Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hurricane Earl

'Earl' corresponds to the number '9' and '9' symbolizes exulted status as first explained by the ancient Chinese who associated the number with their Emperor.  The logic being that '9' is the largest, single digit before '10', hence a number lofty enough to be associated with his Highness.  '9" also represents 'endings' or 'finalities', so we can expect Earl to do some significant damage before it's finished.

And 'Earl' begins with the letter 'e' which corresponds to the number five which represents the most physical and most active of all the numbers. 'Es' are always in motion which is befitting a hurricane. In fact, '5' is ruled by the planet Mercury, who was the messenger of the Gods.

'Earl' ends with the letter 'l' and as my good friend the esteemed numerologist, Lucy Isaacs, reminds me 'ls' like to have the last word. Not a good sign when talking hurricanes.
The number '5' is also associated with the Emperor of China and the Tienanmen Gate which has 5 arches which is the main thoroughfare to the Forbidden City.

Finally, the Chinese associate the number '5 with their 5 elements which include water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

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