Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lee Dewyze

What do Lee's numbers tell us about him?  His Destiny Number (derived from his birthday of 4/2/1986) corresponds to a 3. 3 is an artistic number. They are our also communicators e.g., performers, poets, writers. 3s are chamers and optimists.  They are sociable and friendly. They don't have an axe to grind or a chip on the shoulder. 3s enjoy life. And why not? Their ruling planet is Jupiter the 'king' of all the other planets.  Its associations include the attributes of growth, expansion and prosperity as well as trips and travel, humanitarianism and caretaking.

 Lee's Expression Number (derived from the letters in his name) corresponds to an 11. 11s are visionary, intense and tend towards being high strung (Lee "high strung"?!).  11s want to enlighten the world. They are ill-equipped  and show little interest for the business world.  Their predominant trait is humanitarianism (so Lee has an amplified sense of doing for others).  11s are tolerant, patient and considerate.

11 is one of two Master Numbers, the other is 22. Essentially, 11 is a 2 but it's considered a higher vibration of the number 2, so all of a 2s characteristics such as being diplomatic, peaceful and sensitive  are that much more increased in the number 11.

By the way, the number 2 is ruled by the Moon which is associated with the Yin, or feminine principles, which is consistent with those traits most connected with the numbers 2 and 11.

However, when we just look at Lee's numbers for his first name that corresponds to a 4 and 4 is the number of tradition and practicality which is on the other end of the spectrum from 2 and 11. 4s are less interested in things ephemeral and more interested in the tangible. 4s are the worker bees.

Lastly, Lee possesses a 'z' in his last name which indicates that he will never want for money. The letter 'z', along with 'h' and 'q', correspond to the number '8' which is the money number. If you have any of those letters in your name consider yourself lucky.

Actually, when you add all this up I think it presents a nice composite picture of Lee. He strikes me as someone who not only possesses the down to earth qualities of a 4 but  the sensitivity of a 2 or an 11 as well.


  1. It seems you predicted the winner

  2. I think it was fairly obvious who was going to win. Personally, I was a huge Crystal fan. If you browse through my privious posts you'll find a couple of pieces devoted to her. Thanks for still continuing to follow my blog! I apoloize for not having written something lately. I broke a bone in my foot and have not felt up to it, but will return very soon!