Friday, May 13, 2011

Robert Pattinson : b. 5/13/1986 (It's Got to be the Hair)

Robert Pattinson, the heartthrob of practically every female tween and teenager, celebrates his 25th birthday tomorrow.  If there's any doubt about his sex appeal, just consider the word "heartthrob".  The last syllable contains his name, "Rob"!  Here's what his numbers tell us about him.

His Life Path Number is "6", which is considered a "good luck" number.  In China, the number "6" is the homophone for their word for "blessings" and is a coveted and sought after number i.e., for a business address. It also represents the home and all things domestic. This is a guy who values family and family life. Nice. As "6s" tend to be perfectionists, they can also be worriers. "6" is also associated with a love for music and Robert is an ardent musician and sometimes composer for the piano. His first name also corresponds to a "6" which doubles these unique characteristics. "6" is ruled by the planet Venus which, given Robert's status as a leading man, makes perfect sense. And the 6th card of the tarot's Major Arcana is The Lovers which further explains his appeal.

As with so many other famous people Robert's birthday corresponds to a "9" signifying fame and exulted status.  His full name corresponds to an "8" which is the jack pot number in that it symbolizes phenomenal good luck and fortune.

Robert is going into a "4" year. "4" symbolizes steadfastness and diligence. It can also suggest a time period of repose and contraction, so I would not be surprised if Robert takes some much-needed down time from all the over exposure he's experienced the last few years. This should be a time in which he reflects and considers what his next career moves may be as well as any major personal decision. In a "4" year, it's time to take heed and slow things down. Put the brakes on, so to speak.

 In honor of his birthday, I picked a card from my tarot deck and came up with the Three of Wands which depicts a man (whose back faces us) looking out beyond the horizon. What a perfect card to have picked given that Robert is about to embark on a "4"year which implies a pulling back to re-evaluate one's life. Here are some questions he might want to think about: What new horizons are you contemplating?  Do you feel optimistic about the future? Are you hesitating about acting on your dreams? Despite your fame and fortune are you sure that this is the path you intended for yourself?  And, if not, what is?

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