Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kristen and Robert: A Match?

Having determined, after doing their numbers, that the fictional characters of Bella and Edward from the phenomenally popular "Twilight" book series were a romantic match a reader of my blog left me a comment suggesting that I do the actors names and numbers to see if they are also compatible as Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are dating.  I thought this was a great idea and here are is what I found.

The good news is that Kristen and Robert do share a vowel as vowels symbolize the emotions and passions of the individual and when a couple shares a letter or letters their chances of being compatible multiply. They share an 'e' which corresponds to the number '5' which represents motion, movement, travel, sex and romance.These are two people who value their freedom and mobility. They would never be happy in a conventional nine to five situation.  Their '5' personalities would never allow for that. '5' is ruled by the planet Mercury, the Roman messenger of the gods,  who was constantly on the move darting hither and yon delivering messages for the divinities. As such, Kristen and Robert are like heat missles who will require and seek out  novelty and stimulation. Their's will be a challenge as they will have to work extra hard to keep their relationship fresh and interesting as each can become bored rather quickly.

Kristen has a Life Path, or Destiny, number which is also a '5' (Life Path numbers are arrived at by adding up all the digits of one's birthdate and reducing the sum to its lowest value) so those '5' qualities are especially pronounced in her make-up. In addition, Kristen was born April 9th, 1990 making her an Aries who are the live wires of the zodiac.They like speed.  Fire is their element and we all know how hard it is to contain a 'wild' fire or how dangerous is can be to 'play with fire'. She is someone who really has to focus on using her 'brakes' and self-restraint  before going into action.

Lastly, Kristen's Expression Number (derived from adding all the numerical values of the letters in her name) add up to an '8' which symbolizes success and prosperity. What a lucky girl!

Looking at Robert, we see he's a Taurus having been born on May 13th, 1986 and Aries, Kristen's Sun sign, is very compatible with Taurus. Just as an Aries is akin to quicksilver a Taurus is just the opposite, enduring.  They are a steady and stable sign of the zodiac.Think the ant and the grasshopper. They are determined and steadfast in their pursuits. Taurus gets a bad rap as being plodding and boring, but nothing could be further from the truth. Their element is the Earth and as such they are associated with the sensual and physical dimensions of Nature. Their five senses are exquisitly atuned to the natural world around them. Plus,their ruling planet is Venus and you can't get any more pleasure seeking than that! So, all in all, I think it's safe to say that Robert's and Kristen's respective Sun signs are an ideal match as one balances out the other e.g., she draws him out and he draws her in.

Having said that, Kristen needs to be wary of  Robert's Expression Number which is a '1' and '1's like to lead the way and be head of the pack, so she needs to remain vigilent that he does not become overly controlling or domineering. But from the looks of things and the reporting of him, it doesn't appear as if Robert  possesses those negative '1' traits. Anyway, Kristen begins with the letter 'k' which happens to be a Master letter emiting a powerful frequency so the power axis between them should stay aligned.  With that kind of energy, they will take turns as to who's in charge. With respect to Robert's Life Path number, it's a '6' another good luck number. '6' also represents the home and all things domestic.  This is a guy who values family and family life. Nice. Again, we have the dynamic between them whereby he, being the '6' which represents a quieter vibration and she, being the '5', representing a more active vibration, compliment each other.

In conclusion, just as their fictional counterparts are a cosmic match, remarkably, I think Kristen and Robert are, too.


  1. I've had the chance to review "Oracles and Archetypes" and I'm very happy I did. You are doing a wonderful job and I appreciate the effort you put into this blog.

    I'd like to offer my congratulations as your blog has been added to the Blogging Women directory.

    I created Blogging Women to showcase the wonderful world of blogs created by women and I'm pleased to be adding another quality blog to our directory.

    Keep up the good work and watch for our monthly contest to have your blog listed in our "Featured Blogs" section.

  2. thanks for doing this very interested I have to learn about numerology any books you would suggest??

  3. I think the best book is "Your Days are Numbered" by Florence Campbell. It has everthing you need to know about the science and art of numerologoy and names. By the way, 'lala',not your real name I'm sure, corresponds to an '8' which is the ultimate good luck number! health, wealth and prosperity! And thanks again for the suggestion! I hope your interest continues. Amy

  4. thanks and as always I enjoy your work!