Monday, November 22, 2010

The Nine Of Swords: Looking For Peace Of Mind

The Nine of Swords depicts a disturbing and troubling image. An individual sitting upright in their bed with their head in their hands obviously distressed. The proverbial "sleepless night".  During a reading with this card in the draw I would ask these questions and emphasize these themes.

-What or who is keeping you awake at night?

-Can you explain the source of your anxiety?

-Are you feeling guilty about something you may have done?

-What is it that you're regretting?

-What would you need to do to salvage any mistake you may have made?

-Do you tend to be a "worrier"?

-Do you tend to be especially critical and hard on yourself?

-Do you have an opposite voice that would be less harsh to the self-critical one?

-If so, what would it sound like?

-Do you suffer from depression?

-Have you ever been diagnosed with depression?

-If so, what remedies have you sought?

-What worked and what didn't?

-Are you feeling alone in your anguish?

-Whom might you reach out to?

I would also look into the significance of the number "9" in the querist's life.  The number "9" in numerology often symbolizes "endings". Have something "ended" making you so sad?
Has someone died and you are grieving their loss?

As with the case of the Ten of Swords, the Nine of Swords message is a paradox as with any ending there is always a beginning.Therefore, whomever draws this card needs to be reminded that their troubles are temporary. They will end and be over.

However, the Nine of Swords influence will be tempered, for example, if the Star (serenity, hope, fulfillment) or the Ten of Cups (contentment, self-satisfaction) appears in the same reading with it.  In other words, one always looks for the counterbalance as one needs to do in life.

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