Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Judgement is the 20th card of the Major Arcana and in numerology appropriately corresponds to the number 2. 2, after all, symbolizes balance and harmony which is what "justice" is supposed to be all about but all too often fails to live up to its promise.

In a reading Judgement can be interpreted in the following ways. Your interpretation will be based on what "comes through" from your spirit guides and from the context in which the reading is being done.

In addition to symbolizing "choice" or "decision" or "assessment" this card can also represent "rebirth" and "renewal".

- Are you open to new possibilities? Have you been experiencing a personal call to your true vocation which you have had on the "back burner" because of other obligations or commitments? 

-Are you willing to take inventory of your life and make a rigorous assessment of it?

-Are you ready to "get off the fence" and take a stand about an issue or relationship that has caused you turmoil and pain?

-Do you engage in self-judgement? Is it harsh?

-How might you benefit from withholding judgement of others?

-Are you afraid you will be judged because of some past behavior that you feel guilty about?

-Who has been your toughest judge?

- Have you been intolerant when you should have been tolerant?

-How do you reconcile "judgement" and "forgiveness"?

-Are you able to get past passing judgement and embrace difference?

I think this last question is particularly relevant as tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a day which reminds us of the importance of inclusion and generosity of spirit. Remember, tomorrow is a day that we should bow down  low to the teacher within ourselves and to all the holy teachers in our lives.

This last thought  about teachers is borrowed and adapted from my gifted yoga teacher Jessica Bellofatto

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