Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Empress: The 'Mother' in Us All

What tarot card, other than the Empress, could I possibly talk about in that today is Mother's Day.  She's the third card of the Major Arcana and symbolizes fecundity, fertility, and abundance. These are her obvious meanings.  However, the Empress represents our passion and sexuality as well and is a font for our creativity and imagination.  She is the personification of pure unadulterated emotion. She resides in the realm of passion, not rationality.  In a reading, the Empress may signal us that we need to rely on our emotions and heart rather than our head.  And, of course, her ruling planet is Venus that most sensual of sensualists.

In considering the Empress you may want to ask, " What can I do to reignite my creativity?"  Am I lacking nurturance in my life?  Should I be cultivating my own nurturance to myself and others?  Have you examined your relationship with your mother lately?  Is their some unfinished work to complete?  Does someone need protecting or shepherding?  Are you comfortable 'mothering' others or yourself?  What's easy and what's difficult?   How might you spark your own creative juices? Are you 'too' emotional ?  Do you lead from your heart?  Do you take the time to think things through?


  1. I love this card in the Mythic deck she is Ceres/Demeter the mother of Persephone when Persephone descends into the underworld winter comes a time of grieving,sadness, and contemplation when she remerges comes the renewal of spring and the bounty of summer and fall...isn't Tarot wonderful????

  2. Yes! She is truly a marvelous figure! Thanks for your comment.