Monday, May 31, 2010

The Eight of Swords

From just a cursory glance at the Eight of Swords one might really plummet down to the depths of despair. Here is a woman depicted as blindfolded, with her arms tied behind her and partially encircled by eight swords thrust into the ground. Whoa! What the hell does this mean?

In a reading, here's the message of the card. If you are spiritually 'blind' (the metaphoric blindfold) you will not be intellectually or spiritually 'free" (the binding ropes, the swords).  The important thing is to remove the blindfold. Open yourself up to the world and all it has to offer. Look beyond the obvious. Search beneath the concrete. Don't accept things at face value.  You cannot obtain enlightenment otherwise. One needs to approach life with unprejudiced eyes. Try not to be judgmental. Embrace the unknown with humility and curiosity. There is no other way to truly learn.

Keep in mind that the swords do not entirely enclose the woman in the picture. In fact, there is a rather sizable opening. The doors to the jail are open, you only need walk out.


  1. I always find the swords cards difficult to interpret/digest thanks for the analysis I like the point about the path being open
    I hope you are feeling better.

  2. Hi Lelale, Here's the thing about 'swords'. Just remember that they symbolize the intellect or justice or legal matters. Is their a wrong that needs to be addressed? What injustice have you experienced in your life? Are you involved with a legal concern? etc. It is a cerebral and abstract suit. Glad you're still with me! amy