Sunday, October 3, 2010

Laura Day and Adam Robinson: When Love Goes Wrong

I had never heard of Laura Day until a friend told me about her, so I Googled her and read that she is an enormously successful self-help author and guru who charges her clients, who include Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore, $10,000 a month for guidance with every aspect of their lives. Nice work if you can get it! What intrigued me about her is that her ex-lover Adam Robinson, a founder of the Princeton Review and the author of his own giant best seller "What Smart Students Know",  is suing Day for $14,000,000! Ouch! Robinson claims that he wrote most of Day's big bestseller "How to Rule Your Life From Your Couch" (what exactly does that mean? And isn't "ruling the world" a bit antipodal to spirituality as it smacks of arrogance and grandiosity?).  In any event, I got to wondering about this couple. Were they star crossed from the start? Does Robinson have a legitimate claim? After all, where there's smoke, there is usually fire. Or is he just spewing sour grapes because his ex has left him in the passing lane? Well, let's take a look at their numbers and see what we find. Unfortunately, I couldn't locate Robinson's birthday, so I consider this reading a bit incomplete.

Laura Day's Expression Number (reveals one's personality) is an 11 and, if you've been following my blog, you know that 11 is one of 2 Master Number, the other is 22. 11s want to 'spread the light'. These are the visionaries who are often intense or high strung. Think of an 11 as a very concentrated 2. That is, a 2 to the highest power and frequency. 2s are the mediators and harmonizers. They are often psychic or intuitive.  All in all, Day's Expression Number is a perfect match of who she is a bona fide 11.

Her birthday is March 22, 1959 and her Destiny Number is 4 (the Destiny Number is derived from her birthday). 4, of course, is 2 doubled as well as being the worker bee. They apply practicality and know-how to their work and careers. They keep their eyes on the prize and are intent on obtaining it. However, 4 is a tricky number as in Chinese numerology 4 is the most unlucky of numbers as it is a homophone for their word 'death'. So one could surmise that Day will not only experience enormous success, but may find herself knocked off from her perch sometime during her career. Could this be the impending lawsuit?

Adam Robinson's Expression Number is 8, which just happens to be the jackpot of all numbers. It promises health, wealth and prosperity. In fact, the Chinese rever this number so much that they opened their Summer Olympics on 8/08/08 at 8:08pm! 8s are usually strong and successful as they emit a material vibration. Interestingly enough, 8 is 4 twice (Day's Life Path Number) and reflects a double-bodied quality in that the upper-half mirrors, or twins, the bottom half.  Here's the thing about double-bodied signs or symbols. They always reflect a dual nature. On the one hand generous and the other hand withholding or one part forgiving and one part vindictive and so on.  It's all about which impulse dominates at any given time.

Laura and Adam were most certainly a love match at one time as their names share a letter and sharing letters usually bodes well for a couple.  In their case, they share the vowel 'a' which corresponds to a 1 in numerology. 'As' are fiery and intense. They like to lead and not follow.  They can stand on their own and often have issues with authority. They emanate a strong yang, or masculine, energy. When their energy becomes distorted and out of alignment, they can be stubborn and headstrong with little flexibility.  As 'a' is the only letter that these two shared and given that Adam begins with an 'a' and that Laura ends with an 'a' I can see where this couple had its fair share of struggle when it came to who's in charge. I suspect theirs was quite the tempestuous relationship and its no wonder that it went up in smoke.

Just one other thing, Robinson and Day are each missing an 8 from their letters ( a missing number is refered to as a Karmic number which means whatever needed to be perfected in a previous lifetime will keep resurfacing until you get whatever "it" is right)  and as 8 symbolizes finance, it's not surprizing that what has brought them back together again, like filings to a magnet, is a dispute over money.

My hunch is that the lawsuit will be settled out of court. I would be very surprized if it weren't. There is seldom anything to be gained by engaging in that kind of "he said/she said".

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