Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Sun

 I think the Sun, the nineteenth card of the Major Arcada, is the perfect card with which to welcome in the New Year as it signifies illumination, revelation and enlightenment.

Depicted on  the Sun is a child riding gleefully on the the back of a white horse. White, of course, represents purity. Mythology is rife with stories about heroes carrying out their heroic deeds and triumphing over evil while astride a white charger.  In Greek mythology, the Sun God Apollo ushers in the dawn, the "new day", each morning by driving his chariot drawn by white horses across the blazing sky.

The child a top his steed, with arms outstretched in a wide embrace, symbolizes rebirth and renewal.  He also represents the pure unmitigated joy only children and holy men and women seem to possess in greeting the world.

The Sun reminds us that true enlightenment only occurs if we approach Life with a pure and open heart.

Here are some questions to consider when talking about the Sun:

-Do you feel energized at this stage in your life?

-Have you experienced recent revelations and truths not seen before?

-Has someone or something helped you to "see the light"?

-Are you on the verge of an emotional breakthrough?

-Do you see the "light at the end of the tunnel"?

-Are you letting "the sunshine" in?

-Are you developing a spiritual outlook on life?

-Are you beginning a "new day" or chapter in your life?

-Was there someone or something that was keeping you "in the dark"?

-Are feeling confident?

-Is it your time to dazzle?

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers and asks for strength, guidance and protection in the New Year.

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