Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tony Curtis: 6/3/1925-9/30/2010

He was born on 6/3/1925 making Tony Curtis a Gemini. His Life Path number is 8 which is consistent with Gemini as Geminis are a double-bodied sign and the number 8 is also a twin in that its upper and lower halves mirror each other. His Expression number, which reveals one's character traits and is derived from one's name, is also an 8 which suggests that TC was a very accentuated bi- corporal personality. In fact, 'Tony' also corresponds to an 8.  The implication is his life  was wrought with duality. It just wasn't enough to focus on one thing at a time. Rather, he may have engaged in 2 careers or 2 romances simultaneously.  This makes sense when you look at TC's Karmic numbers, or missing numbers, which symbolize the necessity of having to perfect an imperfection from a previous lifetime. TC is missing a 4, 6 and an 8. Both the 4 and the 6 represent a sense of having both feet on the ground. They indicate balance and stability. 6 symbolizes domesticity and the home and TC, with his 6 marriages, certainly tried the best he could trying to get that part of his spiritual journey right! 8 represents things financial, but I don't think TC ever wanted for money. Perhaps he did off and on his career. I just don't know. If that were the case, the 8 makes sense, as any struggle with money would reflect his trying to resolve his ineffectual handling of finance in another lifetime.

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