Sunday, June 20, 2010

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer: True Blood and True Blue

This is a very interesting couple because for two people who are engaged to be married they share no vowels and only one consonant, a 'p', so one could surmise that they are not a 'match' as sharing letters is often a harbinger of romantic good luck. 

Their shared 'p' corresponds to a '7' in numerology and 7s symbolize spirituality.7s vibrate to a non-materialistic frequency. They remain unattached to the concrete or physical. They are introspective and reflective. There is nothing casual or lightweight about the number 7. It emits an intense and penetrating energy.

7's ruling planet is Neptune, who was the Roman God of the Sea, and is also the ruling planet of Pisces. Astrologically, Neptune is associated with idealism and compassion and, sometimes, with delusion.  It is also associated with spirituality and mysticism, religion, art and music, fantasy and imagination, psychic phenomena and altered mental states.  In short, the non-literal world.  In medicine, Neptune is particularly associated with the thalamus, the spinal cord and mysterious or obscure illnesses and neuroses (Wikipedia).

With respect to Paquin and Moyer, the number seven in Chinese culture symbolizes 'togetherness'. It is the ultimate good luck number for relationships and marriages.  And here in the West 7 is one of our luckiest numbers, if not the luckiest. 

Therefore, although this couple shares only one letter, a 'p',  it's an excellent one and bodes well for their union.  Moreover, the number 9 in China, in addition to signifying status and greatness, is the homophone for their word for 'longlasting' making it a frequent talisman at weddings.

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