Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Six of Swords

The first question people usually ask when seeing the Six of Swords is, " Where am I going?" And that is exactly the correct question because this card is all about journeys, be they physical or spiritual.

The two figures in the boat can be interpreted as an adult and child or just as two people. The sex is immaterial.  The point is that you will not be alone. The ferryman (who in 'real' life does not necessarily need to be a male) represents a teacher, mentor or some kind of spirit guide who will direct you or accompany you.  As you are leaving one place for another you will experience loss as well as exhilaration at the prospect of entering uncharted territory.  However, take heart, as the passage across these new waters are tranquil and calm.  There will be no turbulence, only quiet.

Questions you may want to ask yourself if you draw the Six of Swords in a reading are:  Are you ready to move forward and leave your past behind?  What, exactly, are you leaving behind?  Who is it that you would like to take with you?  Who in your life is qualified to guide you?  What or who, up to now, has been holding you back?  Have you been going through a difficult time recently and this retreat represents a time of refuge from it?  What is the hope for your future?  Where do you see yourself headed?

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