Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dame Margot Fonteyn: 5/18/12-2/21/91

Dame Margot was the very epitome of loveliness and lyricism.  She was grace incarnate and was one of of the century's greatest classical dancers who repeatedly wowed audiences for years and enjoyed one of the greatest artistic partnerships of all time with Rudolf Nureyev (3/18/1938-1/6/1993)

She was a true "3" and embodied all the charm and appeal that only a "3" can. Like many "3s", she was artistic. She found her mode of expression through the theater and was an expert at communicating to the audience. She was renown for the way she used her eyes in conveying emotion and feeling. 

"3" was most definitely a special number for her.  It was inevitable that she would draw another "3" towards her energy field and that "3" just happened to be Rudolf  Nureyev. He was born in a "3" month (March ) and his name corresponds to "33" which is a double "3".  Curiously, Dame Margot died on the "21st", a "3" day and Nureyev died in a "3" year.

Together, the  first and last initials of her name, "M" and "F",  correspond to the number "1"  as does her last name, "Fonteyn". And Dame Margot was most definitely a "1" in every respect e.g., she was the prima ballerina ne plus ultra.  

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers.

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