Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 24th

According to the numerologists, February 24th is a "2". I love "2s". Perhaps that's because I'm a Libra (September 27th) and both "2s" and Libras share many of the same attributes. To begin with, they both symbolize the feminine. Libra, of course is associated with Aphrodite and "2" represents Yin energy. When one thinks of a Libra or a "2" personality one thinks of diplomacy, balance, mediation, peace maker and harmony. "2" is a good luck number in Chinese culture.  I think most of us our familiar with the saying, "good things come in pairs" which originates from China. In fact, it's very common for the Chinese to use double symbols in their businesses, e.g. Double Happiness, Double Tiger. There is something intriguing about pairs and twins. They are an aberration of Nature and stand out from the norm. We take a "double take" ,so to speak!  "2" reflects the duality of human nature. We are kind but can be cruel, we are generous but can be greedy and so on. All "2s" are about two worlds, the spiritual and the concrete, the conscious and the unconscious, the hidden and the transperent. We think in twos. We understand and grasp relationships in terms of the "opposite". That is where the difference lies.There are two sides to every story. We inhabit a world of what the great British antropologist coined as "double description". Nothing is "either/or";we require two ways of looking at something. In my work with couples (another "2"), partners invariably end up stuck because they each insist that the other is wrong. I always try to suggest to them that they're both right! Unless they can incorporate the other's perspective into the greater gestalt of their relationship, there is very little or no advancement. In the Major Arcana of theTarot, the number 2 corresponds to the The High Priestess.  As an archetype she symbolizes the unconscious and secret knowledge. She reveals and makes sense of what Rachel Pollack calls "the irrational wisdom of the unconscious". For Jung, who was an avid student of the Tarot, she represents that part of ourselves which is mysterious and unknown, "The Shadow". In today's culture, the High Priestess has metamorphasized into psychologists and occultists. They are the mediums through which we access our hidden selves.

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