Monday, June 21, 2010

The Williams Sisters: Crazy 8s

Venus and Serena have dazzling numbers, just as Roger Federer does, although Venus outshines her sister, but not by much. I'll start with Venus.

Venus was born June 17th, 1980 making her Destiny Number, or Life Path Number, an 8 and 8 is, of course, the jackpot number promising health, prosperity and success e.g., big success. 8s like everything bigger, grander and more fabulous. Two other personalities with 8 as a Life Path Number include Elizabeth Taylor and Roger Federer.

Venus really outdoes herself because her Expression Number (derived from her name) is also an 8 as is Elizabeth Taylor's.

And with respect to Venus's birthday, if you 'reduce' the 17th to 1 plus 7 you arrive at still another 8!

I'm not done. 2010 is going to be an 8 year for her.

I don't think I've ever done a reading that has revealed so many 8s. Just phenomenal.

As if having all those 8s weren't enough, Venus is blessed with the letter 'v' which is a  Master Letter that corresponds to the number 11, one of two Master Numbers. Interestingly, Roger Federer also has an 11 in his numbers. His name is an 11. As I explained about Roger, 11s emit a powerful and positive energy. 11s make their mark and leave it for posterity.

Her sister, Serena, has some pretty impressive numbers herself.  For starters, both 'Serena' and 'Williams' correspond to the number 8 respectively.

And, just like her big sister, Serena's birthday, the 26th, when 'reduced' is also an 8.

Unfortunately, 2010 is not going to be an 8 year for her, rather, Serena is looking at a 2. This could mean she will not win any major Grand Slams or may imply that this year and that she will have to be content being in the 'shadow' of number 1 or it could imply that 2010 will be a harmonious and balanced one, which is always a desirable thing.

Regardless of their numbers, I don't think anyone would dispute the fact that Venus and Serena are a winning combination.  After all, when you 'reduce' their first names to the smallest single digit it's, what a surprize, an 8!

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