Friday, October 29, 2010

Charlie Sheen: Hollywood Bad Boy

Charlie just doesn't seem to get it, does he?  He never seems to learn from his mistakes. Perhaps he doesn't see his outrageous behavior as problematic. That may be hard for some of us to comprehend, but there are people out there who just don't feel as if they are accountable to anyone, least of all themselves. And there are those who literally cannot get sober. It's almost a matter of their physical constitution which continues to fail them despite their desire.

In looking at Charlie's name, what immediately popped out at me was the abundance of 'es' which correspond to the numerical value of 5. And, if you've been following my blog, you know that 5 is the most physically intense of all the numbers.  It is particularly volatile and explosive around sex and romance. If the energy of a 5 becomes misaligned or diverted, the result can be nothing short of chaos and mayhem. Charlie Sheen has three 'es and two of them form a pair. In Chinese numerology, pairs of letters and numbers indicate an increase in their intensity and impact which we certainly see played out in his very tumultuous personal life.

Charlie is also missing a 2,4 and 7 from his name. These represent Karmic numbers which symbolize those areas in one's life that still need to be addressed and resolved. So in Charlies' case, the missing 2 would indicate that he is missing balance, stability and harmony which explains why he continues to struggle so dramatically to obtain it.  The number 4, which symbolizes the earth, indicates his not having his feet planted on the ground.  He isn't anchored. Kind of like a ship without a rudder. 4 also represents steadfastness, discipline and conventionality.Finally, the number 7 always signifies spirituality which for millennium has provided solace and peace of mind to troubled souls.

Just to end, I picked one tarot card for Charlie and it was The Moon. How spot on! As I had written in my blog of  April 17th, "the Moon symbolizes the unconscious and all that goes with it e.g., dreams, nightmares, anxiety and  disturbing emotions which we mustn't shun or avoid.  Instead, we need to embrace all of the Moon's gifts, scary or not.  If we allow that to happen, we will receive those messages meant to come through to us. If we reject the stranger aspects of the moon we run the risk of remaining 'stuck' psychologically and spiritually." 

This is advice Charlie needs to consider. As long as he runs from his demons, the more they will dominate him. It's time for him to surrender, for it's at that moment of self-admission that  he will get his power back. It's a paradox. And as with all paradoxes, it may sound counter-intuitive.  Nonetheless, it expresses a fundamental truth.

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