Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 23, 2010

Numerologically, today's date computes to a "1". You arrive at "1" by adding together the month (February is the second month of the year and, hence, a 2 month), the day (23) and the year (2010) and reducing the sum to a single digit. So 2 + 23+2010= 10, or 1.  To find out what kind of year you can expect to have, you add your birth month plus your birth day to the current year or to an upcoming year. So if you were born on April 16 you would add 4 (April is the 4th month) +16 + 2010 which equals 23 which is reduced to a 5. Remember that 2010 is only a "1"year for those of you born with a birthday when added to 2010 adds up to a "1". All of this can be a bit eye crossing, so I hope I've been clear.So what's a 1 about? Well, at their most obivious because of their ordinal rank, they constitute new beginnings. Renewal. Rebirth. Fresh starts.Forward propulsion.It's an opportunity to change your life. 1s belong to the Yang and vibrate to a masculine energy. They're the pioneers and ground breakers. Oft times they're loners ( didn't a popular song lament that "one is the lonliest number"), but that's often the case with risk takers. The number one corresponds to The Magician in the Major Arcana of the Tarot. He is the Tarot's alchemist and wizard. He is the embodiment of transformational prowess. He acts as a conduit, or lightning rod, between heaven and earth channeling their respecitve flows of energy into a recursive loop. The point at which they meet is where the magic happens. That is, a conjoining of imagination and spirit with the physical world.This is big medicine. So if 2010 is going to be a 1 year for you the message is clear, there will be golden opportunities for you in the ensuing months to switch it up, so to speak, and embrace the unknown.

I also want to mention that A, J and S are "1" letters, so if you're name begins with one of those letters you may possess some of those personality traits I mentioned i.e., leader, pioneer and so on. In a realtionship (this is where numerology gets really interesting!), having both parties with names beginning with a "1" letter can really be tough. For example, my sister and I both have first names that begin with a "1" letter. I'm an "A" and she's a "J".  Many of our disputes derive from one of us wanting to be in the one-up position. And as a couple's therapist, I've seen this same dynamic with partners and spouses who jocky for dominance. This kind of struggle never leads to a happy resolution. For instance, I saw a couple some years ago in which both first names begian with "J" and there was a constant fight as to whom would have the final word. What they didn't understand was that backing down and yielding was not capitulation, but an expression of strength. What they needed to learn was that by toning down their reactivity to one another they would be one step closer towards creating possibility and change. As things were, there was no space or opening for them to get to a higher and more meaningful level. Their constant back and forth and parrying kept them imprisoned, so to speak, in a transformational cul de sac. There was simply no way out. Next time I check in, I'll talk about a "way out".

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