Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today's Tarot: The Empress

She represents the third card in the Major Arcana.  On the most obvious level, the Empress symbolizes "motherhood" and "abundance". In readings she is associated with "pure passion" and reminds us that it is through our passion and love that we obtain what a friend refers to as "heartfelt" knowledge.  The Empress relates and responds to the world through her senses which is a never ending source of delight and inspiration to her.

Questions to ask yourself today:

-How is your relationship with your own mother?  Does it need some work?

-What was her relationship with her mother?

-Are you a mother?

-Do you want to be a different kind of mother than your own ?

-Was your mother passionate and warm?

-How has your relationship with your mother effected your relationships with other women?

-Are you getting the nurturing you need?

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers.

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