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Percy Bysshe Shelley: 8/4/1792-7/9/1822

Lamb or lion? Perhaps Shelley was a bit of both. What with his angelic face and leonine hair he epitomized the paradox of all existence.  That is, we inhabit both realms of restraint and impulse simultaneously engaged in a lifelong struggle to reconcile these opposites.

Shelley's Numbers and What They Mean:

-His Life Arc (derived from adding together his birth date and the date of his death) corresponds to the number "5". "5" is the intellectual number. It emanates a mental energy and alacrity. They possess keen minds and bore easily.

-The all important Master Number 22 is pervasive throughout Shelley's numbers.  Although your "22s" are the "master builders" they are also idealists and visionaries who are able to execute and concretize their ideas and fantasies. They not only spin daydreams they actually make them materialize.

Shelley's Destiny Number (which reflects his life path and direction) is "22".

He died in the year 1822.

1822 corresponds to the number "4" which in Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese cultures is associated with "death" as it is a homophone for their word for death and is therefore shunned and avoided.

In Western cultures, "4" is associated with the unlucky number "13" as "1" plus "3" totals "4".

Shelley drowned in a boating accident during a storm. In his pocket was a volumne of John Keats's poems.

Shelley's first name, Percy, corresponds to a "22".

His full name, Percy Bysshe Shelley, corresponds to "22" as well.

-Shelley's works include:

Ode to the West Wind

To a Skylark

Prometheus Unbound


His wife, Mary Godwin Shelley, penned the classic horror tale Frankenstein.

"A poet is a nightengale,
who sits in darkness and sings to cheer
its own solitude with sweet sounds."

from Ode to the West Wind

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