Sunday, June 20, 2010

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal: Match Point

I've just finished doing Federer's and Nadal's numbers and Federer's numbers are simply brilliant!  Let's take a look.

Federer's birth date is August 8th, 1981 which makes him a Leo and Leos are the 'stars' of the Universe. He was not only born in the eighth month, August, but was born on the eighth as well! And as followers of this blog and numerologists  know 8 is your jack pot number. It symbolizes health, wealth, prosperity and success and I  mean success with a capital 's'.  In China the number 8 is so revered that their recent Summer Olympics began on August 8 at 8pm! And if Roger was not already lucky enough, his Destiny Number (derived from the numbers in your birthday) is also an 8! Yikes!

Roger has been equally as fortunate with his Expression Number (derived from the letters in one's name) which is 11, which is one of the two Master Numbers (the other being 22). And anyone with a Master Number associated with their name is a mover and shaker. They leave their imprint on the world. 11s are the visionaries of the Universe.  Another way to think of '11' is as a higher frequency of the number '2'. It emits the same energy as '2', but with greater intensity and power. '2s' are diplomatic and tactful. They are harmonious and balanced. They navigate on smooth waters. They are not easily ruffled or flustered. They retain a calm and cool composure which, I think, are attributes one might easily ascribe to Federer.

What kind of year is Federer going to have? Well, his numbers indicate that he is in a '1' year which means he will enjoy being ranked as the number one tennis player in the world for at least part of the time.

Now, on to Nadal whose numbers are not quite so dazzling. His Destiny Number is 6 and 6 is the number of perfection and responsibility. It's also the number most closely associated with domesticity and family. This seems appropriate as Nadal's family is an extremely close knit one and they are of paramount importance to him. In fact, his parent's divorce last year was cited as one of the major reasons, along with his knee injuries, why he performed so poorly in 2009.

Nadal's Expression Number is 3 and 3s are the optimists of the Universe. They emit a forceful positive energy. They are the enthusiasts who are rarely discouraged. This seems to fit Nadal's temperament to a tee. Although hugely competitive, he remains positive despite the outcome. I don't think I have ever heard him make a disparaging remark about another player. Admirable indeed. And, of course, 3 is one of the luckiest numbers there is in both Eastern and Western cultures.

Nadal also has a 9 in his make-up. If you add his birth month of June, which is a 6, with his birthday, which is 3, you have 9 and 9 symbolizes exulted status and greatness. It also signifies longevity.

As to who will win Winbledom this year it's a tough one to call even numerologically.  That is, of course, if they make the finals, which I hope they do. If they do, one would have to look at the date they are playing to make any kind of informed reading. Of course, Nadal has that 'l' at the end of his name and 'ls' are notorious for always having to have the last word.  Hm mm.....

Finally, Nadal's and Federers' rivalry was destined to be as they share 4 letters together, 'r', 'd', 'e' and 'f'. Theirs is a cosmic overlap, so to speak. Interestingly, if you add up the numerical equivalents to the 4 letters they share you get the number 6 which is, of course, Nadal's Destiny Number which may indicate that he will ultimately supersede his 'twin', Federer. Don't forget that Nadal being a Gemini has a twin. And strangest of all is that Nadal's full  name not only shares the  'f', 'e', 'd' and 'r', but that they spell 'fedr'. What's one to make of that?  It ususally means that the person holding the other's name within their name has the upper hand.  Pretty powerful stuff. We'll just have to wait and see, but I'm putting my money on Rafa.

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