Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The 12 Signs of the Zodiac: Their Qualities and Elements Part 1

Pretty much everybody is familiar with the 12 Sun Signs of the Zodiac e.g., Leo, Gemini, Scorpio etc.  However, not everyone is aware that these same 12 signs are often classified by astrologers by their shared element, which represents their basic character, and by their quality, or how they tend to act and behave. 


 1.  Cardinal Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn

In  astrology, a "cardinal sign" symbolizes a shift in the temperate zone season when the Sun makes its annual passage into them.

The word "cardinal" derives from the Latin word for "hinge" as they demarcate that turning point in a temperate season. 

These are your action-oriented people. If there's a crisis, they take charge. Leaders and self-starters. Creative and original. Not easily intimidated. Dynamic.

2.  Mutable Signs:  Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces

Astrologers often refer to these signs as the double-bodied signs and comprise an interesting subset of the zodiac. In addition to their actually representing 2 entities (with the exception of Virgo) these signs straddle 2 temperate zone seasons which only compounds the inherent duality in their nature.

In tropical zones, mutable signs coincide with their changes in the seasons. The mutables are identified with change and versatility. They are sympathetic, communicate well, adaptable and perceptive. Given their dual nature, they can easily see both sides of a situation. As their name suggests, they seek out novelty and change and become bored easily. However, if their energy becomes blocked or distorted, they can be nervous and anxious and irresponsible.

Given their "doubleness", they tend to have 2 things going at the same time be it romance or occupation.

3.  Fixed Signs:  Taurus, Leo,Scorpio and Aquarius

These signs are found at the height of the 4 seasons. As their name implies they are associated with strength and perseverance. Oft times they are accused of being inert, passive and inflexible which can be the case if their intentions are misguided. Although they are natural leaders and self-confident and loyal they can be stubborn with a tendency to become stuck and lose sight of the bigger picture. They possess a powerful ability to concentrate and they tend to direct their energies inward rather than out into the world.

adapted from Wikipedia

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