Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Prince William & Kate Engaged

Although I could just focus on William and Kate I've chosen to include Diana, William's late mother, into the numerological mix as well being that she and he enjoyed an unusually close relationship. And as it turns out, their connection proves to be more powerful than any William might have with Kate.  However, this does not preclude the excellent match that he and she will make.

To begin with, both William and Diana are both Cancers. His birthday is 6/21/82 and hers is 7/1/61.  Kate is a Capricorn born on 1/9/82 and Cancers and Capricorns are not very compatible according to many astrologers.

The name "Diana" corresponds to an "11"  and 11s are the visionaries and seers of the Universe. They are its truest humanitarians.  They strive towards "enlightenment". However, as in Diana's case, they are also often high strung and intense.

The name "William" corresponds to a "7" which, along with 11, is the most spiritually-inclined of the numbers. Interestingly, Diana was born in a "7" year and she died in one as well. Thus, her life literally went full-circle around the Wheel of Destiny.

William's Destiny Number is "2" and the day of his mother's death, 8/31/97 is a 2 also. Thus, establishing another cosmic connection between them.

Kate's Destiny Number corresponds to a 4 which as a symbol of the earth makes perfect sense for a Capricorn. In contrast to Diana's "11", Kate's "4" represents practicality, rationality and feet firmly planted on the ground. Her Destiny Number is also a 4 which increases all of the "4" personality traits. Perhaps this is a good thing for William. Perhaps he needs a young woman like her who will help stabilize him and provide him with the emotional consistency that his mother seemingly lacked.

The couple is to be married in 2011 which is a "4" year for William and a "5" year for Kate. As "4" is Kate's Destiny Number this is no surprise. And "5" which symbolizes romance, sex and travel not to mention being in the thick of it seems an apt description for the bride-to-be's upcoming year.

I picked three tarot cards for William and Kate and her is what I came up with. The first card I drew was the Queen of Cups. Cups symbolize "water" which is also the element associated with Cancer. And as Diana was a Cancer this can only mean that her presence will be strongly felt the day of their wedding. But this really isn't news. It's just a reconfirmation of what we already can anticipate. 

The second card was the Nine of Swords which depicts a person in bed holding their head in their hands, obviously distressed, experiencing a sleepless night. I suspect  Kate will be feeling some pretty intense anxiety these next few months and who can blame her?

The third card was the Page of Cups which would seem to forecast that William's and Kate's first child will be a boy and a Cancer as well.

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