Saturday, November 27, 2010

When You Wish Upon A Star

The seventeenth card of the Major Arcana in the tarot is "The Star" which symbolizes hope, dreams, aspirations and serenity without which our lives are meaningless.

In a reading with The Star you may want to consider the following questions:

-What hopes do you have for the future?

-Have you been without hope?

-Do you have a secret wish or dream you are not acting upon?

-If you're in a difficult situation right now, do you see the light at the end of the tunnel?

-Are you the best that you can be?

-Are you inspired?

-Are you seeking calm waters?

-Does your faith and hope carry through difficult times?

- Has you hope or faith failed you?

-What is preventing you from attaining the tranquillity you seek?

-Is there someone in your life whom you look towards for inspiration?

-Are you able to tap into the well-spring of your creativity?

-Do you have intent and purpose in your life?

-If not, why?

The Moon, The Tower and The Devil all stand in opposition to The Star's optimism and energy. In a reading in which The Star's luster is diminished it's important to explore with the querist the circumstances under which this has happened and what hope they have that the situation will be remedied.

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