Sunday, January 16, 2011

Three of Wands

Exploration. Vision. The future. Curiosity. All of these things symbolize the Three of Wands. It's a card which reminds of us of places yet unexplored be they physical or spiritual. It represents our quest and thirst for adventure and discovery.  It's message is similar to that of the Buddha to his disciples which was, "Keep walking!", for the only way we continue to learn and expand our minds out into the Universe is to venture into the land of the "unknown."

Questions for a reading might include:

-What new horizons are you contemplating?

-Do you feel optimistic about your future?

-Will you be traveling sometime soon?

-Are you about to embark on a new venture or chapter in your life?

- Are you hesitating about acting on your dreams?

-Do you feel as if you never quite get to where it is you want to go?

-Is there someone you are missing ?

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers and asks for strength, guidance and protection.

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