Monday, May 17, 2010

The Court Cards Explained

The Court cards are comprised of the King, Queen, Knight and Page in the tarot. They always reflect the characteristics of their particular suit and rank.

Kings:  Always mature and always masculine. Their qualities are associated with social responsibility, power and success. Their focus is on the outward workings of the world. They exercise ultimate authority. The Kings are assertive and direct. They are hands-on and practical. They are the problem solvers and solution oriented.

Queens:  Always mature and always feminine.  She is also an authority figure and exercises power and social control. However, unlike the Kings, her interests lie with the emotions and relationships. She embodies the attributes of creativity and imagination.

Knights:  Can be either sex and represents a young adult or teenager. Impulsive. They lead from the heart, not the head.  Moody. Impressionable.  Action oriented. Impatient.

Pages:  Always a child and can be of either sex.  A student or novice. Exploratory. Curious. Their is an aura of naivety  and innocence about them. They exude wonderment and awe. 

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