Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Moon: Our Shadow Self

The eighteenth card of the Major Arcana, the Moon, is one of my favorites. If I draw it in a reading for myself, it energizes me as the Moon is the gateway to our imagination . I can almost feel the floodgates open as the Moon reaquaints me with my intuition and creative juices.  I'm not alone in feeling this way. I think most people have a strong reaction to the moon. We bask in moonlight or we bathe in it. We serenade to it, we howl at it, we walk in it, we worship it, we fall in love by it, we read the tides by it, and  it  makes us 'loony', Perhaps, as Rachael Pollack writes, it's the moon's eerie light which grabs our imagination.  When we encounter a mooonlit night we enter into a nether world neither day nor evening. It's a betwixt and between place, neither this nor that.  Rather, it's a realm of suspension.  One might say when we sleep we are under its spell only to be awakend by the kiss of the sun in the morning. 

Although, the Moon symbolizes the unconsicous and all that goes with it e.g., dreams, nightmares, anxiety, disturbing emotions we mustn't shun it. Instead, we need to embrace all its gifts, scary or not. If we allow that to happen ,we will receive those messages meant to come through to us. If we reject the stranger aspects of the Moon we run the risk of remaining  'stuck' psychologically and spiritually.

Finally, the number eighteen adds up to a nine which corresponds to the Hermit in the Major Arcana which, really, is an ideal pairing. It is the Hermit, afterall, who reminds us of the importance of contraction and reflection and what better way of doing that than by the light of the silvery moon?

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