Friday, October 8, 2010

John Lennon: 1940-1980

As it's the 70th year of John Lennon's birth, I was curious about his numbers and his wife's, Yoko. Here are some of the interesting things I discovered about them . 

John was born 10/9/1940 which corresponds to a Life Path number of 1. And a 1 he was. Leader. Pioneer. Self-starter. Original. Every positive trait you could possibly attribute to a 1, he possessed. And if that weren't enough, his Expression Number,derived from the numerical value of the letters in his full name including his middle name, Winston,is also 1.

JL was born on the 9th and YO on the 18th which corresponds to a 9 in numerology as you always reduce a sum to the smallest single digit.

YO's Life Path number is 9 (2/28/1933). Sean Lennon, JL's and YO'l son, was born on his father's birtday, 10/9.

JL died 12/8/1980 which translates to a 2 year and 1980 was a 2 year for YO.  However, it was  a 1 year for JL which symbolizes his having come full circle e.g., he was born in a 9 year and died in a 1 year , which is a bit counter intuitive. One would expect just the opposite. Even so, 9s still dominate. The day JL died, 12/8, corresponds to a 9 and the year, 1980, is also a 9. The number 9 symbolizes endings. In China, it's associated withe the emperor and exalted status.

I also checked out Mark David Chapman, JL's assassin, numbers.  MDC's Expression number is 22, one of the 2 Master Numbers.  22s are people who concretize their plans. They execute them, so to speak, and leave their mark on the world. Pardon the macabre puns.  Interestingly, YO's Expression Number is 11, which is the other Master Number, or  2 to a much higher vibration. And if you add MDC's birthday and birth month to JL's birth year you get an 11 year which makes for the odd coincidence.

Now, if you omit JL's middle name, Winston, his Expression Number becomes a 4 which is what 22 really is, but to a much higher and intense frequency. So there is another match, which brings JL's and MDC's destinies crisscrossing each other yet again.

And, the numberical value of the The Dakota, the apartment building in New York City where JL and YO lived and where he was murdered, also corresponds to a 4 ,which in Chinese culture, is the worst luck number as it is a homophone for their word for 'death'.

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