Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Matthew Weiner: Our Fearless "Mad Men" Leader

Is there anybody out there who does not love the show "Mad Men"? So far, I've not met any detractors. It's really a love affair for most fans, myself included. I've heard the show's creator and impresario, Matthew Weiner,  interviewed several times on NPR and with each time I was struck by his modesty, warmth and intelligence. And being the fan that I am of this terrific show, and of him, I just had to do his numbers.

MW's  birthday is 6/29/1965 which makes him a Cancer and gives him a Destiny Number of 11. In fact, his name corresponds to an 11, as well, and that's one of the 2 Master Numbers, the other being 22.  It's best to think of an 11 as a 2 to the 100th power. That is, they express all the qualities of a 2 but with far more concentration and intensity. The number 2 should play a prominent role in his life as even his last name is a 2.  And 2010 was a 2 year for him to boot! 2s are ruled by the Moon,  giving MW an extra dose of  intuition as Cancers are ruled by the Moon, as well. In fact, he may be a little psychic given all that Moon influence.  The thing to remember about 11s is that they are the visionaries and searchers. They want to enlighten and uplift.

As a Cancer, MW appears, from the little I know about him, consistent with the profile of a Cancer Man.  That is, sensitive and caring. This is a man who is not uncomfortable with his feelings and who can reveal his vulnerability.  However, if he feels too slighted, he will retreat into his shell.

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