Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lady Gaga: Sacred Monster

 Ms. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga, has all the right numbers.  Her Life Path number (derived from her birthday) corresponds to a '1'.  And, really what other number could she possibly be!  She has blazed a career for herself that only a '1' is capable of.  She's all those good things that a '1' symbolizes e.g., leader, entrepreneur, self-starter,  independent thinker, original.

And if that weren't enough, her Expression Number (derived from the letters in her name) is a '22' which is one of the two Master Numbers (the other is '11').  'Our '22s' are the Master Builders of this world. Although they are visionaries, their heads are not in the clouds.  On the contrary, '22s' have a firm footing in the material world and are able to see their dreams realized in a concrete and tangible fashion. 

Another way to think of '22' is of a '4' which vibrates at a higher intensity or frequency and '4s' are the worker bees of the Universe.  These people are diligent and persevere no matter what the odds.

Gaga's birthday is March 28th, 1986 making her an Aries. Aries is the 'Daredevil' of the Zodiac. Their element is fire which makes them passionate, intense, energetic and can be difficult to contain.

If you add up Gaga's birth month of March, which is '3' month, and her birthday of '28', you get '4' (after reducing '31' to its smallest digit), so there is the '4' again. I would venture to say that '4' will continue to have a special significance for her, so she should keep that in mind.

2010 is a '7' year for her and '7s' represent relationships. In  Chinese numerology the number '7' is associated with weddings and good luck.  The media report that Gaga has reunited with her ex-boyfriend, Luc Carl. Their names share both a vowel, 'a', and a consonant, 'l', which usually bodes well for a relationship as it's purported that if couples share letters it means they are a match.  However, her three names all begin with '1' letters ('s', 'j' and 'a'), which I don't think his 'l' (a '3) can stand up to. '1s' are dominating and have a tough time compromising.

What's amazing about his name is it contains 5 '3s'. That's a lot of '3s' for such a short name which would indicate that his personality is pretty dominated by those traits associated with '3' and there is not much room for flexibility. 

'3s' are the 'optomists' and 'enthusiasts' of the Universe. However, if their energy becomes distorted, they can be 'childish' and immature.  Hm mm....given Luc's history of cheating and betraying her, Gaga really needs to be vigilant and certain about his motives for reuniting with her.  At the end of the day, Gaga may be like so many women who believe in the cultural myth that it only takes the love of a good woman to reform a man.  I hope that is not the case and that they can work things out.


  1. glad to see your posting again, I am curious do you have any insights into her health?

  2. Thanks, Lelale! I've been distracted by other things and haven't really been paying too much attention to my blog. Also, there hasn't been anyone I felt that compelled to write about.In any event, I don't have any insights into Lady Gaga's health. One thing though which I'm sure other people have noticed is how thin she is. I can't help bought wonder if she just isn't over doing it on every level. She burns so bright all the time you have to wonder how long she can maintain that level of intensity. I wish her all the good fortune in the world. She is unique and a total original and deserves every bit of credit due her. Thanks for your loyalty! Amy

  3. Always a pleasure the reason why I asked is that a few months ago she mentioned in an interview that she may have pre cursers to Lupus

  4. Yes, I read that too. It seems she has a sibling with Lupus which puts her at risk. Let's hope her 'spirit guides' send her strength, protection and guidance! amy

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