Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Aries: First House of the Zodiac

If you were born between March 21st and April 19th, then you're an Aries. First some elemental facts about this sign. Your symbol is the Ram, your birthstone is the ruby, your element is Fire and your ruling planet is Mars, who in Roman mythology was the God of War and bloodshed and who, in turn, corresponds to the Greek God of War, Aries.  Interestingly, this planet is often associated with unluckiness for brides. I'm not sure where this belief originates and would like to explore further.  Perhaps because War is the antithisis of domesticity.

Aries vibrates to an energized and enthusiastic frequency. They're aggressive, confident and sexual. In fact. Aries is considered the most sexual sign in the Zodiac. They positively radiate a 'let's pick up and go' attitude which others may critisize as impulsive or reckless. In fact, the Aries personality has to remember to use their 'brakes' and not allow their sense of adventure and bold behavior have them do things against their better judgement.  The Aries man enjoys having his mettle tested. Both Aries men and women are forceful and dynamic. Very big personalites. As a Fire sign, they can be difficult to contain just as is a wild fire that gets out of control.

Remember, too, that the Aries personality gets bored quickly and seeks out novelty and stimulation. Their negative traits can include an impetuousness and impatience with those not as quick as they are. They need  to cultivate tolerance and empathy in order to 'round' out their firey dispositions.

With respect to relationships and compatiability, Aries is best suited with Leo and Sagittarius. They are ill-suited with Cancer, Capricorn and anothe Aries. An Aries with an Aries! I can't imagine what that would look like. With all that fire they would probably end up consuming each other!

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