Monday, May 31, 2010

Tomorrow's Post

I'm going to compare the convicted murderer's numbers of Amanda Knox with those of her victim's, Meredith Kercher. Something very creepy about this case.

The Eight of Swords

From just a cursory glance at the Eight of Swords one might really plummet down to the depths of despair. Here is a woman depicted as blindfolded, with her arms tied behind her and partially encircled by eight swords thrust into the ground. Whoa! What the hell does this mean?

In a reading, here's the message of the card. If you are spiritually 'blind' (the metaphoric blindfold) you will not be intellectually or spiritually 'free" (the binding ropes, the swords).  The important thing is to remove the blindfold. Open yourself up to the world and all it has to offer. Look beyond the obvious. Search beneath the concrete. Don't accept things at face value.  You cannot obtain enlightenment otherwise. One needs to approach life with unprejudiced eyes. Try not to be judgmental. Embrace the unknown with humility and curiosity. There is no other way to truly learn.

Keep in mind that the swords do not entirely enclose the woman in the picture. In fact, there is a rather sizable opening. The doors to the jail are open, you only need walk out.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Six of Swords

The first question people usually ask when seeing the Six of Swords is, " Where am I going?" And that is exactly the correct question because this card is all about journeys, be they physical or spiritual.

The two figures in the boat can be interpreted as an adult and child or just as two people. The sex is immaterial.  The point is that you will not be alone. The ferryman (who in 'real' life does not necessarily need to be a male) represents a teacher, mentor or some kind of spirit guide who will direct you or accompany you.  As you are leaving one place for another you will experience loss as well as exhilaration at the prospect of entering uncharted territory.  However, take heart, as the passage across these new waters are tranquil and calm.  There will be no turbulence, only quiet.

Questions you may want to ask yourself if you draw the Six of Swords in a reading are:  Are you ready to move forward and leave your past behind?  What, exactly, are you leaving behind?  Who is it that you would like to take with you?  Who in your life is qualified to guide you?  What or who, up to now, has been holding you back?  Have you been going through a difficult time recently and this retreat represents a time of refuge from it?  What is the hope for your future?  Where do you see yourself headed?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

How Lee DeWyze Won American Idol

So, just how did he do it considering Lee was outclassed by Crystal Bowersox in just about every category there is e.g., musicality, vocals, originality and stage presence? I hate to raise the sexist card but, sadly, I think in this instance it's appropriate. I don't know if any of you readers out there had a chance to read a critique of the American Idol finale in yesterday's New York Times by Jon Caramanic. Well, I did and for my money he really hit the nail on the head by explaining that American Idol has evolved from a talent show into a make-over show. Doesn't that just feel right?  With a panel of judges, led by the commercially savvy Simon Cowell, the 'blossoming' of Lee DeWyze was sold to the viewing audience and they bought it hook, line and sinker.

After weeks of touting Crystal as being in a 'league of her own', the judges abandoned her and took up the 'cause of Lee'. Of course, this might have been a strategic manoeuvre to create some suspense in an otherwise pretty drippy season. But I think Simon tapped into something else which he probably was not even consciously aware of.  That is, everyone loves a 'make-over'. People applaud self-improvement and Lee fit the bill.  Crystal was too fully formed and too much her own person (a bit like Pallas Athena springing forth as a mature adult from her father's, Zeus's, head) to try and change. On the other hand, Lee was a veritable Pygmalion. Putty in the hand. Clay to be molded.

At the show's beginning, Lee was shy, lacked self-confidence and repressed.  And we were constantly bombarded with his 'ordinariness' i.e., he works in a paint store, he's a regular guy. Oy! If anyone brought up that friggin' paint store one more time I was going to scream!  Lee's personal story was presented by the judges, particularly by Simon, as being especially compelling and the American public fell for it. Now, to me, his story compared to Crystal's positively pales. She was raised by her dad, mother abandoned her when she was two (or so they say), she is a single parent herself and she suffers from a life threatening disease (Type l Diabetes which is no joke). If that doesn't reflect the human drama, what does!

But as compassionate as American may have felt about Crystal, their real sympathies and votes were going to Lee and that's because America , as most cultures, favor males over females.  It's a given that the majority of American Idol viewers are women and women are suckers for supporting and enabling men who they see as having 'potential'.  Historically, women have protected men at their own expense.  And it's a know fact, borne out by research, that single sex group therapy is more beneficial for women than groups with men and women as women tend to put their own issues on the back burner and defer to the men.

It's the old story that 'all it takes is a good woman to reform a man'. Lee's story is really just another permutation of the myth of the 'vulnerable' male. It's a cultural archetype and pops up in all aspects of our culture. The 'cool jerk', the inarticulate guy, the shy guy. It's disheartening, really, that another good strong woman was passed over in order to prop up a mediocore guy (sorry, all you Lee fans!). However, I think Crystal will prevail and enjoy great success despite the obstacles set in her way.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lee Dewyze

What do Lee's numbers tell us about him?  His Destiny Number (derived from his birthday of 4/2/1986) corresponds to a 3. 3 is an artistic number. They are our also communicators e.g., performers, poets, writers. 3s are chamers and optimists.  They are sociable and friendly. They don't have an axe to grind or a chip on the shoulder. 3s enjoy life. And why not? Their ruling planet is Jupiter the 'king' of all the other planets.  Its associations include the attributes of growth, expansion and prosperity as well as trips and travel, humanitarianism and caretaking.

 Lee's Expression Number (derived from the letters in his name) corresponds to an 11. 11s are visionary, intense and tend towards being high strung (Lee "high strung"?!).  11s want to enlighten the world. They are ill-equipped  and show little interest for the business world.  Their predominant trait is humanitarianism (so Lee has an amplified sense of doing for others).  11s are tolerant, patient and considerate.

11 is one of two Master Numbers, the other is 22. Essentially, 11 is a 2 but it's considered a higher vibration of the number 2, so all of a 2s characteristics such as being diplomatic, peaceful and sensitive  are that much more increased in the number 11.

By the way, the number 2 is ruled by the Moon which is associated with the Yin, or feminine principles, which is consistent with those traits most connected with the numbers 2 and 11.

However, when we just look at Lee's numbers for his first name that corresponds to a 4 and 4 is the number of tradition and practicality which is on the other end of the spectrum from 2 and 11. 4s are less interested in things ephemeral and more interested in the tangible. 4s are the worker bees.

Lastly, Lee possesses a 'z' in his last name which indicates that he will never want for money. The letter 'z', along with 'h' and 'q', correspond to the number '8' which is the money number. If you have any of those letters in your name consider yourself lucky.

Actually, when you add all this up I think it presents a nice composite picture of Lee. He strikes me as someone who not only possesses the down to earth qualities of a 4 but  the sensitivity of a 2 or an 11 as well.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Nine Muses

According to Greek mythology, the Nine Muses were deities who imbued the necessary  inspiration into artists, philosophers and individuals.  Hesiod, a poet of ancient Greece,  reveals that they were called 'Muses' as the Greek word 'mosis' refers to desire or wish.

Artists from all disciplines of the ancient world made an appeal to the Muses  before beginning their work. For example, Homer, the author of both the Illiad and the Odyssey, implores the Muses to help him tell these stories in a memorable way for all generations.

The Nine Muses were sisters. They were the daughters of  Zeus, the lord of all the Greek gods, and Mnemosyne, the goddess of memory. There were nine children as Zeus allegedly spent nine consecutive nights with Mnemosyne.

 Mnemosyne gave her baby girls to Apollo, the god of healing, music and the Sun and he in turn taught the nine sisters about Art.  Consequently, they forfeited all interest in the material world and pledged to dedicate their lives to the Arts and the artistic imagination.

The Nine Muses are:

1.  Clio: the muse of History. She is often depicted with a clarion (an early trumpet) in her right hand and a book in her left.

2.  Euterpe:  the muse of Music.  She invented several musical instruments and is often seen holding a flute.

3.  Thalia:  the muse of Comedy.  She not only discovered comedy but  geometry and the science of architecture as well. She is always depicted holding the iconic comedic theatrical mask.

4.  Melpomene:  the muse of Tragedy. In addition to developing tragedy, she cultivated rhetoric speech.

5.  Terpsichore:  the muse of Dance.  In addition, she was the protector of the harp and education. She is often depicted laughing and enjoying herself as 'Terpo' in Greek means to be amused.

6.  Erato:  the muse of Love and the poetry of Love. Also, the protector of weddings. Her name comes from the Greek word 'eros' which refers to the act of falling in love. Our word 'erotic' also derives from 'eros'.She is often associated with Eros, or Cupid's, bows and arrows.

7.  Polymia:  the muse of sacred poetry and hymns. She also formulated the study of grammar.  She often carries a lyre.

8.  Ourania:  the muse of  all heavenly bodies and things celestial. She invented astronomy.

9.  Calliope:  the muse of epic poetry. She was often considered the most superior of all the Muses. She was the protector of all heroic poems.  In fact, Homer calls upon Calliope to inspire him while composing the Illiad and the Odyssey.

The number '9' runs like a lief motif in our culture and language. Not only do we have the Nine Muses, but we talk about the 'cat with nine lives', we can 'dress to the nines', there are nine men on a baseball team, human beings gestate for nine months, nine is the Trinity squared and there are nine planets.

The number nine vibrates to a very powerful frequency and should always be taken seriously and with consideration. If it should appear in your life, it symbolizes an important message coming through to you.

Source material is a compilation collected from greekmyths and infoplease

The Court Cards Explained

The Court cards are comprised of the King, Queen, Knight and Page in the tarot. They always reflect the characteristics of their particular suit and rank.

Kings:  Always mature and always masculine. Their qualities are associated with social responsibility, power and success. Their focus is on the outward workings of the world. They exercise ultimate authority. The Kings are assertive and direct. They are hands-on and practical. They are the problem solvers and solution oriented.

Queens:  Always mature and always feminine.  She is also an authority figure and exercises power and social control. However, unlike the Kings, her interests lie with the emotions and relationships. She embodies the attributes of creativity and imagination.

Knights:  Can be either sex and represents a young adult or teenager. Impulsive. They lead from the heart, not the head.  Moody. Impressionable.  Action oriented. Impatient.

Pages:  Always a child and can be of either sex.  A student or novice. Exploratory. Curious. Their is an aura of naivety  and innocence about them. They exude wonderment and awe. 

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Empress: The 'Mother' in Us All

What tarot card, other than the Empress, could I possibly talk about in that today is Mother's Day.  She's the third card of the Major Arcana and symbolizes fecundity, fertility, and abundance. These are her obvious meanings.  However, the Empress represents our passion and sexuality as well and is a font for our creativity and imagination.  She is the personification of pure unadulterated emotion. She resides in the realm of passion, not rationality.  In a reading, the Empress may signal us that we need to rely on our emotions and heart rather than our head.  And, of course, her ruling planet is Venus that most sensual of sensualists.

In considering the Empress you may want to ask, " What can I do to reignite my creativity?"  Am I lacking nurturance in my life?  Should I be cultivating my own nurturance to myself and others?  Have you examined your relationship with your mother lately?  Is their some unfinished work to complete?  Does someone need protecting or shepherding?  Are you comfortable 'mothering' others or yourself?  What's easy and what's difficult?   How might you spark your own creative juices? Are you 'too' emotional ?  Do you lead from your heart?  Do you take the time to think things through?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rielle Hunter and John Edwards: Coup de Foudre Extraordinaire

The French have a name for it, a coup de foudre. That is, when two people meet and the sexual energies between them resemble a bolt of lightning or a clap of thunder. The heat they generate is so palpable it's combustible. After listening to Rielle Hunter's interview with Oprah the other day and her description of her first meeting John Edwards, I can think of no other term which so aptly surmises their initial encounter. Of course, one might say that their affair, despite Ms. Hunter's attempts to convince otherwise, was a folly of epic proportions. I was fascinated watching Ms. Hunter who made the most preposterous of statements with complete conviction and certitude. How does she do that? Well, I became so curious about her and John Edwards that I decided to do their numbers and some basic astrology about them.

The first thing I look for when analyzing a couple's name is to see if they share any letters, especially vowels which symbolize the emotions and Rielle and John share no letters (looking to see if a couple shares any letters in their names originated with Lucy Isaacs an exceptionally talented and inventive spiritualist. In fact, this is a trade mark technique of hers which I am borrowing). This usually indicates that this couple is not a match in the long run. However, Rielle is not Ms. Hunter's real name. Over the years she has used various aliases. Her birth name is Lisa Jo Druck (one can appreciate her desire to abandon the rather pedestrian hum-drum Lisa Jo' for the more exotic allure of 'Rielle') and here she shares a 'j' and an 'o' with John which most definitely constitutes a love match. And for my purposes here, I will be using Ms. Hunter's birth name as to do otherwise would make for an inaccurate reading.

Lisa Jo's Expressive number, which corresponds to a person's personality traits, is a 3. 3s are the optimists of the world.  They tend to be enthusiastic and fun loving and a bit childish at times. They emit an outgoing and friendly frequency. They bring a sense of excitement and avendture to their relationships. 3s are ruled by the planet Jupiter which astrologers associate with growth,  expansion and good fortune. Jupiter is also associated with the urge for freedom and exploration. The 3s of Jupiter enjoy a 'good time' and are often referred to as numerology's 'merrymakers'.

Ms. Hunter/Druck's Destiny Number, derived from the sum total of her birth date is 7, the most spiritually inclined of all  numbers. They are unmaterialistic and vibrate to a frequency not easily accessed by the rest of us. It's not unusual for a 7 to be highly intuitive and perhaps even a little psychic. However, if a 7's energy is expressed negatively, they can be moody, odd, and emotionally unavailable. As lovers, they can reach levels of intimacy and romance beyond many people's imaginations. However, their goals for their partners and themselves may be too lofty and unrealistic. Consequently, they set themselves up for profound disappointment when their hopes fall short of their ideal expectations the stardust in their eyes turns to ash.

Being born on March 20, 1964 makes Lisa Jo a Pisces and Pisces are the Dreamers of the Universe. Actually, Pisces and the number 7 are a good fit as they vibrate to similar frequencies i.e., both are ruled by the planet Neptune that most elusive and mysterious of planets.  Modern day astrologers associate Neptune with idealism and compassion, but also with illusion, confusion and deception. Neptune's influence on Pisces can make them vulnerable to trendy New Age spiritualism and mysticism often mistaking popular self-styled gurus for the speakers of truth.

 Pisces have a very robust fantasy life, particularly about romance and I think this is true of Lisa Jo/Rielle who in her pursuit of John Edwards turned a blind eye to the harsher realities of the situation e.g., he was married, his wife had Stage 4 cancer and he was a prominent public figure about to run for the Presidency! I believe the fantasies she described on Oprah about how she was going to 'save' him from a life of deception and lead him into the light completely obscured any notion of reality. Her tendency is to see life as she wants to see it through her very own pair of rosy-colored glasses which ultimately dominated her and, I believe, had her behaving in ways against her better judgment.  It goes without saying this kind of self-delusion  is a recipe for disaster if one's expectations are not met.

Pisces is also one of the three double-bodied signs, with Gemini and Sagittarius being the others, and with all these signs the task at hand is integration of opposing forces or impulses (Pisces symbol, after all, is of two fish swimming in opposite directions). Consequently, it's not unusual for a Pisces to spend inordinate amounts of time struggling with confusing conditions which often overwhelm them. I think Lisa Jo/Rielle is a typical unrealized Pisces this way. Her use of several aliases over the course of her lifetime, her poor judgment regarding John Edwards, her inability to function at work or in a meaningful career, all indicate a woman who is unable to pull it together and focus. She simply doesn't know who she is. Is she Lisa Jo or is she really Rielle?  Or someone else? I wouldn't be surprized if she changes her name yet again.She remains at the mercy of those Piscesian opposing fish and continues to swirl around in deep water unable to swim to the surface where there is clarity and light.

With respect to the Pisces woman,  it's no wonder John Edwards fell under her spell as she is the ultimate nurturer and caregiver.  She makes the man in her life feel like a protector and in charge, which probably did wonders for Edward's always hungry ego. Turning to John, we see that he is a Gemini having been born June 10, 1953. Gemini is a good fit for John, as they are the 'talkers' and the 'twins' of the zodiac and as a successful trial lawyer John Edwards did his fair share of persuasive talk.  And, as mentioned above, Gemini is also a double-bodied sign so he just like Lisa Jo has had to struggle with a dual nature or dual personality. And as with most Geminis, John can compensate for his seemingly schizoid personality with his abundant charm and wit. Geminis, after all, are exceedingly charming and gracious. Mercury is Gemini's ruling plant which probably accounts for John's great intellect and mental acumen.

Looking at his Expression Number, we see it's a 2 which is a true cosmic match to his Sun Sign of Gemini. This just emphasizes the duality and, one might say duplicity, in this man's make-up. 2s are also politicians and diplomats, another match. They seek out harmony and equilibrium, but if they are out of psychic or spiritual alignment, as John Edwards was and/or still is, their energy can become manipulative and 'two-faced' which, in fact, it did. Of course, his being a two and a Gemini is another reason why he and Lisa Jo/Rielle were attracted to each other as they are both double-bodied signs. As my friend Lucy says, the down side to being in a relationship with another double-bodied sign is it's like living with four different people simultaneously. You never are quite sure whom you're waking up with!

I really don't know if this couple will stay together. They may get together for a brief period of time once John's divorce is finalized. But for them to co-habit ate or even marry while Elizabeth Edwards  continues to fight for her life is almost unimaginable. A fascinating coincidence is that Elizabeth corresponds to a 7  which just happens to correspond to Lisa Jo/Rielle's Destiny Number and John Edwards' Destiny Number which are also 7s. And Elizabeth's Destiny Number corresponds to the sixth card of the Major Arcana in the tarot which is the Lovers.  There is no question about it that these people's lives interface and intersect on the same cosmic path. It was just a matter of time before their Life Paths criss-crossed one an other's.

In the long run, I don't think John and Rielle will make it. He will remain in her life because of the daughter they had together, but they will both move on in my opinion.  One thing is fairly certain, however, because of the preponderance of twos and sevens in both their lives these numbers will continue to play a pivotal role for them both.

Source material adapted and compiled from Wikipedia,  Cafe Astrology and Athena Starwoman

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Staying Conscious: Maintaining Your Stability In A Complicated World

Here are a few suggestions which I have adapted and modified from The Daily Om to help all of us maintain our equilibrium on a daily basis in what is often our overwhelming lives.

1.  Live simply and delibertaely. Avoid getting caught up in the details of this fast-paced world. Remember that the world is both good and bad. It's neither one or the other, but both.

2. Stay in touch with yourself. Soul searching, meditation and journaling are a few of the activities you can participate in to stay aware and learn as much as you can about your emotional life e.g., likes and dislikes, dreams and fears. Developing a solid sense of who you are provides you with a firm foundation for navigating life's rough patches as well as its smooth ones.

3.  Support or teach others as often as you can.  Provide service.  This reduces isolation and restores your humanity. It's your opportunity not only to enrich yourself, but to make the world a better place for others, too.

4. Consciously choose what or with whom you will permit into your life.  Do your best to stave off negativity. Try not to allow it to dominate your world vision. Remember all the goodness and kindness there is in humanity.

5.  Be aware of the beauty around you.  No matter where you may live, there are natural and manmade wonders for us to marvel.  Remember, beauty is healing and restorative.

6.  Nurture your connections and ties to your family or friends or community. Modern life can be isolating.  When you have a social network, you are never along.  It provides support, caring, guidance and companionship.

7.  Broaden your perspective on life.  Keep in mind that the way you choose to live your life is not the only way to live one's life. Exercise tolerance.

8. Embrace the challenges that life presents to you and challenge yourself often.  Remember that they are just an opportunity for growth and expansion. 

9.  Stay curious. Hold on to your sense of wonderment and life will never be boring.

10. As the Buddha says, "keep moving".  Do not fall prey to a sedentary life. Movement reaquaints us with our bodies and connects us to the earth  in a visceral way.  It also restores our vitality and has a positive effect on our mood and demeanor.

11.  Be still. Be silent. Engage in solitude.  We are often 'on the go' and unable to relax or sleep or decompress. Seek out a peaceful and safe place where you can take time to reflect and compose yourself.

Don't try and do all of these at once. Rather, practice one per day or week or whatever works for you and keeps you balanced.

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers