Monday, February 22, 2010

For Those of You Born on February 22...

If  today is your birthday, 2010 is a 9 year. 9s symbolize endings so be prepared to say adieu to a romance or a job or to that nasty cigarette habit. 9s are also associated with teachers and with teachings, so don't be surprized if you are the recipient of an important Life Lesson these next 12 months. In ancient China, the number 9 was associated with the Emperor as 9 is the greatest single-digit, hence the grandest befitting his status. In Christianity, 9 is the number most assoicated with mysticism (after 3) as it is the Trinity squared. With respect to the alphabet, I and R are your 9 letters.  If your name computes to 9 you are the altruists and the humanitarians of the Universe. As my wise mentor, Lucy, told me 9s give more than they get and it is their faith which carries through hardship and ordeal. They emit a compassionate and empathetic frequency. The number 9 corresponds to the Hermit of the Major Arcana in the Tarot. He symbolizes introspection and solitude. He often serves as a guide or teacher to initiates.He reminds us that unconscious revelation can only occur after contraction and self-examination.


  1. Hi Amy-- I loved what you had to say about
    the number 9 and how it relates to the Tarot,
    religion and history. I also would like to mention that being born on the 22nd of any month is a very powerful birthdate. Twenty-two is considered a Master Material number. Anyone born on this date has to "build" his fortune and usually has a natural talent for financial
    success. As long as they're totally honest
    in the way they handle their financial affairs
    and their life, things will work out very
    positively for them. But if they should choose
    to be devious, dishonest or irrisponsible in
    any way-- they are likely to loose the power
    of the 22 birthdate.
    The number 9 is very often dealt to people who achieve fame and notoriety in
    thier lives. Nine as you stated always has
    to give more than it gets as is the case
    with famous people.
    Lucy, Sag Harbor, N.Y.

  2. Hi Amy,

    I am so excited - and pleasantly surprised! I think it is absolutely amazing how accurate your information is. I'm brand new to astrology and numerology. I thought it would be fun to apply some of your findings to my personal life. I have a friend who is born today and just joined an animal rights group overseas as a volunteer. She joined in early Jan., at the very start of 2010. Just like you said, she is definitely "giving more than she gets!"

    Thanks so much for this - I'll definitely log on again for more.

    Warm regards,

    Chelsea, New York

  3. Thank you, Chelsea! By the way, what organization did your friend join? I'm interested in animal rights. xax

  4. AMY,

    I love animals, too! My friend got involved in an organization to end the atrocious dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan. Here's the website:

    It's based on a documentary called The Cove. It's heartbreaking. Dolphins are highly intelligent; some scientists say they may be even more emotionally developed than we are.