Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Marilyn Monroe: 6/1/1926-8/5/1962

What's left to say? MM has got to be the most written about woman ever(with the exception of Jackie Kennedy Onassis) . However, her name and birth date
do reveal some tantalizing and thought provoking numbers.

First off, MM is a Gemini one of the Zodiac's double-bodied signs along with Sagittarius and Pisces. And with all double-bodied signs you are dealing with the struggle to reconcile opposing or contradictory impulses which run like a lief motif throughout one's life. The idea is to attain moderation and balance, two attributes which eluded MM's short and unhappy life.

MM's Expression Number, which signifies one's temperament and personality, is a "3" which fits as "3s" possess great charm and frequently make a career as entertainers.  However, if the energy of a "3" becomes misaligned or misdirected they can appear  "scattered and unfocused. If confined, they become restless and unhappy" (Cafeastrology). And, as a  "3", it makes sense that MM's birth month of June falls in Gemini the third house of the Zodiac.   Following the theme of "3s" in MM's life,  the third card of the Major Arcana in the tarot is the Empress which symbolizes the maternal. Needless to say we are all familiar with MM's tortured childhood and her sad and painful relationship with her mother who suffered from debilitating mental illness.

"Marilyn" translates to a "2" and "2" symbolizes balance and harmony which, again, are two attributes which eluded her. I might add that MM is missing a "2" letter from her name which makes it a Karmic letter (all the letters in the alphabet have a numerical equivalent. The "2" letters are "B", "K" and "T").  A Karmic letter or number tells you what it is that you need to work on in this lifetime to compensate for a deficit in a previous lifetime. So,, as a "2" represents peace and tranquility MM needed to dedicate her life towards obtaining those qualities. I think she honestly tried to do so, but for unknown cosmic forces was unable.

 "Monroe" as well as the initials of her name "MM" correspond to an "8" which normally would indicate a person who has a "grip" on life e.g., they can successfully navigate its rocky shores. But this was not the case with her. By the same token, "8" is considered the jackpot number meaning that it is associated with wealth, fortune and good luck so that is a closer fit as MM did enjoy all three during her life although she paid a heavy price.  Remember, too, that the number "8" is a twin image of itself e.g., the top of the number mirrors the bottom. So there is yet another double image like Gemini and MM's initials. And when you rest the number "8" on its side it becomes  the symbol for Infinity as well. This can be interpreted as a reminder that MM's  life long struggle to come to terms with her inner demons, who kept her on an emotional roller coaster, would require a lifetime commitment to battle them  if she were to successfully overcome them. Sadly, things did not work out that way.

 MM died in a "4" year which in many cultures, especially the Chinese, symbolizes "death". In Western culture, the number "4" can mean "rest", "repose", and "inertia". This corresponds to the Four of Swords in the tarot's Minor Arcana which depicts a body reclining on what looks like an sarcophagus.In fact, the day she died, "8/5" is also a "4".

And  MM's birth year of 1926  and the year of her death 1962 are mirrored-opposites of one in another. In other words, the "26" and the "62" are transposed and they both correspond to the number "9", which signifies fame and fortune.  "9" symbolizes endings as well.  I'm not sure what the significance of the mirrored birth and death years mean other than it reflects a duality which we see as a constant thread running throughout MM's life and which she was unable to resolve.  The message from her spirit guides very well may be that her end was no different from her beginning.

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Four of Swords

When you draw the Four of Swords think "repose", "contraction", "inertia", "rest", "passivity". It's an invitation for you to step back and "consider", "contemplate" and apply the brakes. "Swords" signify mental activity and cognition. All things intellect.  The message here is that new ideas emanate from a fresh and unfetterd mind. Remember that we do our best thinking when we dream. It's a paradox.

Questions for the querent:

-Do you allow for "time taking time"?

-Are you on overdrive?

-Can you recognize when you need to hit the pause button?

-Are you so busy taking care of others that you make no time to take care of yourself?

-Are you mentally exhausted?

-Do you meditate?

-Is it difficult for you to slow down?

-Are you a Type A personality?

-How would you have to be different in order to pull back and relax?

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

King of Wands

Surrounded by symbols of fire this king burns with intensity. The lion depicted on his throne is long associated with authority and rule. It's also a stand-in for the astrological sign of Leo whose element is fire. The salamander at his feet has long been identified in mythology as symbolizing fire as well. In fact, the salamander in some ancient cultures is believed to have taught Man how to create and manipulate fire. Everything about the King of Wands connotes creative and combustible energy. He encourages you to take a project or an idea just that one step further. Go the limit and beyond. He sets the bar high and challenges you to exceed it. Be bold. Have courage. Dream the impossible.  Stay inspired.

Questions for a consultation:

-Are you living your "dream"?

-Do you take chances?

-Are you expressing yourself in your work and relationships?

-Are you feeling energized or exhausted?

-Do you hold back and loose faith?

-Is there a passion you are not fulfilling?

-What would it take to "light your fire"?

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Two of Cups

A beautiful card in all that it symbolizes. Reconciliation. Peace. Harmony. Connection. A meeting of the mind and spirit. The griffin, the mythological creature with the head of a lion and the body of an eagle, long considered by the ancients as the "king of creatures" connotes powerful and magical energy. The two snakes entwined around a rod is known as a "caduceus" signifies the merging of commence and negotiation. I think given the context of the tarot the emphasis is on "negotiation".  This iconic figure also represents the Sumerian fertility god, Ningizzida, which makes sense as the Two of Cups depicts a man and a woman joining forces and bonding. From their gaze and their body language we can conclude they are lovers.

Here are some questions to think about when considering this evocative card:

-Is your relationship isolating you from others?

-If not together, what is holding you back?

-Is your relationship balanced and fair?

-If in a relationship what needs to be healed or resolved?

-Do you have intimacy issues?

-Is there something or someone which prevents you and your partner from "bonding"?

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Miss Peggy Lee: 5/26/20-1/21/02

I don't think I've ever run across a name like hers before. That is, the letters in "Peggy Lee" correspond to just two numbers, a "5" and a "7". That is very, very unusual. So what to make of it? Well, in Chinese numerology it's believed that the more times a number appears the more powerful that number vibrates to its intrinsic nature. Therefore, the "5s" and the "7s" in her name, which appear three times and five times respectively, are three times and five times more powerful than just a single digit would be. That's big medicine.

PL's Expression Number, which symbolizes her personality and temperament, is a "5" and "5" is the most physical of all the numbers. It's associated with sex and romance. By the same token, "5" also connotes great mental alacrity.  The important thing about the number "5" is that it's synonymous with motion and a lot of it. After all, it's ruled by the planet Mercury (Hermes) the messenger to the Greek gods who was constantly in flight on Mt. Olympus. 

In addition, if you add the numerical values of the  "P" and the "L" in her name you get another "5". Amazing. "Lee" is an especially sexy name because of that double "e" ("e" is a "5" letter). And "Peggy" has that double "g" which, numerically is a "7". The doubling of double letters makes sense as PL is a Gemini (the Twins),  one of the Zodiac's double-bodied signs.  Also, if you add "7" and "5" you get "12" which is reduced to a "3" as you always reduce a double digit to a single one in numerology and  Gemini, of course, is the third house of the Zodiac.   Gemini's element is "air" and, as is the letter "5", is ruled by the planet Mercury as well. Very cool.

Not only is PL's Life Path number (indicates your place in the world) a "7" but her name contains five "7s"! "7" signifies spirituality and the heavens e.g., the non-material world. "7s" are not attached to physical planes. They dwell in loftier climbs. Think ethereal and celestial firmaments. PL's world was one of music and music, after all, transcends our linear and physical lives. Rather, music speaks to our souls. It transports us to places not identifiable on a map. I don't think it's a stretch to say that Peggy Lee's voice which seemed to float on air did just that.

"Music is an outburst of the soul."  Frederick Delius

"Music is the art which is most nigh to tears and memory."  Oscar Wilde

"All deep things are song."  Thomas Carlyle

"Music is the poetry of air."  Richter

"Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual." Ludwig van Beethovan

Amy bows lows at the feet of all her holy teachers.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oprah Winfrey

With her first name beginning with a capital "O", Oprah joins the pantheon of  larger than life luminaries whose names share that formidable letter. Think Orson Welles, Oscar Wilde, Barack Obama and Laurence Olivier.  The letter "O" requires that you stand up and pay attention.  This letter is not shy.

There is no doubt that Oprah lives up to her "O".  Her numbers underscrore her meteoric rise to fame and phenomenal destiny. Her first name corresponds to the number "22" which is one of the two Master Numbers in numerology. The other being "11".   "22s" are your master builders. They take on great responsibility, which most of us would find daunting,  and exercise authority and power but always in a meaningful and creative way. They are idealists and visionaries who manage to stay realistic and pragmatic and concretize their dreams.

Oprah's last name, "Winfrey", translates to a "1" and "1s" are your pioneers and innovators who are admired and looked up to.

When you add the numerical equivalents of the "O" and the "W" in her name you get an "11" which is the other Master Number along with "22". "11s" are your givers and altruists. They are the world's humanitarians and teachers.  In addition, the eleventh house of the Zodiac is Aquarius which also happens to be Oprah's birth sign whom many astrologists consider the "sweethearts" of the Universe.

But that's not all. Oprah's Life Path number, which symbolizes her place in the world, is yet another "22".  And when you add her birth day of "29" you get another "11" as you do when you add her birth month of "1" with her birth year "1954".  Amazing.  It's small wonder that she choose to exit her talk show in 2011. How could she do otherwise?

Appropriately enough the number "11", which figures so prominently in her life, corresponds to the tarot's card of Justice in the Major Arcana.  I'd say that's a match.

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bob Dylan: b. 5/24/1941

The man has all the right numbers. His Life Path number, which signifies your place in the world, is that all magical jackpot number "8". "8s" enjoy fortune and good luck. The number "8" also corresponds to the eighth card of the tarot's Major Arcana which depicts the maiden and the lion symbolizing the importance of reconciling opposing impulses.

This is a particularly appropriate card for BD as he is a Gemini, or the Twins, one of the Zodiac's double-bodied signs. However, what is contradictory is that Geminis are known as being talkative and from what I've read about him BD is certainly not that. On the other hand, the Twins possess intense and vibrant mental energy which he clearly possesses in spades.

BD's Expression Number, which reflects his overall temperament and personality, is a "3" who are the great communicators. Often "3s" are writers or poets. They are frequently entertainers as well.  BD's first name, "Bob", corresponds to a "1" which signifies leadership and being first in your field. They are your pioneers and trail blazers. The "B" in "Bob" translates to a "2", so there is yet another reference to the importance of that number in his life. Remember that "2s" seek out harmony and peace. However, if the energy becomes diffused or inverted, a person can exhibit passive-aggressive tendencies. At times, you may not know who exactly you're dealing with as the personality change from warm and affectionate to distant and disapproving can be quite dramatic and confusing.

Both February and November are your "2" months. I wouldn't be surprised if either one of those months has meaning for him.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cher: b. 5/20/1946

The indomitable Cher, nee Cherilyn Sarkisian, was born under the astrological sign of Taurus on May 20th, 1946. Amongst the all astrological signs Taurus is known as the Enduring One. Taurus is renown for their tenacity and drive. In fact, they need to temper their aggression and judgmental personalities in order to gain a more balanced emotional equilibrium. Their element is the Earth. Their ruling planet is Venus. The luscious green emerald is their stone. Their most sensitive and vulnerable part of the body is the throat and neck.

Her Expression Number, which reveals one's temperament and personality, is "6" which symbolizes the Perfectionist.  They feel responsible for every detail and work tirelessly to eliminate any fault. "6s" retain close family ties and are often the family favorite. They surround themselves with beauty, comfort and music.

The number "6" has additional meaning for Cher as her daughter's first name, Chastity, corresponds to a "6" as does her late husband's Sonny. In addition, Sonny died in a "6" year.

Cher is going into a "2" year which indicates that she will be seeking both peace and harmony in her life.  The number "2" is ruled by the Moon which influences our emotions and feelings so she will have to reign in those Taurus impulses to forge ahead and be "bull-headed". "2" is also most identified with yin energy, or feminine vibrations.  February and November are your "2" months.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tina Fey: b. 5/18/1970

Funny Girl Tina Fey has the amazing Expression Number* of "9".These are your real winners often associated with great fame and fortune. In fact, her initials "T" and "F" add up to a "9" as well. As Chinese numerologists explain, the number "9", being the greatest of single-digit number, was historically identified with their Emperor. His robe had nine dragons and according to Chinese mythology those dragons each had nine off-spring.  In addition, the number "9" is a homophone, in Chinese, for the word "long lasting" making it a much sought after date for one's wedding. However, there is one caveat assoicated with the number "9" and that is they usually give more than they get. "9s" tend to be compassionate and humanitarian and as such must watch out for their generous impulses getting the "upper hand" so to speak and distorting their judgement.  They need to be vigilant against those who might want to exploit their good nature.

More good news. The name "Tina" corresponds to the number "8" which is the jack pot number promisng good luck  and abundance and her last name "Fey" corresponds to the number "1" which symbolizes leadership and being the first in your field.  Her numbers are amazingly accurate.

Tina's Life Path Number** is a "4" and "4s" are the worker bees of the Universe.  They are diligent, tenacious, steadfast and true blue friends and colleagues. They never shy away from a job that needs to get done.

And, lastly, Tina is going into a "9" year which means she can look forward to acquiring even more status and prestige. But, on the other hand, as "9" signifies endings something significant in her life will come to a close. This could be something concrete like a project or something more abstract such as an attitude or relationship that she has. 2011 will most definately mark its demise. Having said that, once this particular door closes another will open.

*The Expression Number signifies a person's overall personality.

**The Life Path Number signifies your place in the world.

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dame Margot Fonteyn: 5/18/12-2/21/91

Dame Margot was the very epitome of loveliness and lyricism.  She was grace incarnate and was one of of the century's greatest classical dancers who repeatedly wowed audiences for years and enjoyed one of the greatest artistic partnerships of all time with Rudolf Nureyev (3/18/1938-1/6/1993)

She was a true "3" and embodied all the charm and appeal that only a "3" can. Like many "3s", she was artistic. She found her mode of expression through the theater and was an expert at communicating to the audience. She was renown for the way she used her eyes in conveying emotion and feeling. 

"3" was most definitely a special number for her.  It was inevitable that she would draw another "3" towards her energy field and that "3" just happened to be Rudolf  Nureyev. He was born in a "3" month (March ) and his name corresponds to "33" which is a double "3".  Curiously, Dame Margot died on the "21st", a "3" day and Nureyev died in a "3" year.

Together, the  first and last initials of her name, "M" and "F",  correspond to the number "1"  as does her last name, "Fonteyn". And Dame Margot was most definitely a "1" in every respect e.g., she was the prima ballerina ne plus ultra.  

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Robert Pattinson : b. 5/13/1986 (It's Got to be the Hair)

Robert Pattinson, the heartthrob of practically every female tween and teenager, celebrates his 25th birthday tomorrow.  If there's any doubt about his sex appeal, just consider the word "heartthrob".  The last syllable contains his name, "Rob"!  Here's what his numbers tell us about him.

His Life Path Number is "6", which is considered a "good luck" number.  In China, the number "6" is the homophone for their word for "blessings" and is a coveted and sought after number i.e., for a business address. It also represents the home and all things domestic. This is a guy who values family and family life. Nice. As "6s" tend to be perfectionists, they can also be worriers. "6" is also associated with a love for music and Robert is an ardent musician and sometimes composer for the piano. His first name also corresponds to a "6" which doubles these unique characteristics. "6" is ruled by the planet Venus which, given Robert's status as a leading man, makes perfect sense. And the 6th card of the tarot's Major Arcana is The Lovers which further explains his appeal.

As with so many other famous people Robert's birthday corresponds to a "9" signifying fame and exulted status.  His full name corresponds to an "8" which is the jack pot number in that it symbolizes phenomenal good luck and fortune.

Robert is going into a "4" year. "4" symbolizes steadfastness and diligence. It can also suggest a time period of repose and contraction, so I would not be surprised if Robert takes some much-needed down time from all the over exposure he's experienced the last few years. This should be a time in which he reflects and considers what his next career moves may be as well as any major personal decision. In a "4" year, it's time to take heed and slow things down. Put the brakes on, so to speak.

 In honor of his birthday, I picked a card from my tarot deck and came up with the Three of Wands which depicts a man (whose back faces us) looking out beyond the horizon. What a perfect card to have picked given that Robert is about to embark on a "4"year which implies a pulling back to re-evaluate one's life. Here are some questions he might want to think about: What new horizons are you contemplating?  Do you feel optimistic about the future? Are you hesitating about acting on your dreams? Despite your fame and fortune are you sure that this is the path you intended for yourself?  And, if not, what is?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Great Kate: 5/12/1907-6/29/2003

The important thing to remember about Katherine Hepburn is that her first name begins with the letter "K", one of the two Master Letters (the other being "V:) and that it corresponds to the number "11" which is one of the two Master Numbers (the other being "22") as well. So she not only has a Master Letter but a Master Number, too.  

My friend, Lucy I, describes the number "11" as symbolizing the Creative Masters of the Universe.  She explains that their path or life journey is often impractical although always inspirational. Their messages are always strong and intense. They pull no punches as very little can deflect them from their appointed task.  Often they border on martyrdom. Hepburn and her devotion to her married lifetime lover, Spencer Tracy, was interpreted by many as "masochistic" and "slavish". However, self-sacrificing or not,  "11s" are destined for greatness and leave their mark upon the world.

She died in a "4" year which is the number "13" reduced. "13" is frequently associated with "death" as is the number "4", especially in Chinese culture, as it's nearly homophonous to their word for "death". "4" also symbolizes the "earth" as well as the qualities of "respose", "quiet" and "passivity".

Some great Katherine Hepburn films include:

-A Bill of Divorcement (1932)
-Little Women (1933)
-Alice Adams (1935)
-Bringing Up Baby (1938)
-The Philadelphia Story (1940)
-Woman of the Year (1942)
-The African Queen (1951)
- The Lion in Winter (1968)

Miss Hepburn was, indeed, the "real deal" in every sense of the word.

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Fred Astaire: 5/10/1899-6/22/1987

Astaire was destined for greatness. The year of his birth, 1899, contains three 9s and as 9 is the number signifying fame and fortune and exulted status there was little doubt that he would achieve the stardom he enjoyed. 

The name "Astaire" translates to a 7 in numerology which symbolizes spirituality, Heaven and all things celestial. 7s focus on the non-physical.  I don't think it's too much of a stretch to say that he devoted his life  transcending the material world.   That is, through his dancing,  he defied the laws of gravity and its physical constraints .

One of his missing Karmic Numbers is a 3 (these numbers tell us what we need to do in this lifetime in order to correct for one's previous actions and choices from a previous life). 3s are the charmers and optimists of the Universe. They are often entertainers and excel at communicating. Clearly, Astaire compensated magnificently for this past apparent lack during his phenomenal stage and film career. There were few actors who were as charming and attractive.

Astaire died in an 8 year which in addition to symbolizing wealth and good fortune and strength also represents "infinity" as the number 8 is also the infinity symbol turned upright. This symbol is associated with  the matters of the soul ( consistent with the 7)  as well as with eternity, perfection and equilibrium which seem to me to reflect what Astaire and his art were all about e.g., the consummate artist.

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Robert Leroy Johnson: 5/8/1911- 8/16/1938

 "The thing about Robert Johnson was that he only existed on his records. He was pure legend" so wrote Martin Scorsese. That pretty much sums things up. To this day, the late great Delta blues singer and guitarist remains an elusive shadow. Not much is known about his life and mystery shrouds his death. Some say he was poisoned. Some say he died from syphilis although he was only 27 years old thus linking him forever with other great musicians who died an untimely death. Think Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix. It's curious, is it not, that the letter "J" dominates all their names?

Numerically, "J" is a "1" and as such are self-starters and usually tops in their field. They leave their mark. And as "J" is the tenth letter of the alphabet it's a "double 1" as the number "10" corresponds to a "1" as well.  That's very heady stuff.

With respect to Robert Johnson's Karmic Number, he's missing a "4". (Just in case you are not familiar with the concept of the Karmic Number it's the letter or letters missing from one's name. It instructs  us what we need to do in order to correct our actions from past or previous lives. It may also reveal our vulnerabilities and weaknesses.  So if you are missing a "7", the most spiritual of all numbers, you may end up becoming a Buddhist and so on.)  "4" is the number most associated with the earth and this makes sense as Johnson is a Taurus and the earth is their element.  The irony, of course, is that everything that a "4" represents-stability and tradition-eluded him. He led a transient and itinerant life. What this means is that because he was unable to obtain the equanimity in that lifetime he will have another opportunity in his next until he gets  it "right".

 "4" is also the number most associated with Death as it symbolizes the sum of "13". Johnson died in a "9" year which always signifies "endings" (as well as fame and exulted status).  His Destiny or Life Path Number was "7" which, in addition to vibrating to the highest spiritual frequency, is most associated with Heaven and things celestial. "7s" tend to be loners and eccentric. They dwell in a non-material world and are not attached to material things. This certainly seems to true of Johnson who never settled down, but was constantly on the move from town to town performing at every stop. 

It's fitting that his Expression Number is"5" which represents the most physical and restless number of them all, which makes perfect sense as "5" is ruled by Mercury the quick-silver messenger to the Greek gods. "5" is your freedom lover. They are your born travellers and seekers. All of this is consistent with what we know of Robert Johnson, which when all is said and done, is not very much.

So it appears as if Scorsese is right. Johnson remains a legend who has obtained almost mythic status. Did he really sell his soul to the Devil one night at the Southern Cross in exchange for the ability to play like a god?  Listen to his music and judge for yourself.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Furies

In Greek mythology, they are the three goddesses of vengeance:  Tisiphone, Megaera and Alecto. They were also referred to as the "Daughters of the Night". In actually, they were the offspring of Uranus (the primeval god of the Sky and the first ruler of the Universe) and Gaea (the primeval divinity of the earth). They are sometimes referred to as the Erinyes.

The Furies spared no mercy to those unwise enough to incur their wrath. They were relentless in their pursuit of transgressors of the social order and were particularly vicious to crimes committed against one's mother or father, specifically matricide or patricide. They also took offense against those who would harm society's defenseless e.g., beggars, the sick, the old, the vulnerable. They even protected animals. God help the naughty child who removed a baby bird from its nest or who might mistreat its pet. The Furies would not be far behind. Their mission was to preserve the natural order and acted as society's moral and ethical conscience.

The sisters were also servants of Haides (King of the Underworld and the dead) and Persephone (Queen of the Underworld). Here, they oversaw the torture of criminals sentenced to the Dungeons of the Dammed.

The Furies were no beauties. Blood dripped from their eyes and in lieu of hair snakes resided on their heads. As Virgil wrote, " The Eumenides (Erinyes) with livid snakes entwined in their hair."

Our culture abounds with vestiges of the Furies i.e., Shakespeare's three witches in "Macbeth" or Madame LaFarge in Dickin's "A Tale of Two Cities". We owe our words "infuriated" and "furious" to the Furies. And, unfairly or not, they are the origin for the expression "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned".

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers.

Compiled and adapted from www.theoi.com and www.in3greece.com