Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cher: b. 5/20/1946

The indomitable Cher, nee Cherilyn Sarkisian, was born under the astrological sign of Taurus on May 20th, 1946. Amongst the all astrological signs Taurus is known as the Enduring One. Taurus is renown for their tenacity and drive. In fact, they need to temper their aggression and judgmental personalities in order to gain a more balanced emotional equilibrium. Their element is the Earth. Their ruling planet is Venus. The luscious green emerald is their stone. Their most sensitive and vulnerable part of the body is the throat and neck.

Her Expression Number, which reveals one's temperament and personality, is "6" which symbolizes the Perfectionist.  They feel responsible for every detail and work tirelessly to eliminate any fault. "6s" retain close family ties and are often the family favorite. They surround themselves with beauty, comfort and music.

The number "6" has additional meaning for Cher as her daughter's first name, Chastity, corresponds to a "6" as does her late husband's Sonny. In addition, Sonny died in a "6" year.

Cher is going into a "2" year which indicates that she will be seeking both peace and harmony in her life.  The number "2" is ruled by the Moon which influences our emotions and feelings so she will have to reign in those Taurus impulses to forge ahead and be "bull-headed". "2" is also most identified with yin energy, or feminine vibrations.  February and November are your "2" months.

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