Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tavi Gevinson: Fashion World Wunderkind

To just say that Tavi Gevinson is merely "an American fashion blogger" is nothing short of an understatement. This pint-sized fourteen-year old dynamo who began her blog, "Style Rookie", at the ripe old age of eleven has emerged as a trendsetter and authoritative voice in the ever mercurial and fickle world of fashion.

Tavi has had articles written about her in The New York Times magazine, which resulted in her blog's readership exceeding 50,000, and having her profile appear in a recent issue of The New Yorker magazine. Not too shabby.

In 2009, Tavi appeared on the cover of Pop Magazine which features photographs by Jamie Morgan, the celebrated English photog, and was designed by Damien Hirst, England's artist provocateur . Think sculptures of dead animals. Remember those?

She has also been featured in Teen Vogue magazine and French Vogue as well. Tavi has become a regular guest at fashion shows and a muse for designers in Tokyo. Need I say more?

Tavi is an anomaly. A prodigy really.That is, she is a child exhibiting a talent and level of creativity usually associated with someone twice her age.   And  because she exists outside the belle curve, so to speak, she elicits curiosity. And perhaps a little jealousy and resentment as well. Adults either embrace her and find her charming or they are disdainful and put off by her precociousness.  After all, children are supposed to be "seen and not heard". Culturally, they are subordinate to adults and when the tables are turned it can be disorienting as the normal child/adult hierarchy becomes inverted. The natural order of things is turned on its head and requires some getting used to.

There are, of course, the nay sayers who accuse Tavi of being a "hoax". And perhaps they're right. Her prose is pretty polished and insightful for such a young person. And the photographs she posts are very well staged and styled. On the other hand, why can't she be the "real deal"?  Who says a fourteen year old can't be a fashion maven? Perhaps that's what rubs some people the wrong way. That is, her success just underscores the sillier and more frivolous aspects of  fashion. It's so easy, even a child can do it!  All the ego, vanity and self-importance which seems to fuel the fashion industry is really nothing but child's play after all. Her incisive critiques give this hermetic and self-congratulatory world a well-deserved kick in their Dolce and Gabbana pants!  But I give Tavi  more credit than that. Even my more cynical side thinks that  if it turns out that the jokes on us, and we've been conned, you still have to congratulate her on a brilliant piece of chicanery and social satire.

However, what can't be disputed is Tavi's birthday of April 22, 1966 which makes her a Taurus and gives her a Life Path Number of 3 and 3s are the "enthusiasts" and the "charmers" of the Universe. They are also its writers and artists. So far so good. She's also got that "22" which always indicates making a mark on the world in a big way.

I also picked a tarot card for Tavi and  drew the Queen of Pentacles or as I refer to her, the "business woman". This particular queen is a perfect match for Tavi as Pentacles corresponds to the earth as does her Sun Sign Taurus.  And April is a "4" month which is the number most associated with the earth and earthly matters. The number "22" can also be thought of as an intensified "4". That is, it expresses all the "4" traits of perseverance, diligence , hard work and tenacity but with far greater focus and energy. Pentacles is also associated with money and with the way Tavi's career is going I think it's safe to say that she will not have to worry about her college tuition.

Biographical material compiled from Wikipedia

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