Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oprah Winfrey

With her first name beginning with a capital "O", Oprah joins the pantheon of  larger than life luminaries whose names share that formidable letter. Think Orson Welles, Oscar Wilde, Barack Obama and Laurence Olivier.  The letter "O" requires that you stand up and pay attention.  This letter is not shy.

There is no doubt that Oprah lives up to her "O".  Her numbers underscrore her meteoric rise to fame and phenomenal destiny. Her first name corresponds to the number "22" which is one of the two Master Numbers in numerology. The other being "11".   "22s" are your master builders. They take on great responsibility, which most of us would find daunting,  and exercise authority and power but always in a meaningful and creative way. They are idealists and visionaries who manage to stay realistic and pragmatic and concretize their dreams.

Oprah's last name, "Winfrey", translates to a "1" and "1s" are your pioneers and innovators who are admired and looked up to.

When you add the numerical equivalents of the "O" and the "W" in her name you get an "11" which is the other Master Number along with "22". "11s" are your givers and altruists. They are the world's humanitarians and teachers.  In addition, the eleventh house of the Zodiac is Aquarius which also happens to be Oprah's birth sign whom many astrologists consider the "sweethearts" of the Universe.

But that's not all. Oprah's Life Path number, which symbolizes her place in the world, is yet another "22".  And when you add her birth day of "29" you get another "11" as you do when you add her birth month of "1" with her birth year "1954".  Amazing.  It's small wonder that she choose to exit her talk show in 2011. How could she do otherwise?

Appropriately enough the number "11", which figures so prominently in her life, corresponds to the tarot's card of Justice in the Major Arcana.  I'd say that's a match.

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers.

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