Monday, May 16, 2011

Tina Fey: b. 5/18/1970

Funny Girl Tina Fey has the amazing Expression Number* of "9".These are your real winners often associated with great fame and fortune. In fact, her initials "T" and "F" add up to a "9" as well. As Chinese numerologists explain, the number "9", being the greatest of single-digit number, was historically identified with their Emperor. His robe had nine dragons and according to Chinese mythology those dragons each had nine off-spring.  In addition, the number "9" is a homophone, in Chinese, for the word "long lasting" making it a much sought after date for one's wedding. However, there is one caveat assoicated with the number "9" and that is they usually give more than they get. "9s" tend to be compassionate and humanitarian and as such must watch out for their generous impulses getting the "upper hand" so to speak and distorting their judgement.  They need to be vigilant against those who might want to exploit their good nature.

More good news. The name "Tina" corresponds to the number "8" which is the jack pot number promisng good luck  and abundance and her last name "Fey" corresponds to the number "1" which symbolizes leadership and being the first in your field.  Her numbers are amazingly accurate.

Tina's Life Path Number** is a "4" and "4s" are the worker bees of the Universe.  They are diligent, tenacious, steadfast and true blue friends and colleagues. They never shy away from a job that needs to get done.

And, lastly, Tina is going into a "9" year which means she can look forward to acquiring even more status and prestige. But, on the other hand, as "9" signifies endings something significant in her life will come to a close. This could be something concrete like a project or something more abstract such as an attitude or relationship that she has. 2011 will most definately mark its demise. Having said that, once this particular door closes another will open.

*The Expression Number signifies a person's overall personality.

**The Life Path Number signifies your place in the world.

Amy bows low at the feet of all her holy teachers.

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