Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nine of Pentacles

This card depicts a mature and dignified woman standing amidst her garden laden with fruit and her nine pentacles symbolizing abundance, plenty and material wealth. On her gloved arm perches a falcon whom the ancient Egyptians associated with the sun and all celestial deities. The falcon also represents freedom, liberty and intelligence. The Nine of Pentacles may also symbolize the "career woman" or the "professional woman as pentacles, of course, symbolize finance and the physical world.  She possesses confidence, poise and grace. Her world is safe and secure. In Chinese numerology the number nine symbolizes an "exulted status" and "stature" which clearly this woman exemplifies.

Questions for a reading:

-Do you know or work with a "nine of pentacles"?  Do you admire or envy her?

-Do you aspire to be a "nine of pentacles"?

-How would you need to be different in order to obtain the wealth and success you desire?

-If you have achieved great success, are you dissatisfied and longing for something more?

-Does your success isolate you?

-Are men intimidated by your success?

-Are you feeling trapped by your success?

-What sacrifices have you made on your road to success?

-How has your success helped others?

Amy bows low at the feet of all her hold teachers and asks the Universe for enlightenment.

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