Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Marilyn Monroe: 6/1/1926-8/5/1962

What's left to say? MM has got to be the most written about woman ever(with the exception of Jackie Kennedy Onassis) . However, her name and birth date
do reveal some tantalizing and thought provoking numbers.

First off, MM is a Gemini one of the Zodiac's double-bodied signs along with Sagittarius and Pisces. And with all double-bodied signs you are dealing with the struggle to reconcile opposing or contradictory impulses which run like a lief motif throughout one's life. The idea is to attain moderation and balance, two attributes which eluded MM's short and unhappy life.

MM's Expression Number, which signifies one's temperament and personality, is a "3" which fits as "3s" possess great charm and frequently make a career as entertainers.  However, if the energy of a "3" becomes misaligned or misdirected they can appear  "scattered and unfocused. If confined, they become restless and unhappy" (Cafeastrology). And, as a  "3", it makes sense that MM's birth month of June falls in Gemini the third house of the Zodiac.   Following the theme of "3s" in MM's life,  the third card of the Major Arcana in the tarot is the Empress which symbolizes the maternal. Needless to say we are all familiar with MM's tortured childhood and her sad and painful relationship with her mother who suffered from debilitating mental illness.

"Marilyn" translates to a "2" and "2" symbolizes balance and harmony which, again, are two attributes which eluded her. I might add that MM is missing a "2" letter from her name which makes it a Karmic letter (all the letters in the alphabet have a numerical equivalent. The "2" letters are "B", "K" and "T").  A Karmic letter or number tells you what it is that you need to work on in this lifetime to compensate for a deficit in a previous lifetime. So,, as a "2" represents peace and tranquility MM needed to dedicate her life towards obtaining those qualities. I think she honestly tried to do so, but for unknown cosmic forces was unable.

 "Monroe" as well as the initials of her name "MM" correspond to an "8" which normally would indicate a person who has a "grip" on life e.g., they can successfully navigate its rocky shores. But this was not the case with her. By the same token, "8" is considered the jackpot number meaning that it is associated with wealth, fortune and good luck so that is a closer fit as MM did enjoy all three during her life although she paid a heavy price.  Remember, too, that the number "8" is a twin image of itself e.g., the top of the number mirrors the bottom. So there is yet another double image like Gemini and MM's initials. And when you rest the number "8" on its side it becomes  the symbol for Infinity as well. This can be interpreted as a reminder that MM's  life long struggle to come to terms with her inner demons, who kept her on an emotional roller coaster, would require a lifetime commitment to battle them  if she were to successfully overcome them. Sadly, things did not work out that way.

 MM died in a "4" year which in many cultures, especially the Chinese, symbolizes "death". In Western culture, the number "4" can mean "rest", "repose", and "inertia". This corresponds to the Four of Swords in the tarot's Minor Arcana which depicts a body reclining on what looks like an sarcophagus.In fact, the day she died, "8/5" is also a "4".

And  MM's birth year of 1926  and the year of her death 1962 are mirrored-opposites of one in another. In other words, the "26" and the "62" are transposed and they both correspond to the number "9", which signifies fame and fortune.  "9" symbolizes endings as well.  I'm not sure what the significance of the mirrored birth and death years mean other than it reflects a duality which we see as a constant thread running throughout MM's life and which she was unable to resolve.  The message from her spirit guides very well may be that her end was no different from her beginning.

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers.

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