Sunday, January 2, 2011

Eight of Wands

For many students of the tarot, the Eight of Wands represents action and  initiative. However, I take a different slant. Instead, I interpret this card as symbolizing "suspension". That is, things are still "up in the air" and could go either this way or that way. Events are "hung up".  There is inertia rather than movement. The message seems to be "think before you act".  Concretize your ideas which, for now, are free floating.

For a reading consider these questions:

-What still needs to be completed?  Who or what is stopping it from happening?

-Do you act before you think?

-What would it take to galvanize your thinking into action?

-Do you leave things at "loose ends"?

-What still needs to be resolved?  Is it a relationship?

-What or whom is causing the delay in your life?

-Are you feeling "ungrounded" or "disconnected"?

-Are you feeling flooded or overwhelmed with too many ideas?  Are you having a hard time knowing which ones to work on?

-Do you know where you're headed? This way or that way?

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers and asks for inspiration and fortitude in all her endeavors.

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