Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Knight of Wands

This guy's a heart breaker. Charming. Self-confident. Sexy. Passionate. Daring and a bit rebellious. His element is fire and he is true to its nature with his fiery temperament and burning intensity.  He possesses boundless energy and enthusiasm for adventure and life. However, if his intent becomes inverted or misconstrued he tends to be shallow, foolhardy and vain. This knight should come with a warning tag. That is, buyer beware, you may get burned.

Questions for you and your querent:

-Are you in a relationship with someone you know is not right for you?

-Are you impulsive?

-Is it hard for you to take direction or instruction from others?

-Do you have issues with authority?

-Does your self-confidence get you into trouble?

-Do you complete what you have started?

-Are you impatient?

-How is your attention span?

-Are you in a relationship with someone who can't/won't commit?

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers and asks for tender mercies.

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