Thursday, April 1, 2010

Brangelina: We Just Can't Get Enough Of Them

Brad and Angelina possess youth, beauty and talent to burn and as a couple they are positively combustible! Here's what their numbers say.

For starters, Angelina's Expression Number is '6'. This is the number which gives us a thumb nail summary of one's overall personality. '6s' are associated with the home and things domestic.  Family is all important (This is certianly accurate given Angelina's generosity towards children). They are true blue to their friends and are caring mothers (which seems to fly in the face of what her bodyguard reported e.g., that Angelina is not nurturant). Frequently, they are the family favorite. '6s' are perfectionists and surround themselves with beauty, comfort and music.

Angelina was born June 4th, 1975 which makes her a Gemini, the Twins of the Zodiac. Smart and witty. Lively and energetic. Charming, but their dual personality also gives rise to their argumentative and outspoken side. Has a tendency to be intense and high-strung. Geminis make for a fascinating partner, but you may never know whom you'll be waking up to in the morning.

Angelina's Destiny Number, derived from her birthdate, is a '5'  and '5s' resemble the Gemini personality to some degree.  '5s' like to move, both physically and mentally.  They crave novelty and stimulation. They are the number of sex, romance and travel to exotic lands. Freedom is of tantamount importance to them. Never try to rope in a '5'.  As the number '5' is situated in the middle between one and nine, they are often in the thick of things, betwixt and between their coming and going.

The number '5' corresponds to the Hierophant in the tarot's Major Arcana which symbolizes conformity and social norms e.g., conventionality.  However, in Angelina's case we see someone who has spent a lifetime bucking the system, so to speak. What would be interesting is for her to ask herself how well her anti-authority lifestyle is working for her. Does being the rebel always work?  When doesn't it?  Would she feel as if she had acquiesced and lost the battle if she were to stop fighting the system ?  Does her need to be so independent create problems in her relationships?  My hunch is that it does.

Brad's birthdate is December 18th, 1963 which makes him a Sagittarius, the Zodiac's Optimist. Sag is ruled by the munificent planet, Jupiter, and as such possesses an exuberance and enthusiasm about life. Their symbol is Chiron the Archer, the healer centaur, and when they want something they aim their arrows and usually hit the bull's eye. The Sag is also a freedom lover who does not do well when confined or restricted. However, when in love they make steadfast and devoted partners.  As a double-bodied sign (half-human, half-beast)  Brad needs to calibrate the balance between these two extremes e.g., the rational and the irrational.  Many astrologers don't think a Gemini and a Sagittarius are compatible. The going can get tough especially because both Brad and Angelina are double-bodied signs. It's a little bit like living with four different people at the same time!

Brad's Expression Number is '9' and '9s' are the humanitarians and teachers of the world (think Brad's work building houses in New Orleans). This is consistent with Chiron the Centaur as he was also a teacher. In fact, two of his more famous pupils included Apollo, the God of the Sun, and Achilles, the fearsome Greek warrior, who Brad protrayed in the film ,Troy. They have a very developed sense of social justice and a strong social conscience.  It's often said that '9s' give more than they get and this may be the case in his relationships.

The number '9' corresponds to the Hermit in the Major Arcana which symbolizes the need to contract and withdraw from the world periodically. In a reading it ususally indicates the need for that person to step back and reflect on one's intent and purpose in this lifetime.

Brad's Destiny Number is a '4' which, believe it or not, represents tradition and conventionality.  '4' are also the worker bees. Diligent and reliable. Stable with both feet on the ground.  It's fascinating that Brad's '4' is a polar opposite to Angelina's '5'. However, such a pairing makes sense as his dependabiltiy counters her more mercurial nature. It can work, but the respective partners need to be flexible and be able to cut their spouse alot of slack without harboring a resentment.

The number '4' corresponds to the Emperor of the Major Arcana and its meaning is obvious. He represents authority, structure and fatherhood. He's a bit like the Hierophant. Again, we have Brad playing the stabilizing role in his realtionship with Angelina who tends to allow her emotions dominate (if we can believe the tabloids!).  And she has the benign 'father' figure in Brad who represents everything that her own father lacked e.g., loyalty, faithfullness and reliability.

And here's one last point. Angelina begins with the letter 'a' which corresponds to the number '1' and '1s' are the leaders of the pack. They have to be head of the line. '1' also embody a yang, or masculine, energy.  Brad, on the other hand, begins with the letter 'b' which is a '2' which emits a yin, or feminine frequency. It's all a bit of a gender bender. This dynamic just underscores the main bone of contention between them and that is, who's in charge?  What they need to learn and understand is that it's not one or the other in charge, but both of them in charge, at different times, during the course of their relationship.


  1. You made a BIG mistake if his birthday is Dec 18 he is not a capricorn but a Sagitarrius on the cusp of Cap which would be more compatible w/ a Gemini

  2. Wow! You are not kidding! That just goes to show you that's it's not a good idea to be writing this blog very early in the am! But is he actually on the cusp of Cap? My understanding is the Sag is 11/22-12/21 and Cap is 12/22-1/19. He is very close and, yes, that would be more compatible with a Gemini although many people I've talked to don't see a Sag or a Cap wtih a Gemini. Well, that's where the art of interpretation comes in. Thank you very much for correcting me! You're a terrific copy editor! Amy

  3. No worries we all make mistakes :) traditionally Fire and Air are considered more combatable than earth and air do you do full charts? in general it is considered better to do a full chart when checking combatiblity especially Moon & Venus placements...I don't know about cusps...I always hear something different

  4. No, I don't do full charts myself. I rely on the computer for them which, when you have all the relavant info, are amazingly rich in detail. I know many accomplished astrologers who now use them. My first love is the tarot and I love to incorporate numbers and astrology with it. And, yeah, I agree cusps are very interesting and can add real shading and nuance to a person's reading. By the way, how did you come across my blog if you don't mind my asking? Always curious. Amy

  5. I saw some of your comments on the huffington post and was curious I am a B & A fan due to their humanitarian work I also used to do alot of Tarot years ago and I am still very fascinated by the archetypes so I decided to check out your page glad I stopped in. As for charts I think it is so complex but a friend did my full chart many years ago and explained things like squares trines etc very intense but my basic opinion on astrology is that a full chart especially rising and moon is pivotal to understanding someone especially when they are younger as people age into their sun sign....btw I also love AMMA she is a person that inspires me alot nice talking to you