Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Four Of Cups

The message of this card might well be "Wake Up" or you may miss a golden opportunity coming your way. The Four of Cups symbolizes apathy, lethargy, passivity and and withdraw into one's self. The fellow asleep beneath the tree is engaging in a self-defeating self-absorption which prevents him from observing and receiving life's gifts and abundance.  Such a course of action can only deter his spiritual and intellectual growth.

In a reading with the Four of Cups the following questions should be considered:

-Would you recognize a gift from the Universe if presented with one?

-How do you make sense out of your seeming disengagement from the world?

-Are you feeling flat or depressed?

-Do you tend to day dream?

-Do you lack motivation?

-Do others complain about your apathy?

-Do others demand more from you?

-Can you cite examples of missed opportunities due to your disinterest in what was happening around you?

-What are your concerns or ideas around being more engaged?

-Who complains the most about your attitude?

-Do you see your laid back stance as problematic for yourself or only for others?

The Life Lesson here is  that in order to ensure your cups runneth over embrace life's blessings on a daily basis.

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers who include Joan Bunning,  Rachael Pollack and  Amber Jayanti

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Two Of Swords

The Two of Swords quite literally symbolizes a person being at "cross purposes" with themselves.  Swords often indicate conflict and strife.  In this instance, it refers to a struggle which originates within the individual's psyche.

Here are some questions meant to help the querist resolve their dilemma:

-How long have you been "sitting on the fence"?

-If you removed your blindfold what are you afraid that you might see?

-Are you hoping that if you just wait passively by long enough that the problem will go away by itself?

-If you make a decision or choice what will be the consequences?

-Do you put up a false front for appearance's sake?

-What's to be gained by choosing not to choose?

-Are you conflicted about which to follow?  Your heart or your head?

The ultimate message of the Two of Swords is unless we incorporate and integrate our heads and our hearts we will find ourselves sitting on bench with the world passing us by. We never obtain perfect balance as there are no perfect solutions in life. Life is a constant process of resettling as one of my wise mentors admonished me years ago. How right she was! Spiritual equilibrium is only obtained through honoring our heart center.

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Ten of Wands

If you pick one card today and it's the Ten of Wands you may be fighting an uphill battle as this card symbolizes struggle, oppression, forces greater than yourself and burden. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

-Are you feeling maxed out?

-What's weighing on your mind?

-What task or job do you have that simply won't go away?

-Are you an over functioning or over-responsible person?

-Do you frequently accept doing the dirty work for others?

-If you let go, are you afraid others will stumble and fall?

-When did you assume so much responsibility?

-Is there some unfinished business which is preventing you from getting on with your life?

-Do you h ave a tendency to do things the hard way?

-Is it difficult to relinquish responsibility?

-Are you afraid if you don't do it it won't get done?

The impact of the Ten of Wands is mitigated by the carefree Fool and the Hanged Man who reminds us of the importance of spontaneity and living in the moment.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

When You Wish Upon A Star

The seventeenth card of the Major Arcana in the tarot is "The Star" which symbolizes hope, dreams, aspirations and serenity without which our lives are meaningless.

In a reading with The Star you may want to consider the following questions:

-What hopes do you have for the future?

-Have you been without hope?

-Do you have a secret wish or dream you are not acting upon?

-If you're in a difficult situation right now, do you see the light at the end of the tunnel?

-Are you the best that you can be?

-Are you inspired?

-Are you seeking calm waters?

-Does your faith and hope carry through difficult times?

- Has you hope or faith failed you?

-What is preventing you from attaining the tranquillity you seek?

-Is there someone in your life whom you look towards for inspiration?

-Are you able to tap into the well-spring of your creativity?

-Do you have intent and purpose in your life?

-If not, why?

The Moon, The Tower and The Devil all stand in opposition to The Star's optimism and energy. In a reading in which The Star's luster is diminished it's important to explore with the querist the circumstances under which this has happened and what hope they have that the situation will be remedied.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Hierophant

The Hierophant is the fifth card of the Major Arcana in the tarot. The figure in the picture depicts a figure dressed in formal religious garb anointing two initiates into the church. Because of the card's depiction of a ceremony celebrating the perpetuation of the "social order", so to speak, the Hierophant has come to symbolize convention and conformity to tradition and main stream culture.  The Hierophant emphasizes assigned social roles, rules and proper procedures. It accentuates the maintenance of the group over individual expression.  It represents orthodoxy and institutionalized structure.

In a reading with the Hiorophant I would ask the following:

-Are you sacrificing your individuality?

-What is your relationship like with authority?

-Are you thinking about "breaking away" from a group and striking out on your own?

-Do you find conventional religion oppressive?

-Are you searching for another means of spiritual expression?

-Are you becoming authoritarian against your better judgement?

-Do you find yourself straining against conventional social codes?

-Are you trying to find a balance between pleasing a particular group  and your own needs?

-Was school difficult for you?

-Do you have a hard time following the "rules"?

-Do you have  unconventional ideas about marriage?  If so, what are they?

-Is a 9 to 5 job not for you?

-If you have rejected the mainstream what kind of life do you envision for yourself?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Judgement is the 20th card of the Major Arcana and in numerology appropriately corresponds to the number 2. 2, after all, symbolizes balance and harmony which is what "justice" is supposed to be all about but all too often fails to live up to its promise.

In a reading Judgement can be interpreted in the following ways. Your interpretation will be based on what "comes through" from your spirit guides and from the context in which the reading is being done.

In addition to symbolizing "choice" or "decision" or "assessment" this card can also represent "rebirth" and "renewal".

- Are you open to new possibilities? Have you been experiencing a personal call to your true vocation which you have had on the "back burner" because of other obligations or commitments? 

-Are you willing to take inventory of your life and make a rigorous assessment of it?

-Are you ready to "get off the fence" and take a stand about an issue or relationship that has caused you turmoil and pain?

-Do you engage in self-judgement? Is it harsh?

-How might you benefit from withholding judgement of others?

-Are you afraid you will be judged because of some past behavior that you feel guilty about?

-Who has been your toughest judge?

- Have you been intolerant when you should have been tolerant?

-How do you reconcile "judgement" and "forgiveness"?

-Are you able to get past passing judgement and embrace difference?

I think this last question is particularly relevant as tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a day which reminds us of the importance of inclusion and generosity of spirit. Remember, tomorrow is a day that we should bow down  low to the teacher within ourselves and to all the holy teachers in our lives.

This last thought  about teachers is borrowed and adapted from my gifted yoga teacher Jessica Bellofatto

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Hermit

The Hermit is the ninth card in the Major Arcana of the tarot and symbolizes introspection, solitude and the search for enlightenment and truth.  He represents the Universal archetype of the teacher, the mentor and guide we may meet along the way in our lives.

In a reading with the Hermit I would ask these questions:

-Is solitude missing from your life?

-Are experiencing too much solitude?  How would you know? What would it look like?

-Is the solitude self-imposed?

-What do you hope to gain by a period of contraction?

-Have you been ignoring your need for solitude?

-Are you searching for guidance or an answer from outside yourself?

-Is there a Life lesson that is eluding you?

-Is there a person from whom you can seek direction?

-Is it time to minimize your life and do away with diversion and distraction which may be deflecting you from you goal?

-Do you find yourself with more and more "things" and possessions but remaining empty inside and dissatisfied with your life?

-Do you have a busy social life but still feel lonely?

The Hermit reminds us that in order to get beyond the obvious e.g., the material world, we need to retreat and reflect and divest ourselves from the day to day trappings we surround and immerse ourselves with. Again, it's a paradox. In order to "see" beyond our physical world we need to renounce it. Strip it away in order to make space for our "inner" world to emerge and ultimately reveal the "truth".

The High Priestess and the Four of Swords would be complimentary cards to The Hermit as they both symbolize the need to look inward and withdraw from the temporal world.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Nine Of Swords: Looking For Peace Of Mind

The Nine of Swords depicts a disturbing and troubling image. An individual sitting upright in their bed with their head in their hands obviously distressed. The proverbial "sleepless night".  During a reading with this card in the draw I would ask these questions and emphasize these themes.

-What or who is keeping you awake at night?

-Can you explain the source of your anxiety?

-Are you feeling guilty about something you may have done?

-What is it that you're regretting?

-What would you need to do to salvage any mistake you may have made?

-Do you tend to be a "worrier"?

-Do you tend to be especially critical and hard on yourself?

-Do you have an opposite voice that would be less harsh to the self-critical one?

-If so, what would it sound like?

-Do you suffer from depression?

-Have you ever been diagnosed with depression?

-If so, what remedies have you sought?

-What worked and what didn't?

-Are you feeling alone in your anguish?

-Whom might you reach out to?

I would also look into the significance of the number "9" in the querist's life.  The number "9" in numerology often symbolizes "endings". Have something "ended" making you so sad?
Has someone died and you are grieving their loss?

As with the case of the Ten of Swords, the Nine of Swords message is a paradox as with any ending there is always a beginning.Therefore, whomever draws this card needs to be reminded that their troubles are temporary. They will end and be over.

However, the Nine of Swords influence will be tempered, for example, if the Star (serenity, hope, fulfillment) or the Ten of Cups (contentment, self-satisfaction) appears in the same reading with it.  In other words, one always looks for the counterbalance as one needs to do in life.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Tarot's Ten of Swords: It's Always Darkest Before The Dawn

It doesn't get much grimmer than this, does it?  You can just hear the gasp a person might take if they were to draw this card in a reading.  What's it mean anyway? Doom, gloom and futility?

The Swords symbolize one of two things. They either represent mental alacrity and acuteness or strife and turmoil and in rare instances both. Obviously, with the Ten of Swords we are talking strife and misfortune. 

However, it's critical to keep in mind that pain is not a punishment but, as the psychologist Harriest Goldhor-Lerner suggests, "a reminder from the Universe saying now is the time to make another choice" for yourself.You can either stay "flat on your back" or begin searching for possibility. As my dear friend Teresa so wisely explained, "Consider that pain is not meant to hurt you, but to show you where the healing can start."

Here are some questions I might ask a client in response to this card:

-How is that that you find yourself feeling hopeless and despairing?

-Do you feel betrayed? Literally, "stabbed in the back"?

-What forces or people are holding you down?

-Have you been "sleeping" while others take advantage of you?

- Is something contributing to you just wanting to "lie down and die"?

-What would it take to rally yourself?

-Does anyone benefit from your being in a one-down position?

-What's the "up" side to being dysfunctional? Do you get others to take care of you?

-Do you have an "opposite" voice to this voice of hopelessness? If so, what would it be?

-If you've been playing the "martyr", when will you stop?

-Are others "bleeding you dry"?

-How long have you engaged in self-sacrifice?  What are the consequences if you were to stop?

Remember that the number "10" corresponds to the number "1" in numerology and "1" symbolizes beginnings, fresh starts, and initiative. So the The of Swords message is a paradox, really, because although on the surface it looks like the "end" it is, in fact, heralding a "beginning". The only way the phoenix arises is from the ashes.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Clara Bow: 1920's "It" Girl

I seem to be on a "flapper jag" this month. First Louise Brooks and now Clara Bow has piqued my curiosity. As it turns out, Clara died on my birthday, September 27th,  and that interested me so I decided to do a little sleuthing into her life and numbers.

Clara was born July 29th, 1905 making her a Leo and what a Leo she was! During her brief film career (she made her last film when she was just 26 years old) Clara was the highest paid and most popular movie star in the mid-1920s. And with that wonderful henna-colored leonine head of hair, dyed dark so it would pop out on the black and white screen, which framed her beautiful face she was nothing short of fabulous. She was dubbed the "It" Girl by the British novelist and screenwriter Elinor Glyn who also happened to pioneer the mass marketing of erotic fiction written specifically for women. Glyn was instrumental in boosting the careers of Gloria Swanson and Rudolf Valentino as well.

But what exactly did Glyn mean by "It"? Essentially, it was an euphemism for sex appeal. Glyn explained that "It" referred to a "strange magnetism that attracts both sexes". And if you look at some of Clara's films you know that Glyn knew what she was talking about. It's hard to think of any actress today who possessed such vivaciousness. People who knew Clara and her work all said the same things about her. She projected energy and vitality. She was sexy, mischievous and totally unaffected. When she was on screen you looked at no one else. She demanded your attention. Plus, Clara was a terrific actress. She was famous for her ability to "channel" the character she was portraying and  was a marvelous improviser.

Clara's name translates to a "3" and 3s are "communicators".  They are also the "charmers" and "optimists" of the Universe. They are often entertainers or artists.  The C and the L in "Clara" are both 3 letters and whenever you have a pair of numbers the qualities associated with that number are doubled. The fiery "A" at the end of her name, which corresponds to the number "1", signifies the formidable energy and force she emitted.

Given her unstable childhood haunted by severe poverty and a mentally ill mother prone to violence  it's no wonder she was missing a "4" from her name. The number 4, after all, symbolizes stability and steadiness which despite her enormous success eluded her in her personal life as Clara in her later years also suffered a mental breakdown. She was hospitalized, received shock treatment and spent the rest of her days in her home attended to by a nurse.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Louise Brooks: Celluoid Sylph

For many film buffs there is no other woman, and that includes Dietrich, Garbo and even Monroe, who in the words of the English critic Kenneth Tynan's projected a more "unrepentant hedonism". I'm inclined to agree. Tynan dubbed her "The Girl in the Black Helmet" which alluded to her unique and iconic bobbed hair.  And it was Tynan's article about her in The New Yorker magazine in the 1980s  which resurrected people's interest in her and her films which include "Pandora's Box" (1929),  "Diary of a Lost Girl" (1929) and "Prix de Beaute" (1930). But it is "Pandora's Box" directed by the great German director Georg Wilhelm Pabst which remains her most illustrious and admired role in which she portrays the heroine ,Lulu, whose amorality and sensuality is ultimately the death of her.

Her name, "Louise Brooks", is missing quite a few numbers. These include 4,7, 8 and 9. It's no wonder she led such a peripatetic and unstable life. Without the 8, she lacked money and without a 4 she lacked  practicality. Not a great combination as you wind your way through life's vicissitudes.  The 7 indicates that she also may have lacked humility and spirituality which might have made  life a bit easier for her. That is, she needed to cultivate patience and sensitivity towards others. But everything I've read about her seems to indicate that she did not "suffer fools gladly".  In fact, it was her impulsivity and recklessness that destroyed her fledgling and promising career in Hollywood. The final straw for Hollywood was when Louise turned down the lead role in "Public Enemy" which starred James Cagney. The female lead went to Jean Harlow. Louise went to Europe, instead, to be with her lover.

When all is said and done, Louise Brooks was an utter original who flaunted authority and the status quo. She was a female rebel in a time when women were punished for being irreverent. No one was going to tell her what to do, even Hollywood. Some would say that she paid dearly for her individuality. After all, she sacrificed a lucrative career making pictures.  I don't think she would share that opinion. I think for Louise, what counted at the end of the day is that she bowed for no man and that she did it her way, flaws and all.

In ending, I picked a card for Louise and I drew the Hermit the 9th card in the Major Arcana of the tarot. How fitting! After all, the name "Louise" corresponds to a 9 and in her own way she was "hermit". Not in the traditional sense of being a recluse, but she most definitely was a "loner" who marched to her own tune always searching, searching for an even brighter "light". As she wrote about herself in her later years, "I must confess to a lifelong curse:  My own failure as a social creature."

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Prince William & Kate Engaged

Although I could just focus on William and Kate I've chosen to include Diana, William's late mother, into the numerological mix as well being that she and he enjoyed an unusually close relationship. And as it turns out, their connection proves to be more powerful than any William might have with Kate.  However, this does not preclude the excellent match that he and she will make.

To begin with, both William and Diana are both Cancers. His birthday is 6/21/82 and hers is 7/1/61.  Kate is a Capricorn born on 1/9/82 and Cancers and Capricorns are not very compatible according to many astrologers.

The name "Diana" corresponds to an "11"  and 11s are the visionaries and seers of the Universe. They are its truest humanitarians.  They strive towards "enlightenment". However, as in Diana's case, they are also often high strung and intense.

The name "William" corresponds to a "7" which, along with 11, is the most spiritually-inclined of the numbers. Interestingly, Diana was born in a "7" year and she died in one as well. Thus, her life literally went full-circle around the Wheel of Destiny.

William's Destiny Number is "2" and the day of his mother's death, 8/31/97 is a 2 also. Thus, establishing another cosmic connection between them.

Kate's Destiny Number corresponds to a 4 which as a symbol of the earth makes perfect sense for a Capricorn. In contrast to Diana's "11", Kate's "4" represents practicality, rationality and feet firmly planted on the ground. Her Destiny Number is also a 4 which increases all of the "4" personality traits. Perhaps this is a good thing for William. Perhaps he needs a young woman like her who will help stabilize him and provide him with the emotional consistency that his mother seemingly lacked.

The couple is to be married in 2011 which is a "4" year for William and a "5" year for Kate. As "4" is Kate's Destiny Number this is no surprise. And "5" which symbolizes romance, sex and travel not to mention being in the thick of it seems an apt description for the bride-to-be's upcoming year.

I picked three tarot cards for William and Kate and her is what I came up with. The first card I drew was the Queen of Cups. Cups symbolize "water" which is also the element associated with Cancer. And as Diana was a Cancer this can only mean that her presence will be strongly felt the day of their wedding. But this really isn't news. It's just a reconfirmation of what we already can anticipate. 

The second card was the Nine of Swords which depicts a person in bed holding their head in their hands, obviously distressed, experiencing a sleepless night. I suspect  Kate will be feeling some pretty intense anxiety these next few months and who can blame her?

The third card was the Page of Cups which would seem to forecast that William's and Kate's first child will be a boy and a Cancer as well.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kindness: What Is It And Who Has What To Say About It

Kindness. We all yearn to be the recipient of an act of kindness and we strive to be kind. I recently discovered a wonderful website charityfocus.org which featured a video from "karmutube" which explores the meaning of kindness. Here are some of the quotes from that video. I hope you find them as inspirational as I do.

-"Be kind, for whomever you meet is engaged in a great struggle."  Ancient Greek Proverb

-The Talamud claims that "the deeds of kindness" are equal in weight to all the commandments.

-"What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?"  Jean Jacques Rousseau

-"Blessed is he who speaks a kindness; thrice blessed is he who repeats it."  Arabian Proverb

-"Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless."  Mother Teresa

-Aristotle defines to be kind as the art of being "helpful towards someone in need and expecting nothing in return."

And my favorite

-"Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity to be kind."  Seneca

If this sparked something inside you you may also want to visit http://www.dailygood.org/


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tavi Gevinson: Fashion World Wunderkind

To just say that Tavi Gevinson is merely "an American fashion blogger" is nothing short of an understatement. This pint-sized fourteen-year old dynamo who began her blog, "Style Rookie", at the ripe old age of eleven has emerged as a trendsetter and authoritative voice in the ever mercurial and fickle world of fashion.

Tavi has had articles written about her in The New York Times magazine, which resulted in her blog's readership exceeding 50,000, and having her profile appear in a recent issue of The New Yorker magazine. Not too shabby.

In 2009, Tavi appeared on the cover of Pop Magazine which features photographs by Jamie Morgan, the celebrated English photog, and was designed by Damien Hirst, England's artist provocateur . Think sculptures of dead animals. Remember those?

She has also been featured in Teen Vogue magazine and French Vogue as well. Tavi has become a regular guest at fashion shows and a muse for designers in Tokyo. Need I say more?

Tavi is an anomaly. A prodigy really.That is, she is a child exhibiting a talent and level of creativity usually associated with someone twice her age.   And  because she exists outside the belle curve, so to speak, she elicits curiosity. And perhaps a little jealousy and resentment as well. Adults either embrace her and find her charming or they are disdainful and put off by her precociousness.  After all, children are supposed to be "seen and not heard". Culturally, they are subordinate to adults and when the tables are turned it can be disorienting as the normal child/adult hierarchy becomes inverted. The natural order of things is turned on its head and requires some getting used to.

There are, of course, the nay sayers who accuse Tavi of being a "hoax". And perhaps they're right. Her prose is pretty polished and insightful for such a young person. And the photographs she posts are very well staged and styled. On the other hand, why can't she be the "real deal"?  Who says a fourteen year old can't be a fashion maven? Perhaps that's what rubs some people the wrong way. That is, her success just underscores the sillier and more frivolous aspects of  fashion. It's so easy, even a child can do it!  All the ego, vanity and self-importance which seems to fuel the fashion industry is really nothing but child's play after all. Her incisive critiques give this hermetic and self-congratulatory world a well-deserved kick in their Dolce and Gabbana pants!  But I give Tavi  more credit than that. Even my more cynical side thinks that  if it turns out that the jokes on us, and we've been conned, you still have to congratulate her on a brilliant piece of chicanery and social satire.

However, what can't be disputed is Tavi's birthday of April 22, 1966 which makes her a Taurus and gives her a Life Path Number of 3 and 3s are the "enthusiasts" and the "charmers" of the Universe. They are also its writers and artists. So far so good. She's also got that "22" which always indicates making a mark on the world in a big way.

I also picked a tarot card for Tavi and  drew the Queen of Pentacles or as I refer to her, the "business woman". This particular queen is a perfect match for Tavi as Pentacles corresponds to the earth as does her Sun Sign Taurus.  And April is a "4" month which is the number most associated with the earth and earthly matters. The number "22" can also be thought of as an intensified "4". That is, it expresses all the "4" traits of perseverance, diligence , hard work and tenacity but with far greater focus and energy. Pentacles is also associated with money and with the way Tavi's career is going I think it's safe to say that she will not have to worry about her college tuition.

Biographical material compiled from Wikipedia

Friday, November 5, 2010

Rufus Wainwright: 6 Degrees Of Separation

I just posted my piece on Cherry Vanilla who, it turns out, is a great pal of the singer-songwriter and performer Rufus Wainwright. In fact, he wrote the  introduction to Cherry's recently published and much heralded autobiography "Lick Me". In any event, what drew me to Rufus is that his family and my family have inadvertently crossed paths over the years (I confess, superficially at best)  and so my curiosity was piqued about him and his numbers.  

The points of convergence have not led to any kind of intimacy between the Wainwrights or the Zacharys, and I certainly don't claim any as none exists.  However  it's striking, at least to me, how often the Wainwright name has popped up in conjunction with us over the years. The examples of proximity include my sister who was a neighbor and friend of Rufus's aunt in Montreal . Rufus's  grandfather Loudon Wainwright, Jr. sold his house in Upper Westchester, NY to Slim Aarons, a lifelong family friend and colleague of my father's.  And I have a near and dear childhood friend, who resides in East Hampton, NY as do I, who married into the Wainwright family. So it just made some kind of cosmic sense that I would be doing his numbers at some point. And when the Cherry connection fell into my lap, I couldn't resist.

The important thing to remember about Rufus is that his Expression Number, which reveals one's overall personality, is 1 and 1s like to lead and not follow. Their place is at the head of the line. 1s are independent, creative, original and ambitious. They do not answer to authority. However, if their energy is expressed negatively or is out of alignment they can be petty, arrogant and self-absorbed. It's vital that 1s exercise self-discipline and self-restraint to allow their best qualities to shine e.g., quiet self-confidence and strength.

With respect to the tarot, the number 1 corresponds to the Magician in the Major Arcana and as I wrote in my March 24th blog "it all starts here". As an archetype, the Magician is the tarot's alchemist and wizard. He is the embodiment of transformational prowess. The Magician acts as a conduit, or lightning rod, between heaven and earth channeling their respective flows of energy into a recursive loop. The point at which they make contact is where the magic happens; that is, a conjoining of imagination and spirit with the physical world. He can pull inspiration "out of thin air", so to speak, and render it into material form. Isn't this the very definition of an artist ?

Rufus's Life Path Number which reflects one's place in the world is 3 and 3s are the "charmers" and "optimists" of the Universe. They are our best communicators and are often writers, poets or entertainers. 3s are  ruled by Jupiter which, in astrology, is associated with the principles of growth, expansion and good fortune.

With respect to the tarot, the third card in the Major Arcana is the Empress who is the embodiment of Feminine sensibility. This would imply a couple of things. First, that Rufus is very much in touch with his intuition and, if he has not already done so, he should consider developing any latent psychic tendencies. Secondly, his mother played a dominant role in his life.
Rufus is going into a 5 year. 2011 should include extensive travel to foreign countries.  And as 5 lies smack in the middle between 1 and 9,  Rufus should find himself "in the thick of it" more often than not. He needs to be careful that he doesn't become squeezed from both sides closing in on him.

Finally, returning to Cherry and Rufus. Both "Rufus" and Cherry's given name, "Kathleen", correspond to the number 4 which makes them a "match" be it emotionally, spiritually or psychically. However, Rufus is missing a "4" letter from both his first and last name (the 4 letters are D,V and M) but Cherry's given last name, "Dorrite", provides the  missing "4" so that he now has all his numbers. This is, perhaps, another instance of the  interfolding energy that they share and exchange together.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cherry Vanilla: 60s Icon Pens Her Autobiography "Lick Me"

Cherry Vanilla, nee Kathleen Dorritie, the American singer-song writer, actress and publicist celebre has just published her memoir "Lick Me". Cherry was David Bowie's publicist and is currently a publicist for Vangelis. She is also known for her association with Andy Warhol, having appeared in his play "Pork" in which she played a necrophiliac nurse (precursor to Richard Prince?).

In doing Cherry's numbers, the number 4 dominates.  Her first name "Kathleen" corresponds to a 4 and her full name corresponds to a 4, as well.  Her last name "Dorrite" is an 8 which is, of course, 4 doubled.

It might appear something of a paradox that such a free and irreverent spirit as Cherry would have 4 as her significant number as 4s are the worker bees of the Universe and are usually thought of as traditional and conservative.  But outward appearances can be deceiving. Beneath all that outrageousness is a tough, determined and focused woman. And as a Libra (10/16/1943), she's mastered the art of maintaining her cool and and her head during any storm she may have encountered and, I imagine, she's encountered her fair share of those. No one gets a free ride.  That's for sure.

I drew 4 tarot cards for Cherry, as 4 is her number, and the first card I picked was the Ace of Cups. Anytime you draw an ace it's always propitious and reflects "the best of the best". The Ace of Cups can literally be interpreted as "your cup runneth over". It represents abundance and plenty, which Cherry is obviously enjoying since the publication of her book.

The next card I picked was Judgement, the 20th card in the Major Tarot.  My hunch is that Cherry will be called upon to make a decision about a pretty important matter sometime soon. It won't necessarily be a legal issue. Rather, it's going to involve herself and two other people, probably friends, which is going to test her emotional and moral mettle.

The third pick was the Two of Wands, which depicts a man holding a globe looking off into the distance.  This card symbolizes having the "whole world in the palm of your hand".   You've arrived and hit the jackpot. An enviable position, indeed, and one in which Cherry now finds herself poised.  However, because the man is peering out into the distance, it also symbolizes questions about one's future.What exactly is my next step?  Where am I headed? Will I know the way?  Questions which can elicit anxiety and uncertainty.

The fourth card was the Six of Swords. This powerful and provocative image of  two figures seated side by side in a boat, being ferried across a body of water by a man standing at the stern behind them, always refers to a journey.  It may imply a physical trip or to an internal "journey" of either mind or spirit. However, one caveat.  There will be some pain associated with this new trip as the start of something simultaneously heralds the end of something and endings are always sad.

With respect to 2011, it will be a 3 year for Cherry. As 3 is the number most associated with writers and poets, she should find herself doing more writing and publishing. Perhaps the screenplay of her book?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Feng Shui And How To Manifest $

Given the state of the economy and the anxiety swirling around it (and for good reason) I thought it might be kind of interesting to take a look at the Feng Shui solution to solving money problems. Briefly, Feng Shui is considered by the Chinese to be both an art and a science which emphasizes awareness  and consciousness of ourselves in relation to our environment.  Here then is the Feng Shui method to attract money.

-Create a water fountain as in Chinese culture water equates money.  For more strength, add a crystal to the fountain.

-Keep an aquarium with 9 fish. Water equals money and the number 9 is an exulted one in China enjoying special status.

-Grow bamboo or keep either 3 or 9 shoots in a vase (bamboo is very prolific)

-Create a wealth box with 9 coins. Preferably red as red is considered a good luck color.

-It is said that fresh flowers bring good luck and fortune.

-Create a Prosperity Altar which should contain a crystal or fresh flowers, incense, candles, water which should be changed every day.

-Place 9 coins in a red envelope and plant it under an evergreen tree.

-Keep metal windchimes to simulate the sound of money.

But at the end of the day, keep in mind what really counts:

"You came here to ask for wealth.
However, you do nothing.
It is difficult for me to grant your wish.
Do one good deed a day and we will come toward you"

written by the entrance to a temple in Taipei

For those of you interested in learning more about all aspects of Feng Shui, I recommend the readings of Professor Lin Yun and R.D. Chin which has been adapted here.