Saturday, April 30, 2011

William & Kate: The Wedding

They could not have picked a more auspicious date as April 29th, 2011 represents a 1 in Numerology and they have, indeed, embarked on a new passage in their lives. The number 1 resounds with confidence and self-sureness.

As I wrote in an earlier blog of November 16th of last year, although William and Kate are now a married couple William's spiritual energy remains inextricably linked with that of his mother's, Diana, who remains constant in her vigilance over him.

Here are a few interesting tidbits:

Both William and Diana are Cancers. His birthday is 6/21/82 and hers is 7/1/61.  Kate is a Capricorn.

The name "Diana" corresponds to an "11" and "11s" are the visionaries and seers of the Universe. They are its truest humanitarians. Their life work is to obtain "enlightenment". However, as in Diana's case, they are often high strung and intense.

The name "William" corresponds to a "7" which, along with "11", is the most spiritually-inclined of the numbers. Interestingly, Diana was born in a "7" year and she died in one as well.  Thus, her life literally went full-circle around the Wheel of Destiny.

William's Destiny Number is "2" and Diana died on 8/31/97 which corresponds to a "2" and William was married on the 29th, a "2" day. However, before it is reduced to the number "2", "29" adds up to "11", so Diana's presence is felt once again.

Back in November I picked 3 tarot cards for Kate and William, one of which was the Page of Cups. This could very well portend their first child being a boy and a Cancer to boot.

I also picked a card for them today, April 30th, and came up with the Eight of Cups which depicts a man walking off into the distance with his back turned to 8 cups standing in the foreground.  It's one of the most provocative and evocative cards of the Minor Arcada.

Cups symbolize our emotions and sensitivities. They express our desires and passions. But clearly he has chosen to leave these particular ones behind. We can never really be sure as to why, but what is clear is that this card is all about "moving on" and loss.

So, some questions for our young couple might include:

-What have you had to sacrifice in order to move on with your life?
-Have you accepted a recent loss in your life?
-Has a critical relationship ended?
-Are you mourning or grieving for someone or something that you needed to leave behind?
-Given the "eclipse", is that "dark" period in your life over?
-In life, we are often called upon to "give things or people up". Will you be able to do it?  What or who would stop you?
-How would have holding onto the past impeded you?

When doing a reading, be mindful to do so from a position of "not knowing" as it's only when we avail ourselves to be receptive to new ideas and new perceptions that obtain enlightenment and our cups runneth over.

Amy bows low to all her holy teachers and asks that she may bring focus, intent and purpose to those she meets in life.

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