Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bob Dylan: b. 5/24/1941

The man has all the right numbers. His Life Path number, which signifies your place in the world, is that all magical jackpot number "8". "8s" enjoy fortune and good luck. The number "8" also corresponds to the eighth card of the tarot's Major Arcana which depicts the maiden and the lion symbolizing the importance of reconciling opposing impulses.

This is a particularly appropriate card for BD as he is a Gemini, or the Twins, one of the Zodiac's double-bodied signs. However, what is contradictory is that Geminis are known as being talkative and from what I've read about him BD is certainly not that. On the other hand, the Twins possess intense and vibrant mental energy which he clearly possesses in spades.

BD's Expression Number, which reflects his overall temperament and personality, is a "3" who are the great communicators. Often "3s" are writers or poets. They are frequently entertainers as well.  BD's first name, "Bob", corresponds to a "1" which signifies leadership and being first in your field. They are your pioneers and trail blazers. The "B" in "Bob" translates to a "2", so there is yet another reference to the importance of that number in his life. Remember that "2s" seek out harmony and peace. However, if the energy becomes diffused or inverted, a person can exhibit passive-aggressive tendencies. At times, you may not know who exactly you're dealing with as the personality change from warm and affectionate to distant and disapproving can be quite dramatic and confusing.

Both February and November are your "2" months. I wouldn't be surprised if either one of those months has meaning for him.

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