Monday, August 1, 2011

Herman Melville: 8/1/1819-9/28/1891

Numerological insights into Herman Melville:

-HM's Destiny Number (which reveals one's Life Path) is "3". "3s" are accomplished "communicators" and frequently pursue writing as a career.

 Added together Melville's initials, "H" and "M", total a "3".

-His Expression Number ( which reveals a person's temperament and personality) is "5". "5" is an intellectual number. It symbolizes mental energy and acumen.

-The year of his death, 1891, corresponds to the number "1" which symbolizes beginnings and new energy cycles.

 Melville died at age 72 which is a "9" in numerology. "9" represents"endings" and hence "beginnings".

-The year of his birth, 1819, is a mirror image of the year of his death. The implication being that he died in similar straits to those he lived.

-Melville's numbers contain a plethora of "9s". The Universe expects an awful lot from the number "9". These are your visionaries and teachers who carry the torch of personal conviction even at great personal cost and sacrifice. 

In Chinese culture the number "9" was exulted  as it is the largest single digit number and was associated with their Emperor.  In addition, the Chinese word for "long lasting" is a homophone for the number "9" and is therefore often used at weddings.

-Melville's earnings for a lifetime of writing some of the world's greatest literature was about $10,000. 

-Melville's works include:

Moby Dick
Typee, Omoo, Mardi
Billy Budd
Bartleby, the Scrivener
Benito Cereno

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