn
Elin Nordegren: 1/1/80, Capicorn

 When looking at any couple it's usually a good idea to analyze both their Expressive number (the sum of all your letters in your name) as well as their Life Path number (the sum of the three dates in your birthday).

What exactly does an Expressive number tell us about a person? Basically, it reveals your personality traits e.g., the way you think and and approach the world. The Life Path, or Destiny number suggests your overall path in life and place in the world.

Well, for starters Tiger's Expressive number is '9'. Given Tiger's exaulted status on the golf course and in the world of sports in general (some pundits say he is the greatest athlete in the world)  a '9' makes perfect sense. Historically, in China where many believe numerology originated, the number '9' was considered the greatest of all single-digit numbers and was assoicated with the Emperer of China. In fact, his ceremonial robes often depicted nine dragons. In addition, the number nine is a homophone for the Chinese world for 'longlasting'. '9s' are the Big Kahunas of the Universe. But given Tiger's behavior we can see what can happen when good '9s' go wrong. They revert to feeling entitled and create a world where the rules need only apply to others and not themselves. They lose all compassion and empathy for those around them and don't think how their behavior will effect others around them. This is the worst case scenario. '9s' are ruled by Mars.

Tiger's Birthpath number is '1'. Another powerful, not to be reckoned with number. '1' are the leaders of the pack. They are definately not followers and do not tolerate second place. They like to break out in front and set the pace.  '1' are self-assured and ambitious. However, if they express their energy negatively things go sour fast as their darker side emerges reflecting impatience, arrogance and selfishiness. '1' is ruled by the Sun. Interesting to note is the large amount of Fire in Tiger's life.

Tiger is a true Capicorn who are the Go Getters of the Zodiac. His Capicorn characteristics are consistent with his being a '1'. They like competition and like to get what they want. On the other hand, they can be impatient and intolerant and spoiled. Capicorns are an Earth sign and are also  one of the four Cardinal Signs (the others being Aries, Cancer and Libra). The Cardinal Signs are considered dynamic and forceful. However, their more negative qualities include being controlling and inconsiderate.

Elin's Expression Number is a '3', the communicators and charmers. As a composite of '1'(masculine) and '2' (feminine)  they possess a harmonious blend of yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) principles. '3s' are ruled by Jupiter and as such are joyful, friendly and outgoing people.Fun-loving and enthrsiastic describe them best.

Elin's Birthpath number is '11' which is one of the two Master Numbers in numerology. The other is '22'. '11' is an extraordinary number and emits a very powerful vibration.They tend to be intense, high-strung and visionary. People with an '11' are destined to make their mark on the world and  give to the Universe. They are recognized for their humanitarianism and their idealistic view of the world.  As spouses or lovers they are  unselfish and seek the good out in people, sometimes at their own expense.

A good way to think of an '11'  is a longer and more intense vibration of a '2' as one plus one makes two.  And, appropriately enough, Elin is very much a '2'. '2' is the most feminine of the numbers. They are ruled by the Moon. They are kind and considerate. Their overall quest in Life is harmony and balance. If you're a '2' you see both sides. In fact, your sense of fairness can distort your judgment and have you think things against your better judment. This certainly could be the case with Elin and Tiger. She needs to be very careful that she her generous spirit does not cloud her vision when deciding whether or not she will stay in the marriage.

Elin is also a Capicorn with her Rising Sign in Taurus, so I'm not too worried about her. Her Taurian instincts should protect her from acting impulsively or reactively. Her Taurian strengths will guide her through this nightmare with prudency and practicality.

On the other hand, Tiger's Rising Sign is in Aries which could continue to get him into trouble. Aries is your free spirit, all fired up and ready to go. Tiger may have a tough time using his brakes and he needs them more than ever if he has any hope of repairing his marriage. Up to this point he has only used his Fire to scorch the Earth.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Crystal and Siobhan: Dueling Vocals

Crystal and Siobhan.  There's an interesting match-up. Two very talented young ladies with two very distinct styles.  Let's start comparing by taking look at their first names. They share a vowel, the letter 'a', which implies that they have an emotional connection as vowels represent one's emotional life. In numerology, vowels are often referred to as the " Soul of the Language" (F. Campbell).

Crystal begins with a 'c'. 'C' corresponds to the number '3' and '3s' are the charmers of  numerology. They are the communicators often having careers as artists or performers.  '3's have charisma. '3s' are kind and emit an outgoing and sociable vibration.  Because '3' is made up of a '1' which corresponds to yang or masculine principles and a '2' which corresponds to a yin or feminine principles, the '3' personality reflects an integrated  balance between both. Not only does the letter 'c' symbolize the number '3', but the name 'Crystal' does, too, making those '3' personaltiy traits especially pronouned.. In addition, Crystal contains the letters s,t,a and r which spell 'star'. Also interesting is that Crystal ends with a 'l' and people with an 'l' at the end of their name ususally have the last word.  In Chinese culture, the number '3' is a lucky number as it's a homophone for the Chinese word for 'birth'.

Siobhan begins with a 's' and 's' corresponds to the number '1' and 'ls' are leaders and self-starters. They are not followers and don't like being in second place. They are used to winning and standing out in front of the pack. Siobhan's Life Path number (using her first name only)  corresponds to a '5'. '5s' are  movers and freedom lovers,  Their personalities are romantic, resounceful and adaptable.They are born travellers and do not do well being restricted to one place.   In China, the number '5' is associated with the five elements (wood, water,fire, earth and metal) and with the Emperor of China, so the number  has become imbued with superior status and rank.

Tomorrow I'll take a look at their astrology signs.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Minor Arcana Explained

Let's take a closer look at the Minor Arcana. As previously explained in my blog of March 9th, the Minor Arcana consists of fifty cards which is divided into four suits of fourteen cards each: ten numbered cards and four court cards. The court cards are the familiar King, Queen, Knight and Jack which later evolved into the Page. The suits include the Wands, the Cups, the Swords and the Pentacles. Each suit symbolizes a specific set of similar traits.

The Wands: Creativity and inspiration. Wands are associated with the element of Fire and connote passion and heat. Think of the alchemist's fire transforming base metal into gold. They emit a masculine or yang energy. Their qualities include risk-taking, confidence, courage and a sense of adventure. Their color is red.

The Cups:  They symbolize our emotional  and spiritual life. They are assoiciatd with our inner states of feeling.Cups correspond to the yin, or feminine principle. Intuition, romance, sensitivity, psychic, introspective all correspond to Cups.  Their element is Water. Their color is blue.

The Swords:  Our intellect and our rational life reside with the Swords. They are concerned with Truth, Justice and ethical principles.  Sowrds can also signify conflict, strife and illresolution.Their element is Air. Their color is white.

The Pentacles:  Their concern is with the material and practical world. Their home is the physcial realm. All of Nature and its inhabitants fall under their domain. This suit can also be referred to as the Coins for if they show up in a reading  they indicate issues with money or finance. Their element is the Earth. Their color is green.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Crystal Bowersox: Beauty and the Beast

Wow! Crystal's numbers are amazing. She was born on August 4, 1985 which makes her a Leo. August is the eighth month of the year and Crystal's Life Path or Destiny number (derived from one's birthdate) is '8' and the number '8' corresponds to the Strength card in the tarot's Major Arcana which just happens to depict a young woman placating a lion which, of course, is the symbol for Leo. Not only that,  in numerology ,the name 'Crystal' computes to an '8'. That's an awful lot of '8' energy and that's a good thing because '8' is considered by many to be the luckiest number. In China, the number is so revered that their Summer Olympics began on 08/08/08 at 8:08pm in the evening. '8s' are strong, successful and prosperous. Similar to Leos, they want everything bigger and grander and more fabulous.

As a Leo you tend to want to be the Boss and you are often the center of attention.  People naturally gravitate to you because of your innate confidence and warm personality (you are a 'fire' sign).  However, you need to be careful that you do not become overbearing or domineering. Often, you can identify a Leo by their striking head of hair. In Crystal's case, I think that applies. She wears her hair in a distinctive fashion, almost a signature hairdo, not unlike the mane of a lion is its signature coif.

Leos are definately the stars of the Zodiac and are drawn to the performing arts. A list of  muscial Leos includes: Slash, Jennifer Lopez, Mick Jagger, Whitney Houston, Madonna and Tori Amos. Not bad! In fact, Crystal, you and Louis Armstrong were both born on August 4th! That's very auspicious company.

In a reading, the Strength card indicates that you have the inner fortitude and capability to deal with life's difficulties and complications.  The lion in you is brave and courageous and can face almost anything while our human dimension reminds us not to allow those passions to dominate or control us. The card reminds us that to maintain harmony between our rational and instinctual selves we must be willing to commit to a lifetime of struggle which is represented by the 'infinity' symbol above the maiden's head.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Crystal Bowersox: 'X' Marks the Spot

The letter 'X' in Crystal's name intrigues me.  'X' is an evocotive letter. When we see it in an ad or on the printed page, it grabs our attention. Historically, the letter 'X' has a negative connation e.g., ex-spouse, exed-out, crossed out. Traditionally, people are buried with their arms crossed. However, in this context, this ritual has more to do with early Christianity as the letter 'X' was a shorthand for 'Christ' which we still use today with 'Xmas'.On the other hand, the 'X' represents a kiss which, in all liklihood, also comes down to us from Christianity as to recieve a kiss is to receive a blessing. Contray wise, we 'kiss' someone off or give them the 'kiss off'.    'X' is also the symbol for the Roman Numeral X, or 10, which corresponds to the Major Arcana'a Wheel of Fortune of the tarot.

The Wheel of Fortune sits right in the middle of the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana and to many students of the tarot is its most profound card. The Wheel  represents destiny, a turning point and a monumental shift in the course of one's life. I think that's the real message  for Crystal.  That is, with that 'X' in her name, she cannot avoid her Fate which is to make her mark on the world.

Kate Gosselin and Taylor Hicks? I Don't Think So!

I don't see those two as a match. Both Kate and Taylor correspond numerically to a '1' and '1s' like to be in charge. They're leaders, not followers. I think it would be very difficult for one of them to back down, let's say, during an argument. It's just not a '1' thing to do. Plus, Kate's got that 'K' at the beginning of her name and the letter 'K' is one of the two Master Letters, the other is 'V'. 'Ks' emit a very strong frequency and are not to be tampered with. And if that were not enough, the name Gosselin also corresponds to a '1'! So Kate's full name adds up to a '2', or a '1' and a '1', which could also be construed as an '11' which just happens to be one of the two Master Numbers (the other is 22) and '11' corresponds to the letter 'K'! Whew! I'm afraid poor Taylor wouldn't stand a chance. With a name like Kate's, she needs a very self-assured and confident man. She should be looking for a guy whose name also begins with a '1' letter e.g., 'A', 'J' or 'S'.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lacey: It Wasn't Meant To Be

Like I predicted, Lacey drew the fourth singing slot and the number '4' has the reputation for emitting a negative vibration.   However, this is not to imply that every contestant who draws that position will be voted off. I considered other influences when I made the call.

Lacey, the very best of luck to you!

Siobhan: The 'It' Girl

I only just found out that Siobhan's birthday was March 15th, so Happy Belated Birthday Siobhan! It's noteworthy that Siobhan was born on the Ides of March which, historically, have ususally been associated with ill tidings. However, in her case I don't think that this applies as she has it all, youth, beauty and talent!

As Siobhan is the 'it' girl at the moment, let't take a closer look. According to the website "Baby Names for the Irish" Siobhan is the Irish version of Joan which means "God is gracious". Siobhan was born under the sign of Pisces, the Dreamers of the Zodiac. Pisces give off the impression of being vague or remote. They are often thought of as elusive or mysterious. Pisces women are fascinating to men. Because they can verge on the unrealistic, they need to take frequent reality checks.  Pisces possess an acute sensitivity and are compassionate and kind. As a double-bodied sign (the two fish swimming in opposite directions) Pisces often find themselves with conflicting impulses or desires.This is a mystical sign which vibrates to a frequency all its own.

I think the photo I chose for Siobhan is a good one.  How appropritate that as a Pisces (a water sign) she lives on Cape Cod, an island surrounded by the ocean. And here she is, sitting by the water, with a sea shell to her ear listening to the sounds of the sea, her spiritual home.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Will She Stay or Will She Leave?

Don't think Lacey is going to make it. Unfortunately, she pulled the number '4' singing slot and as I explained in an earlier blog '4' can be an unforgiving number. Tomorrow will tell.

Paige Miles: Is She Out?

 Well, just as I wrote about earlier today the number '4' appears to be living up to it's bad luck reputation and may well have an adverse effect on tonight's show. Paige's last name, Miles, is a '4' in numerology (reduced from the numerical sum of her last name which just happens to be '22!) and as such seems to be exerting its negative influence on her as she is sick with a bad case of laryngitis. And as a colleague and friend pointed out, Miles begins with the letter 'M' which is the 13th letter of the alphabet. Uh-Oh!

I also speculated that the affllicted contestant would be a boy as the number '4' corresponds to the Emperor in the Tarot. Although she is very much a girl  her first name Paige is a homophone for 'page' which refers to a young boy who serves as an attendant, ususally to a knight, so there is the boy in the equation. Pretty amazing.

Don't know if we have heard the end from '4'  or '22'. We'll just have to wait and see.

American Idol: Who's Going Home?

As I explained in yesterday's blog today, March 16th, is a '4' in numerology. You get that by adding the month (3), the day (16) and the year (2010) which equals '22' and then reduce to '4'. However, what I negleted to say was that  because of this connection between the '4' and the '22' that '22' should bear some weight on tonight's outcome as well as to who stays and who leaves. There's a contradiction here because '22' is one of numerology's two Master Numbers (the other being '11') and symbolizes good luck and success, whereas '4' symbolizes bad luck.

In the Tarot, the number '4' corresponds to the Emperor. I'm going out on a limb here, but I'll venture to say that the '4' will be connected to one of the boys who will be going home.  More later......

Monday, March 15, 2010

American Idol: The Top Twelve

Tomorrow night the Top Twelve Idol contestants get to face off against each other for the first time with one of them being voted off.  Now, tomorrow's date is March 16th which, numerologically speaking,  happens to be a '4'.  Unfortunately, the number '4' has long been associated with 'bad luck'. This is probably because in China, where numerology is thought to have originated, four is homophonous to the word 'death'. Following this line of reasoning, it is hypothesized that the number '13', in the West, acquired its bad reputation from the fact that one plus three equals four. The taboo against '4' is so pronounced in the East that many residential buildings skip all floor numbers with a '4' in them e.g., 4, 14, 24, 34 and all 40-49 floors.  Of course, here in the West, we follow a similar practice in our buildings by avoiding the number 13.

The point is, that the number '4' will play an important role in tomorrow's night show. It's impact will become apparent, so keep an eye out for it. It could be that whomever sings in the fourth slot will not be asked back or the person with a '4' in their birtdate or Life Path number will not be returning. Or the '4' could sneak in via the number '17' e.g., 13 plus 4. We just have to wait and see.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Paula Abdul: Straight Up

Paula's birthday is June 19th, 1962 making her a Gemini who are known as the chatterboxes of the Zodiac for they truly possess 'the gift of gab'.  They are lively, erergetic and enjoy movement which conforms to Paula's passion and occupation as dancer and choreographer. Their element is air. Their ruling planet is Hermes, or Mercury, the Greek messsenger of the Gods who darts to and fro amongst the Immortals. Their birthstone is the aquamarine. Geminis vibrate to an intense mental frequency whose energy can light up a room.

Paula's Life Path number, derived from  adding all three dates of her birthday, is a seven. This fits as she exhibits many of the traits associated with a seven personality. Besides emitting the most spiritual of vibrations, sevens struggle with the dilemma of wanting to be alone with their desire to be in a relationship. In fact, in China the number seven symbolizes 'togetherness'.  Although this is the most independently minded of the numbers, sevens still experience the pull for companionship and experience a tough time reconciling their  opposing impulses. This duality reflects the Gemini propensity for being of 'two minds'.  In fact, as my dear friend and mentor Lucy reminds me, this duality of impulse is a common characteristic of all the double-bodied signs which also include Sagittarius, the Centaur and Pisces, the two fish. Based on what I know about Paula's love life, I think it's safe to say that finding happiness in a long-term relationship has been a dominant theme throughout her life and one which continues to elude her.

The number seven corresponds to the Chariot of the Major Arcana which depicts a male charioteer driving two horses (your Gemini twins again) at break neck speed. This card is all about motion and domination. It represents assertion and force and is often associated with yang, or masculine, energy.  The message here is don't let your self-will overpower you.

Pauls's full name is 'Paula Julie Abdul'.  Her Expression number, which tells us what kind of person she presents to the world, is four. Fours are the number of discipline (dancers are notoriously disciplined people) and the number four is 'twice two' which mirrors the twins in Gemini. Again, referring back to China, four is considered an unlucky number as it is homophonous to the Chinese word for 'death'. So, although Paula has many numbers in her chart which are considered good luck (the number seven is considered the luckiest number in both Eastern and Western cultures) the negative influence from the four emanting from her name could be adversely affecting her luck in relationsjips. She might enjoy a more successful love life if she were to seek out a man who shares many of the same letters as she does in her name..  .

The number eight represents Paula's Soul number which symbolizes her emotional  and inner life. Again her Gemini influence is obvious as there is yet another 'twinning' within her name. This time, her Expression number of four is doubled to make the eight of her Sould number. The number eight corresponds to the Strength card in the Tarot's Major Arcana. The card depicts a woman in white with the infinity symbol (another eight) floating above her head. She is drawn leaning over and  trying to cajole an angry lion. This timeless archetype of Beauty and the Beast symbolizes the duality of human nature. We find this theme as a leif motif throughout mythology and literature e.g., civilization vs. savagery, restraint vs. impulsivity, the spiritual vs. the corporal. It represents the many 'twin' components of humanity. On a personal level, perhaps this card is a message to Paula that she needs to strike a balance within herself between these warring factions before she encounters personal contenment.

Something which really jumped out at me when looking at Paula's name was that the letters 'u' and 'l' appear juxtaposed to one another in each of her three names. There is the 'ul' in Paula, the 'ul' in Julie and the 'ul' in Abdul! That kind of coincidence is a rarity and when it does occur it usually implies that there is a strong message intended for the name bearer. I'm not quite sure what that message may be, but I would  venture to say that those letters and the number three have special significance in her life and should not to be ignored.

Both 'u' and 'l' are both threes and when situated next to each other they are 'twins'. The important thing to remember about threes vis a vis Paula is they are the communictors. Threes tend to be artists or performers or writers. Their work brings them into contact with the public. The fact that Paula has three sets of double threes just reinforces the fact that she is doing exactly what she was meant to be doing. It's a match.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here Comes the Sun!

I'd like to share my thinking behind my choosing the Sun, the ninetheenth card of the Major Arcana, as the insignia for my blog. My hope is that by using the Sun I would help to dispel the many misconceptions about the Tarot and its meaning. Unfortunately, the image most often conjured up by people when they think about the Tarot is that of a golden- earringed gypsy peering into a crystal ball foretelling doom and gloom. In the background, bats fly and black cats caterwaul.

This distorted and inaccurate assoication has nothing to do with the Tarot's true purpose. Rachael Pollack said it best when she wrote in her marvelous exploration of the Tarot, "Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom" that "the purpose of the Major Arcana is to know consciously the irrational wisdom of the unconscious."

But what exactly does that mean?  Essentially, when used properly, the Tarot is designed to make the covert overt and the hidden revealed. That is, its shows us those themes or issues in our life which require attention. The Major Arcana of twenty-two cards (the Fool is 'zero') is divided into three sections which focus on three different levels of experience. Section one represents the conscious which is comprised of the outer concerns of daily life.  Section two deals with the subconscious whereby we begin to search inward to find out who we really are. And Section three encompasses our super conscious, in which we develop our spiritual awareness (Pollack).

As we aspire from the Major Arcan's first section to the third on our Life's Journey we hopefully become more enlightened each step of the way.  We move away from our physicality and ascend to a more exulted and refined state of being where we are no longer fettered by our corporal limitations.  This is transcendence or a state of grace.  The Sun represents the apotheosis of our efforts as it illuminates "the light of the unconscious brought into daily like." (Pollack)

Depicted on the Sun is a child riding on the back of a white horse. White, of course, is the color of purity. Mythology is rife with stories about heroes carrying out their heroic deeds and triumphing over evil while astride a white horse.  In Greek mythology, the Sun God Apollo ushers in the dawn each morning by driving his chariot drawn by white horses across the sky.

The child a top the horse, with his arms outstretched in a wide embrace, symbolizes rebirth and renewal. He also signifies the pure unmitigated joy only children and holy men and women seem to possess in greeting the world.

The Sun reminds us that true enlightenment only occurs if we approach Life with a pure and open heart.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ellen DeGeneres: What's Your Number?

My recent postings about Simon Cowell's and Adam Lambert's Life Path numbers seemed to have generated some buzz, so I thought I'd continue with our American Idol theme.

After Simon and Adam, I think most people are interested in learning more about Ellen who is the newest addtion to the American Idol team.  Ellen's birthday is January 26th, 1958 which makes her an Aquarius just like Adam Lambert. And, true to Aquarius, Ellen possesses a kind and generous nautre. Her element is Air. Her ruling planet is Uranus. Her symbol is The Water Bearer. Her birth stone is the amethyst.

Ellen's Life Path, or Dentiny, number is '5', which also happens to be Simon Cowell's Life Pather number. The Life Path number is arrived at by adding all three numbers of your birth date ( the month, day and year) and then reducing any double digit sum to a single one.

Five is the most physical of all the numbers. They are the movers and shakers of numerology. They abhor restriction and would be ill-suited in a nine-to-five job. They crave novelty and adventure. Fives are born travelers and are drawn to foreign countries. They are adaptable, resourceful and fun-loving. Fives emit a strong intellectual vibration. They are idea people and seek out originality and mental stimulation in others.

Because five is in the middle between one and ten they often find themselves in the 'thick of it' or as the 'center of attention'. This is a sexy and charismatic number.

In China, five is associated with the five elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal.  The Chinese also assoicated the number five with their Emperor. Tiananment Gate, which is the main thoroughfare to the Forbidden City, has five arches.

In addition to Ellen's Life Path number, we can look at her Expression Number which is comprised of the sum total of all the letters in her name. The Expression Number represents the essence of who you are as a person e.g., your rational and emotional dimensions.

Ellen's full name is Ellen Lee DeGeneres and her Expresssion Number is '8'. Eights are the number of good luck and prosperity. In Chinese culture, the number is so revered that their Summer Olympics were opened on 08/08/08 and began at 8:08pm!

What you need to remember about eights is that they are stronog and successful. They tend to be ambitious and know where they are going and usually get there.

There are a couple of things which really popped out at me when studying Ellen's name. The first is the two sets of double letters. Ellen contains two 'l's and Lee has two 'e's. Again referring to China ,where numerology is thought to have originated, this twining means good luck as the Chinese believe that good things come in pairs. Hence, many of their businesses are named with the word double in them i.e.,  Double Happiness or Double Tiger.

The second thing which caught my attention is the preponderence of 'e's in her name.  Out of the seventeen letters which make up her full name eight of them are 'e's. Even wilder is that eight is her Expression Number and 'e'corresponds to a five and five is Ellen's Life Path number!  And if you reduce seventeen to a single digit you get still another 8. Coincidence, who can say? And, of course, Ellen begins with an 'e' which signifies that that letter's frequency will dominate one's personality traits.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Tarot: A Crash Course

Let's start with a brief history and origin of the Tarot cards. Just for the record, I'll be compiling my material from two sources. They are Wikipedia and Rachael Pollack, the esteemed author of "Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom-a Book of Tarot" which I think, hands down, is the best book on the subject. Her scholarship and readability make this book a must have for anyone interested in studying the Tarot.

Pollack explains that sometime in the middle of the fifteenth century, an Itallian artist named Bonifacio Bembo was commissioned by the Visconti family (yes, the renowned film director Luchino Visconti is a direct descendant) to design a deck of playing cards. Bemdo did not name them nor did he number them. The pictures he painted made up the classic deck for an Italian game call 'Tarocchi'. Bembo's deck was divided into two parts:  four suits of fourteen cards each and a set of twenty-two cards depicting different scenarios which later became known as the 'trumps'.  The two parts added up to seventy-eight cards.

So, originally, the Tarot was a deck of playing cards intended for recreation. It was not until the 18th and 19th centuries that occultists, mystics and secret societies developed an interest in the Tarot as a means by which to divine the future and reveal 'secret' knowledge. These esotericists adopted the Tarot for their own and gave names to its two existing parts.  The twenty two cards became the Major Arcana (greater secrets as 'arcana' means mysterious or secret) and the remaining fifty six cards the Minor Arcana (lesser secrets).

The Majar Arcana depicts the following images:  The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress, The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Lovers, The Chariot, Strength, The Hermit, Wheel of Fortune, Justice, The Hanged Man, Death ,Temperance, The Devil, The Tower, The Star, The Moon, The Sun, Judgment and The World. These images represent Man's virtues and vices as well as archetypical and iconic ones which in most cases are easily recognized by most people. However, not all the pictures are that straightforward and their meaning is ambiguous or just plain unclear to the unitiated. For example, what exactly  does The Tower or The Hanged Man mean? The mystics and occultists believed that they had the power to decode, if you like, the 'hidden' meaning of these cards.

The Minor Arcana of fifty six cards is divided into four suits of fourteen cards each; ten numbered cards and four court cards. The court cards are the familiar King, Queen, Knight and Jack which later evolved into the the Page. The suits include the wands, the cups, the swords and the pentacles. Each suit symbolizes a specific trait. Wands signify creativity and inspiration. Cups represent our emotional life. Swords reveal our intellectual and mental life. Pentacles deal with the non-spiritual, material world.

The Tarot has long been assoiciated with Jewish mysticism.  Pollack writes, "A brief look at the stunning correspondences between the Tarot and the body of Jewish mysticism and occult knowledge, called collectively the Kabbalah, will demonstate the way in which Bembo's cards seem almot to demand an esoteric interpretaion, despite the lack of hard evidence."   She goes on to explain that the heart of the Kabbalah lies within the symbolism of the Hebrew alphabet. Each letter is connected to the paths of the Hebrew Tree of Life and is assigned its own symbolic meaning. Coincidently, or not so coincidently, the Hebrew alphabet contains twenty-two letters, the same number of trump cards as in the Tarot's Major Arcana. And the Kabbalah delves deeply into the four letters of God's unpronounceable name, YHVH. Again, one may ask coincidence or not, but there happen to be four court cards in each of Bembo's four suits.

Pollack goes on to say that the Kabbalah works with the number ten which corresponds to the Ten Commandments and the ten Sephiroth (stages of emanations) on each of the four Trees of Life. And each of the four suits contain cards numbered from one to ten. So is it no wonder, she asks, that the Tarot has long been cited as the pictorial version of the Kabbalah whose meanings remain inaccessible to the masses and available only to the elite. Yet, despite these connections, the Tarot is not mentioned once in the annals of Kabbalastic literature. Hence, any legitimate connection between the two remains hypothetical.

Today, the Tarot is generally thought of as providing its devotees with a kind of road map for one's Life Path or Journey. Ideally, it helps us to challenge and question our  preceptions and premises about the world and about ourselves. When used correctly,  the Tarot's powerful images will resonate and shake things up so that when we eventually  readjust our sights we have acquired a new way of looking at and understanding Life's unforeseen events.  It is at that moment we are enlightened.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Adam Lambert, "The Aquarian"

Continuing with our "American Idol" theme I'd like to look at Adam Lambert next. For my money, Adam was single handedly the most interesting and talented and provocative contestant in the entire ten years of the show. It didn't seem fair that he lost out to Kris Allen, but in hindsight I think the loss as served Adam well as he has not been constrained by any contractual obligations which the winner needs to abide by.

Born on January 29th, 1982 makes Adam an Aquarian.  Astrologers refer to  Aquarians as the "sweethearts" of the Zodiac.  Kind, considerate and caring they are your true blue friends. Interestingly, Adam's Life Path, or Destiny, Number is a "7" which shares many of the same personality traits as those of an Aquarian. Both resonate with a pronounced spiritual frequency. The corporeal and material world does not interest them. "7s" reside in loftier climbs.  Intrinsically, they are truth seekers and their life's journey is a spiritual one. Ruled by Neptune, the ruler of the seas, "7s" tend to be introspective and dreamy. In relationships, they struggle with resolving their desire for solitude with their need for companionship. They are the students of  the arcane and esoteric. Theirs's is a sensitive nature.

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, 7 is known as the most perfect number as God created the World in 6 days and rested on the 7th. Because of its special importance in the Bible and the Story of Creation, 7 is known as the most perfect number. Hence, the number 7 has permeated into our language and continues to loom large in our collective unconscious and popular culture i.e., seventh heaven, the 7 Seas, the 7 Wonders of the World, the 7 Stations of the Cross, 7 come 11, the 7 Deadly Sins, the 7 Dwarfs and so on.

And least we forget, the New Millennium heralded in the Dawn of the Age of Aquarias making all those born between  January 20th and February 20th the new leaders of the Zodiac. As leaders of the pack, they will set the pace and the tone for this era's  cultural and personal values. They are the trend setters. Adam seems to fit right in here. He makes no excuses for his sexualtiy nor does he attempt to conceal it. "I am what I am" he proudly  proclaims. As a gay man, he projects an interesting persona because women as well as men find him attractive. And, from what I read,  it's women of all ages from tweens to the mature,  I think Adam really challenges our precepts of sexuality. His androgeny encompasses both genders which seems to strike a responsive chord in both sexes. Perhaps that's because  sexuality is not really a fixed entity or a point on a page as we've been taught  but, rather, it's of a more plastic nature which flows on a continuum.

It's also worth mentioning that in numerologoy and astrology our lives are sectioned off into 30-year intervals; that is, 1 to 29, 30 to 59 and 60 to 90. Each one of those cycles has an influence on your life path and each corresponds to a different part of your birthday. The number of your birth month corresponds to the first period, the number of your your birth day corresponds to the second period and your birth year corresponds to the last stage. If you live beyond 90 (like my 96 year old dad!) you simply start over with your first cycle. Looking at the three life cycles we see that Adam is ending his first cycle and has begun to embark on his second which  adds up to an 11 as 2 plus 9 equals 11.

The numbers 11 and 22 are known as the Master Numbers and emit stronger vibrations than any other number and consequently have a greater influence on our lives. 11s are the Creative Masters in numerology.  Consistent with Adam's leadership role in the Dawn of the Age of Aquarias, 11 is an innovator and spokesperson.. All 11s have an unshakable conviction to serve and benefit humanity.Their mission is to get their message of enlightenment out  into the world . 11s are the Universe's visionaries and as such can be intense and high strung.

It will be fascinating to follow Adam's progress. He has an amazing Life Path in front of him. Let's hope he can fullfill his destiny with the same  grace and fortitude he has shown up until now.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Holy Cowell !

Do you watch "American Idol" ? I do and I got to thinking about the judges and the contestants and what fun it would be to do their numbers so here I go. The most obvious person to begin with is Simon Cowell, so let's start with his birthday which will give us his Life Path number which should tell us something about his personality traits and overall general approach to life. Simon was born on October 7th, 1959 which makes him a Libra which is a perfect fit for him as Librans are the judges and arbiters of the Zodiac. His Life Path number (comprised of adding together his birth month, birth day and birth year) add up to a 5. 5s are the most physical of all the numbers. 5s are ruled by Mercury, the messenger of the Greek Gods and are constantly in motion. We have all heard the expressions "like trying to capture mercury" or he/she "moves like quick silver". And our word "mercurial" shares the same origin as Mercury meaning "mutable" and "changing".They are born travelers to and  fro foreign lands.  5s would be miserable in a 9 to 5 office routine. The restriction of a fixed schedule would be an anathema to them. 5s also emit an intellectual vibration. They are "idea" people. They become bored easily and require frequent mental challenges. Consequently, 5s need to cultivate patience and tolerance in order to counter balance their frustration with others who are not so quick. Now, what's really interesting and what immediately popped out for me was that Simon's Expressive Number, which is arrived at by adding up the letters with their numerical equivalents, is also a 5! The fact that his Life Path number and his Expressive number, which also describes his overall personality, match indicates that this is a man of very little contradiction. He is consistent through and through.  Simon begins with a S and S is a 1 letter. 1s are the leaders of the pack. They are never followers. They set the pace. 1s are your pioneers and entrepeneurs. They stand out and stand alone.Their's is a very powerful frequency and are ruled by the Sun. Cowell starts with a C and C is a 3 letter. They are your communicators and it's not uncommon for them to be writers or critics.They get their ideas across and out there. 3s are charmers and possess social finesse and polish. Cowell ends with not only one "l", but two, and as my dear friend Lucy taught me anyone who has an "l" at the end of their name always has to have to last word which I don't think anyone can dispute  is certainly the case with Mr. Cowell! And with his two "ls" this tendency is doubly pronounced. Now, let's turn to the future and speculate what kind of year 2010 will be for him. We do that by adding his birth month and birth day with the current year and find that October 7th, 2010 adds up to a 2.  This makes perfect sense as Simon became engaged to marry this year. True to his Libran roots, finally popping the question was not an easy thing for him to do as Libran men in matters of romance have an exceedingly hard time making up their minds. They have a tendency to search for the perfect woman and are easily disappointed, so it's no wonder Simon waited until he was 50 years old.  A 2 year should bring him in touch with a  more pronounced Yin, or feminine, energy which just may soften  his, what appears to be at times, his insensitive demeanor. I'd like to next get his fiancee's name and birthday and do a compatibility ananalysis for both of them.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Fool (con't)

He stands for the unbridled spirit of  humanity. He encourages risk and ventures into the unknown. He urges us to find the faith in ourselves to embrace what we don't understand or are not familiar with.  The Fool encourages us to approach our lives and Life Journey with enthusiasm and wonderment.  Be spontaneous, he tells us. A meaningful life is not lived by logic and intellect alone. That would be tantamount to reading a poem by counting its words to quote Jay Haley the renowned psychologist.
This point is reiterated by the Fool and his rose which in mythology and religion represents passion and love. In fact, the rose is identified with Venus/Aphrodite (and later with the Virgin Mary). 

In Tarot readings, the Fool  reminds us that without the ability or motivation to see the world with fresh eyes there can be no enlightenment. All the other cards of the Tarot and their significance in our lives become meaningless if we remain unwilling to challenge our preconceived notions and premises. Perhaps Rumi said it best when he instructs us to "Become a Fool"
Since intelligence only incites you to pride and vanity,
Become a fool, so your heart stays pure.
Not a fool who wastes his life in playing the idiot,
But a fool who is lost and astounded in Him.
If, through astonishment, your reason leaps out of your head
Every hair on your head will become a new head.
Every hair on your head will become a new intellect.

Amen to that.

-Are you afraid of appearing "foolish"?

-Are you overly concerned by what others think of you?

-Are you too rigid and inflexible ?

-Are you spontaneous?

-Do you ever just forget ahead and let the chips fall where they may?

-Do you have faith that the Universe will take care of you?

-Are you seeking adventure and novelty?