Friday, June 4, 2010

O.J. Simpson and Joran van der Sloot: Numbers in Crime

After posting yesterday about van der Sloot and his alleged victims, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at O.J. Simpson's numbers along with those of his victims Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

Heres' what I found:

-O.J.'s name corresponds to the ill-fated number 4 just as Joran's does.  Remember that 4 is associated with with the bad luck number 13 as 1 plus 3 equals 4.  Remember, too, that many people associate the number 4 with 'death' because in Chinese culture the number 4  is a homophone for their word for 'death' and is consequently shunned.

-Along the same eerie lines is this finding. Nicole Brown also corresponds to the number 4! In fact, her first name, Nicole, is a 4 and her last name, Brown, is a 9 which symbolizes 'endings' and 'death' while her first and last names together add up to a 4 (the number 9 can also symbolize 'status' and 'prestige' as it is the largest single digit number. By the same token, it is also the last single digit before 10, hence the 'ending' interpretation.)
-Nicole and Ron were murdered on June 12th which corresponds to the number 9, another 'ending'.

Enough for now. On to more sleuthing.

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